19 Mar 2017

Agent Confirms: 'World-class' £250k-a-week superstar 'will consider' a transfer to 'Liverpool'. Offer invited

The Agent of one of the Premier League's most experienced midfield stars has confirmed that a transfer to Liverpool this summer is a possibility.

In January 2016, the Daily Express, claimed Jurgen Klopp was interested in signing Man City stalwart Yaya Toure, and when asked this week about the midfielder's future, Toure's agent, Dimitri Seluk, told reporters:

"A move to Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal will be considered, and if an offer [is made] I will negotiate, no problem".

Toure - described by Inter Chief Javier Zanetti as 'world-class' - may be 33, but there are some clear benefits to signing him:

* Incredibly robust. Rarely injured for more than a few games at a time. Missed less than 15 games through injury since 2008.

* Experienced, bonafide leader, and proven winner of big trophies (qualities that are in short supply at LFC).

* Double figures for goals/assists every year for the last six completed seasons (and on course for the same this season).

Toure is undoubtedly a marquee name, but I don't see how he fits Liverpool's style of play.

As today's game showed, Toure doesn't have the legs anymore for Klopp's exhausting brand of high intensity pressing, and his declining pace is also an issue.

That said, Gary McAllister signed for Liverpool at the age of 35, and had a massive impact during his two year spell at the club. Of course, Houllier didn't demand that McAllister run 12 miles a game, and spend 90% of this time pressing high up the field, so that made a big difference to his durability and ability to impact games.

Should Liverpool pursue Toure this summer?

* Reportedly on £250k-a-week at Man City.

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