18 Feb 2017

Macca Warns: Liverpool could face huge 'disaster' in 3 months and Klopp has 'no excuses'

Is a 4th place finish good enough for Liverpool this season?

After being knocked out of both cup competitions, Champions League qualification is Liverpool's sole remaining goal, and according to Anfield legend Steve McManaman, a 4th place finish will mean a successful season for the Reds.

Speaking to ESPN this week, Macca explained:

"If Liverpool finish 4th it’ll be a success, but if they finish 5th and 8th, it’ll be a disaster. There are no excuses now for Jurgen Klopp. With one game a week and 15 days rest till the next game, he has to finish in the top four, or the pressure will come on his shoulders".

I'm sure most realistic fans with reasonable expectations will agree with this view. As regular visitors will attest, I've argued this point since before the season even started: the only goal for Liverpool this season is finishing in the top 4, and if Klopp achieves that, it will be a successful campaign, especially after finishing 8th last year.

Liverpool are already 14 points better off than at the same point last season, and if the team maintains the current points average (1.96 per game), the Reds will finish the season with 74 points, which should be enough to finish in the top four (average 4th placed points total over the last 10 years = 71 points).

Liverpool are clearly good enough to finish in the Champions League places, and if Klopp misses out on that goal, the season can (and will) be categorised as a complete and utter failure.

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