24 Jan 2017

Deal Close? Liverpool now in talks with 'amazing' €55m attacker. Record £150k-a-week deal expected

Liverpool are reportedly in negotiations over a new deal with one of the club's most important players.

Last month, The Independent claimed:

"Liverpool are ready to increase Philippe Coutinho’s wages to £150k-a-week".

According to the Echo today:

"Liverpool have opened talks with Philippe Coutinho over a new contract [which] will reflect his importance and influence".

If this goes through, Coutinho - who is currently on £75k-a-week - will become Liverpool's highest paid player, and although £150k-a-week is a ridiculously obscene amount of money, some fans will probably argue that he's worth it.

Last month, Jurgen Klopp, appeared to suggest that Liverpool were open to selling Coutinho:

"If there’s a club that can pay double what we pay, then I’ll bring the player [Coutinho] there myself. Who am I to tell him not to think about family?".

Last week, though, Klopp appeared to have changed his tune:

"He [Coutinho] is our player and that's it. We never had any any talks about him leaving, and nothing has changed".

Coutinho will probably sign a new deal, but I doubt it will make much difference to his inevitable exit. On the plus side, however, a new contract will lock-in the Brazilian's value, and ensure that come transfer time, Liverpool can demand an exorbitant fee.

Plus, even if Coutinho plans to leave, it makes sense for him to sign a new deal in the interim as it'll give him the chance to double his current salary until his move goes through. After all, who is going to reject free money?

* Coutinho: €55m-rated (CIES Football Observatory). Hailed as 'amazing' by Joel Matip.

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