7 Sep 2016

Great News for Klopp: 'Fantastic' £125k-a-week Liverpool star confirms he's 'ready for Leicester'

Liverpool fans can breathe a huge sigh of relief: Sadio Mane is not injured, and he's fit and raring to go for Saturday's home clash with Premier League champions Leicester City.

On Monday, a Liverpool club 'source' told ESPN:

"Sadio Mane reported to Liverpool's training ground [with] no fitness or injury problems. He will be available for Leicester".

Speaking to the official LFC website today, Mane - described as 'fantastic' by Ronaldo Koeman - confirmed:

“I’m fit. I got a little kick [on international duty] but I spoke to [Klopp] and told him I am 100 per cent fit. I will get myself ready for Leicester in the rest of the week.”

The hype over Mane is already skyrocketing through the roof, but I won't start drinking the Kool-Aid until he consistently scores/create goals for the club, and that includes regularly contributing in the second half of seasons (something with which Mane has struggled over the last three years).

On the subject of hype - it's good to see Klopp trying to moderate the overpraise being showered on Mane. Indeed, in a recent press, he noted:

"I really like this player [Mane] but I don't like to talk too much after only two games. We know of his qualities [but] it's not that we have to pat ourselves on the back every day at signing him".

What a difference from Brendan 'Everything is Awesome!' Rodgers, who'd be probably be hailing Mane as 'outstanding' and 'World-Class' right now if he was still the manager.

Brendan Rodgers' theme tune? ;-D

^ Reportedly on £125k-a-week.

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