11 Nov 2015

Next Stop Liverpool: £9m star who's desperate to 'play for LFC' is coming back to Anfield

Whatever happened to Tiago Ilori? He's supposed to be playing for Aston Villa this season, but after suffering yet another injury, it looks like the Portuguese has little chance of earning a permanent deal.

According to the Liverpool Echo:

* Ilori is currently Villa's 6th choice centre-back.

* Villa have an option to buy Ilori for £9m, but right now, there's little chance of the option being exercised.

* As such, Ilori is likely to return to Anfield in the summer.

Just as it has at Liverpool, it's all gone wrong for Ilori at Villa. The 22-year old hasn't made a single first-team appearance this season, and once again, injuries are his undoing.

When Liverpool signed Ilori, I argued he wouldn't make it (due to the unhealthy competition), and like so many others, he is turning into another Brendan Rodgers transfer flop.

Ilori - described as an 'elegant' defender by ex-Villa boss Tim Sherwood - desperately wants to make his mark for Liverpool, and prior to his Villa loan, he told reporters:

"I want to play for Liverpool. That is my objective so I'm going to do everything to make that happen. I chose Liverpool over a few other teams and...to be at a club like this is a dream come true. The next step is playing for it".

Sherwood recently suggested that Ilori is not physically up to the task of being a Premier League central defender, and his constant injuries seems to back that view.

Liverpool fans still seem to have a lot of faith in Ilori, though. A couple of months ago, I conducted a poll on the site asking fans whether LFC should sell the Portuguese if/when the opportunity arises.

* A whopping 84% of participants voted NO to selling him.

That's an emphatic vote of confidence in Ilori, but I don't see him staying at Anfield in the long-term.

As for Liverpool's alleged valuation: £9m? Wishful thinking in the extreme, and only a mug would pay that for Ilori.

Author: Jaimie K

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