15 Feb 2017

You're Out: Legend claims 'rash' €21m Liverpool star 'will leave for sure' this summer

Is 'rash' left-back Alberto Moreno heading for an Anfield exit this summer?

Reds legend Phil Thompson seems to think so, and he's convinced that it's game over for the error-prone Spaniard. Speaking to Sky Sports this week, Thompson insisted:

"He [Moreno] will leave for sure. If James Milner, a ring-winger, is keeping you out of left-back then it says to me his time is up."

Jamie Carragher also believes Moreno's time is up, and in a recent interview TalkSport, he mused:

“I am sure Klopp and his team are scouting for a left-back because you can see he has no time for Moreno.”

I doubt many fans will lament the loss of Moreno this summer. He's clearly surplus to requirements, and the brutal reality is that Liverpool do not - and will not - miss him. If Moreno leaves, then the Reds will need some serious reinforcements at left-back. It's surely unthinkable to go into a (potential) Champions League season with James Milner as the club's main option?

That's no slight on Milner (who has done well this season), just an acknowledgement that Liverpool will need more than just one senior left-back to cover the entire season. There don't appear to be any credible Academy options, so Klopp will (IMO) need to sign two left-backs: one experienced player (preferably the finished article), and one first team-ready young player with the ability to provide first-team cover.

* €21m-rated (CIES Football Observatory).

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