26 Oct 2015

Done Deal: Liverpool sign-up 'fantastic' attacker who's like 'amazing' £40m playmaker. 3-year deal agreed

Liverpool have completed the first new signing of the Jurgen Klopp era, but although the player in question is promising, he (unfortunately) doesn't appear to someone who is capable of going straight into the first team and making an immediate game-changing impact.

According to The Mirror today:

"Cameron Brannagan has signed a new two-year deal at Anfield. The midfielder has committed his future to the club until 2018."

Some info about 19-year old Brannagan, whose family all support Manchester United (!):

* Description on the official Liverpool FC website: "A creative and inventive midfielder, Brannagan [can] fashion opportunities as well as take them himself. Likes to [play] behind the frontman but can also operate on either wing".

* May 2014: The Independent claimed: "Barcelona have watched him [Brannagan] for the last year and received rave scouting reports. They want to acquire him for their B side".

* Sep 2015: U21 Boss Michael Beale hailed Brannagan for his 'fantastic' performances, but indicated that a loan deal is a possibility: "Cameron’s been very good at U21 level and we’re [looking] for somebody to take him on loan. He's desperate to take that next step".

* Sep 2015: Made his debut for the Liverpool first team in a Europa League game draw with Bordeaux.

* On learning from Steven Gerrard: "I watched Steven Gerrard regularly. We’ve got to analyse and learn as much as we can from them [first-teamers]. Steven has been great. He’s always happy to talk and has given me advice on positioning and so on".

* On other players who've helped him develop: "Lucas and Toure have also been really helpful. Their advice is just what you need because they’ve been there and done it".

* On the influence of Liverpool's former manager: "Brendan Rodgers has been a huge help. He encourages you and tells you to show your personality and that’s what you need to do to impress him".

* With his balance and playing style, Brannagan is often compared to allegedly 'amazing' £40m-rated Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere (£40m? What a joke).

Liverpool have struggled for creativity over the last 18 months, and this season is no exception. As such, why not give the likes of Brannagan, Teixeira, and Sinclair a chance to stake their claim.

It's not as if they can do any worse than the the club's current attacking players. For example: Lallana has only 1 assist in almost 40 hours of football, and only one goal in the last 23 hours of game time.

Ibe is yet to score a single goal in 27 games, and he has only 1 assist in 23 hours of football. These players get chance after chance to play themselves into form, so perhaps it's time for some changes?

Author: Jaimie K

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