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7 Nov 2016

Shearer insists: Forget Coutinho/Mane. 'Excellent' €38m Liverpool star was an 'absolute nightmare' for Watford

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Newcastle legend Alan Shearer has hailed Roberto Firmino's impressive performance against Watford.

Coutinho and Mane stole the headlines after Liverpool thrashed Watford 6-1, but according to Shearer, Firmino was the Reds' man of the match. He told the BBC:

"We've could have highlighted Coutinho, Mane...but [Firmino's] play was excellent. He held it up, he was quick, he wanted a run in behind, he linked up play. Everything you want from your centre forward. He was an absolute nightmare for Watford".

Like Coutinho, Firmino has 12 goals/assists in 12 games so far this season, and the Brazilian's excellent form is the main reason Daniel Sturridge is currently stuck on the sidelines.

I'm a huge fan of Sturridge, but it's hard to argue against Firmino being Liverpool's starting centre-forward right now.

That said, if Klopp showed the same faith in Sturridge that he does in Firmino; played him regularly, and gave him the confidence he needs to perform, I have absolutely no doubt that the Sturridge would be scoring more goals than the Brazilian.

On a slightly related note: the less said about this fiasco, the better:

Urgh. Can you imagine Graeme Souness or Steven Gerrard decked out like this? What a state.

* Firmino: €38m-rated (CIES Football Observatory)


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