10 Mar 2017

Confirmed: 'Brilliant' €62m duo 'not available' for Burnley; Klopp makes shock pre-match confession about Liverpool tactics

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has provided an injury update ahead of Sunday's Premier League clash with Burnley, and it's not good news.

When asked today during his pre-match press conference if Daniel Sturridge and Jordan Henderson are ready to play, Klopp confirmed:

"No, they are not available".

Henderson is currently struggling with a foot injury, and Sturridge has a hip complaint, and neither has trained with the first team in over a week now.

Clearly, the injuries are more serious than Klopp is letting on, and in Sturridge's case, it's now six weeks since he started a game for Liverpool.

With only two months of the campaign remaining, 'brilliant' Sturridge faces an uphill battle to get back into the team, and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he struggles to play again this season.

As for Henderson - he is significantly more robust that Sturridge, and he'll be desperate to get back on the field ASAP.

On a related note, Klopp also confirmed what many fans (who don't believe he's the second coming of Jesus Christ) already know: he is a stubborn, and tactically inflexible manager. When asked about how he approaches games against the so-called lesser teams, Klopp noted:

"I don’t have a plan B, and I don’t mind that. You have to cover the specific spaces, and make the right decisions. It’s an all around challenge".

Like Arsene Wenger, Klopp's tactical intransigence, and utter refusal to modify his approach for certain types of games will ultimately lead to his downfall. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is Liverpool to a tee, and it's one of the reasons the club has failed to win the league for 27 years.

* Hendo: £30m-rated (CIES Football Observatory). Sturridge: £30m-rated. Described by Klopp as 'brilliant'.

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