8 Nov 2015

Anfield Smackdown: Jurgen Klopp blasts journo for suggesting that he's 'disappointed' with Liverpool's fans

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp has criticised Liverpool fans for leaving the stadium early during the club's 2-1 home defeat to Crystal on Sunday.

In his post-match press conference, Klopp told reporters:

"The [Palace] goal was on 82 minutes, and I saw many people leaving the stadium. I felt pretty alone in this moment".

When asked if he was 'disappointed' by the number of fans who abandoned the stadium before the final whistle, a clearly irritated Klopp insisted:

"If you want me to say what I think in future, then don’t make it bigger than I said. This is the problem. I’m not disappointed by this. We are responsible [for making] fans leave the stadium".

With respect, Klopp unilaterally raised the issue of fans leaving the stadium early, and then stated that it made him feel 'alone', so he can't complain if people take it as a criticism of the fanbase.

In Klopp's defence, it's a very valid criticism. Fans jumping ship before the game ends is another of my pet peeves, and it always irritates me whenever I go to a football match.

In this case, it's particularly crass behaviour by fans as Klopp has clearly made a positive impact at Anfield, and after THREE wins in a row (including a superb 3-1 victory over Chelsea), the fans in the stadium should show as much support as possible, and that means staying until the final whistle.

I predicted a 2-1 defeat for Liverpool, and to he honest, I'm not that fussed about the loss. There are obviously going to be bumps along the road, and Palace will not be the last team this season to beat the Reds.

For me, this season is already a write-off, so I'm not expecting anything special over the next six months. Despite this defeat, Liverpool still have a great chance of qualifying for the Champions League, and if that doesn't happen, then so be it.

The time to start judging Klopp is next season, after two transfer windows. By that time, it'll be Klopp's team, and then there can be no excuses (and I adopted the same approach with Rodgers).

That doesn't mean, however, that Klopp and his players are immune to criticism, though, and today, Klopp arguably got several things wrong (mainly with team selection), but that's another article.

Author: Jaimie K

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