26 Mar 2016

Anfield Shocker: 87% of Liverpool fans want Klopp to sell 'amazing' £50m attacker

Ligue One giants Paris St. Germain are currently linked with a massive £50m move for Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge, but what do Reds fans think about the possibility of losing the club's most prolific striker?

Earlier this week, The Guardian claimed:

"Paris Saint-Germain are preparing to spend £50m on Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge as they seek a replacement for Uruguayan ace Edinson Cavani".

In my view, selling Sturridge is an absolute no-brainer, and the 'amazing' striker's decline is already noticeable:

* 2013-14: 34 goals/assists in 33 apps (Goal every 107 mins. G/A every 79 mins)

* 2014-15: 7 goals/assists in 18 apps (Goal every 243 mins. G/A every 173 mins)

* 2015-16: 7 goals/0 assists in 14 apps (Goal every 132 mins)

Sturridge has always been a firm fan favourite, but the prevailing view appears to be changing.

Indeed, I conducted a poll this week asking fans if Liverpool should accept a massive bid for Sturridge, and the results were emphatic:

The 'idea' of Sturridge - prodigiously talented goalscorer capable of smashing in 30+ goals a season - is glorious, but Liverpool fans finally appear to be waking up to the reality of Sturridge, which, unfortunately, is a lot less appealing.

Is the Liverpool FC love affair with Sturridge close to being over?

Author: Jaimie K

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