19 Oct 2016

Legend warns: 'Nervous' €18m Klopp signing is 'causing' problems for Liverpool. Replace for West Brom?

Despite a clean sheet against Man United, Jamie Carragher is not impressed with Liverpool 'keeper Loris Karius.

Analysing Karius' performance after the game, Carra explained:

"He's looked very nervous. Mignolet creates nervousness and I felt that was caused tonight by the goalkeeper. He's still yet to convince but it's early days".

In one particularly glaring Mignolet moment, Karius gifted a pass straight to Paul Pogba, which almost resulted in a goal for Man Utd. Imagine the uproar if Ibrahimovic had actually scored (!)

That's not the first time Karius has made a mistake. Since taking over from Mignolet, he's made small errors in every single game, but luckily for him, none of them have resulted in goals.

As Carra says, it's early days, and although Karius looks 'nervous', his record so far is excellent:

* Just two goals conceded in four games (One every 180 mins). Two clean sheets.

* Liverpool are unbeaten with Karius in goal (3 wins and one draw).

These stats simply cannot be argued with. At the end of the day, Karius's primary role is to help Liverpool keep clean sheets and concede as few goals as possible, and right now, he's doing his job.

He may look nervous, or make the odd mistake (as all 'keepers do), but if there's no negative outcome, these issues are basically irrelevant.

If Karius's maintains his current record, Mignolet better get used to sitting on the bench.

^ €18m-rated (CIES Football Observatory).

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