20 Mar 2017

It's Your Fault: Carra blames 'fantastic' £36m Liverpool duo for Man City 'problem'. Fair?

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has blamed James Milner and Ragnar Klavan for costing Liverpool victory against Manchester City on Sunday.

After taking the lead at the Etihad, Liverpool were once again undone by defensive frailty, and according to Carra, Milner and Klavan are to blame for allowing Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne to combine for City's equalising goal. Analysing the game on Sky Sports, Carra explained:

"My problem with Milner is that when the ball comes inside, his position never changes. If he’d moved 3-4 yards to the left, maybe he could’ve blocked the cross".

Carra then moved onto Klavan:

"The problem is then with Klavan. He has to block the space, and he didn’t get in position early enough or quick enough. Forget the man, you have to block the space there".

It's hard to argue with Carra's analysis, especially with regards to Milner, who - despite often playing well at left-back - is guilty of similar incidents throughout the season.

To be fair, both Klavan and Milner have been consistent and solid this season, but football often hinges on the finest of margins, and if the Reds fail to make the top four this season, it's goals like this (and the consequent dropped points) that will be the main reason for missing out.

* Milner: contract reportedly worth £31m over 4 years. Hailed as 'fantastic' by Adam Lallana.
* Klavan: Cost £5m-rated (CIES). Described by Estonia's manager as a 'fantastic player'.

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