7 Feb 2017

Offer Made: Liverpool submit €20m bid for 'exceptional' wing sensation; Klopp's top transfer target

After a disappointing January window, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has reportedly submitted an advance offer for one of Germany's most 'exceptional' talents.

Last week, Sportbild claimed that Bayer Leverkusen star Julian Brandt was Jurgen Klopp's 'top transfer target'. Soon after, the Liverpool Echo claimed:

"Julian Brandt is target numero uno for Klopp. Liverpool considered a deal in January, but the 20-year-old was not for sale".

Now, according to ESPN:

* Brandt remains Klopp's 'primary target' for the summer window.

* Liverpool have already submitted a €20m bid for the 20-year old attacker, who reportedly has a €20m release clause in his contract.

If this is true, then it's hard to understand how a comparatively inexperienced 20-year old can be LFC's top target. The Reds need wing options, but are we to believe that Brandt is the key to Liverpool's success next season? There are much more pressing positions to fill, and in my view, Liverpool's transfer priorities are as follows (in order of urgency):

* Centre-back (Experienced, top-class performer; tough and vocal; leadership ability)

* Defensive-midfielder (Proven quality; rarely injured; strong personality; leadership ability).

* Striker (Finished article; proven quality; rarely injured)

* Goalkeeper (Proven quality; strong, Schmeichel-esque personality; unafraid to order defenders around, bark instructions, and lead from the back)

* Left-back (Defensively solid; pace; not prone to rash challenges like Moreno)

* 2x Attacking players (capable of providing genuine width).

The current team is too meek and soft, and is almost totally devoid of galvanising personalities. In short, Liverpool need an influx of real men; players with swagger, absolute belief in their own ability, and a touch of arrogance; players who will not slink into the background, and have the self-confidence to demand high standards on the pitch; players who get angry when the team isn't functioning and/or when players are not achieving the highest standards. Unfortunately, Klopp appears to favour quiet, compliant personalities, so the required influx of steel and toughness is unlikely to happen.

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