18 Feb 2017

Deal Almost Done: Liverpool very close to sealing transfer for exciting attacker. Pogba MK2?

Liverpool are reportedly on the verge of bringing another exciting young player to Anfield.

According to the Liverpool Echo:

"Liverpool are close to signing of France youth international Yasser Larouci [who] is expected to agree a deal to switch to the club’s Academy in Kirkby"

Some info about Larouci:

* 16-year old attacking midfielder. Captain of Le Havre's U16 team. Currently a free agent after rejecting a contract at Le Havre.

* Dec 2016: Reportedly 'impressed' scouts after a trial period at Southampton.

* Manchester United are also reportedly tracking Larouci.

* Scouting Report: "Quick and strong in the dribble. Constant threat in the final third. Skilled in speedy transitions and high press".

* After Larouci rejected a new contract, the director of Le Havre's training center, Johann Nouvel, told reporters: "He [Larouci] had to have his contract signed before 1 st July 2016. We've taken up the matter with the Legal Committee of the League".

* Nouvel also urged Larouci to reconsider rejecting a deal: "At sixteen, they do not realize the risk, and are attracted by short term gain. Training and making a career is something else".

No wonder Le Havre are upset about Larouci's decision - the same thing happend with Paul Pogba back in 2009. Manchester United poached Pogba after he refused to sign a contract, and at the time, a Le Havre publicly slammed United:

"Le Havre expresses its indignation following the actions of of Manchester United concerning Paul Pogba. At a time when many governments, plus FIFA and UEFA, are opposed to the trafficking of minors, Manchester United did not hesitate to uproot a 16-year old".

It looks like history may be repeating itself.

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