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18 Jan 2016

Klopp to sign? 'Frightening' £12m striker is the perfect transfer for Liverpool, claims Journo

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Last week, the Irish Daily Star claimed that Liverpool are 'definitely interested' in signing Southampton striker Shane Long, and according to Mark McCadden - the Journalist who broke the story - Long is a perfect signing for LFC.

In a radio interview with Newstalk on Friday, McCadden enthused:

“I could see him [Long] slotting straight in, and giving [Liverpool] pace and energy to press high up the pitch. Shane is frightening when he gets moving".

What's 'frightening' is that Liverpool are even considering a move for Long*, who scores a goal every 208 minutes for Southampton. Thankfully, the Saints don't appear to be interested in selling. According to The Mirror today:

"Liverpool have had an £8m approach for Shane Long rebuffed. The Saints are determined to keep Long".

Ex-Red Danny Murphy is also aghast at the prospect of signing Long, and when asked about the proposed deal today, he told TalkSport:

"Shane Long? Really?! No, no, no, no, no. There’s no point bringing in players who aren’t better than what you’ve already got".

Ronald Koeman insists that Long is a 'brilliant' player who is 'always running and working', but that's irrelevant (IMO). Liverpool need goalscorers, not Lallana-esque runners, and Long is simply another player who fails to score/create goals on a regular basis.

Prime example: Long is 28, and in the prime of his career, but he has never scored more than 8 Premier League goals in a single season. Case closed.

That said, if Klopp signs Long, then expect him to be played as a centre-half ;-)

* Cost Southampton £12m


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