10 Feb 2016

Done Deal Friday? Liverpool close to 'decision' on £50k-a-week powerhouse. Transfer 'announcement' happening this week

At the end of January, Sky Sports reported that Liverpool put in a late 'offer' for Schalke defender Joel Matip, and claimed that the Cameroon International had 'told his club he wants to leave'. Well, the deal didn't go through before the transfer deadline, but new reports suggest a deal with Liverpool is close to being officially agreed.

According to the Liverpool Echo this week:

"Liverpool could announce a done deal [for Matip] before the weekend. The Reds are interested in Matip [Reportedly offered £50k-a-week by LFC] who could be set to make a decision on where his future lies".

When asked on Saturday about Matip's future, Schalke Chief Horst Heldt also appeared to confirm that an announcement about Matip's future is imminent:

"The fact is that next week a decision [about Matip] will take place, and then an announcement will certainly be made".

Heldt is emphatic here: A decision will be made, and announcement will 'certainly' be made, so either way, Matip's future should be decided very soon.

Whatever happens this week, ex-Schalke star Christoph Metzelder is convinced that Anfield is the right destination for Matip. In a recent interview, he enthused:

“Liverpool is a super destination for him [Matip]. Jurgen Klopp knows he can work very well with him. For Joel it would be an easier entry into a new country."

With respect, playing for Liverpool will not be an 'easier' entry into a new country for Matip. He'll have to deal with the incredible weight of expectation, and he'll be under immense pressure to make an immediate impact.

The £50k-a-week should soften the bow of that, though, eh?

Author: Jaimie K

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