1 Oct 2016

Boss blasts: 'Liverpool' failed to give 'fantastic' £27m attacker 'what he needs' to succeed

Christian Benteke is rarely got a chance to prove himself at Liverpool, and Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew has now (indirectly) questioned Jurgen Klopp's treatment of the Belgian striker.

On Friday evening, Benteke grabbed his 3rd league goal in 4 games for Palace, and after the match, Pardew told reporters:

“We are really pleased with Christian. He was unlucky not to get a run of games at Liverpool, because that’s what he needs.”

I argued this point endlessly last season. No striker can prosper if repeatedly marginalised and/or misused, and whether Klopp's rabid disciples choose to accept it or not, that's exactly what happened with Benteke. Plus, it's not an isolated incident - Klopp also marginalised Balotelli and Sakho, and Sturridge will probably be next as this negative trend continues.

To his credit, despite being marginalised, publicly criticised, barely played, and constantly used as a sub and/or subbed off (in 75% of games overall), Benteke - who cost Palace an initial £27m - still weighed in with 16 goals/assists for Liverpool, and he achieved a better minutes-per-goal/assist ratio than Roberto Firmino.

So far, Palace are unbeaten in six games with Benteke in the starting line-up, but the biggest irony is that none of Liverpool's strikers have managed to score in the league this season.

^ Described by Alan Pardew as 'fantastic' and 'iconic'

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