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13 Jul 2015

New Transfer: Liverpool agree swap-deal for 'world-class' €15m attacker with 270 goals/assists in 377 games

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After being left out of the club's pre-season tour of Asia and Australia, it seems clear that Mario Balotelli's time at Anfield is coming to an end, and new reports suggest that Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has already identified the Italian's replacement.

According to The Independent on Sunday:

* Liverpool are close to sealing a swap deal with Fiorentina, which involves Balotelli heading to Italy, and Mario Gomez coming to Anfield.

* Rodgers is 'confident' that he can get the best out of Gomez, who cost Fiorentina €15m in 2013.

* Fiorentina and Liverpool have agreed the (loan) deals, and 'the only thing remaining is both players agreeing'.

Liverpool have been regularly linked with Gomez over the years, and the Reds almost signed the prolific German striker on two occasions:

* Jun 2012: In a column for The Telegraph, Jamie Carragher claimed: "Liverpool almost signed Gomez before we moved for Carroll. It fell through at the last minute, and since then Gómez has not stopped scoring".

* Jan 2013: Former Liverpool Managing Director Christian Purslow revealed that Roy Hodgson was 'only hours away' from signing Gomez on loan.

Prior to his Fiorentina move, Liverpool were once again linked with Gomez, and after losing out on the deal, Reds legend Jan Molby told EuroSport:

"I'm disappointed that a player of Mario Gomez’s experience, stature and record was able to move to Fiorentina with little or no apparent competition. You’d think [Liverpool] would have moved for someone with such a good record".

In both 2010, and 2013, I vehemently argued in favour of signing Gomez, but as usual, Liverpool missed the boat, and ended up signing players who failed to make any kind of impact for the club.

Gomez's Stats:

* Stuttgart: 87 goals/24 assists in 156 apps (Goal/assist every 1.4 games)

* Bayern Munich: 113 goals/26 assists in 174 apps (Goal/assist ever 1.2 games)

* Fiorentina: 14 goals/6 assists in 47 apps (Goal/assist every 2.3 games

* Totals: 214 goals/56 assists (270) in 377 apps (Goal/assist every 1.3 games)

Gomez's creative record is absolutely formidable, and very few strikers in world football achieve consistently achieve figures as good as this.

Alas, there's a downside to consider: Gomez's injury history.

* 8 injuries in the last three seasons (including 2x ligament injuries; a knee issues, and hamstring/muscle problems)

* 363 days on the sidelines (72 games missed overall)

Even with his injury history, Gomez - who remains 'world-class' according to Juve legend Gianluigi Buffon - is an infinitely better option than Lambortelli, but with three separate injuries during the past season, it's clear that these regular setbacks are affecting the German's ability to consistently make an impact.

With Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool already have a perpetual sick-note in the striker ranks, and there's no point signing Gomez if he's going to spend most of his time on the sidelines.

That said, if Gomez can remain fit, then this potential deal is an absolute no-brainer.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Can't see that working out honestly. Gomez is a class striker, he's probably gotten a little too much stick before his switch to Fiorentina, but I can't see him under Rodgers. He's got a terrible defensive workrate, doesn't press and is generally most comfortable getting involved at the very end of an attack, usually not contributing much to the build up. Rodgers has a terrible track record with this kind of striker, as unfortunate as that is.

  2. Would be a good deal if pulled off, but it would leave us in no-man's land regarding strikers. Is Gomez still good enough to play #2 to sturridge (which is essentially #1)? If not, can we really afford to bring in yet another striker with both Origi and Ings in reserve?

  3. I quite agree! Its also one of the reasons I seriously can't see Benteke working out either. The best fit would be Lacazette and I know he wants CL (as every top striker with ambition would) but I think with the right financial package he could be persuaded...

  4. This was touted since a few days ago in rumor mill. He is definitely an upgrade to Ballotelli who can't seem to score nor assist.

  5. Muhammad Ibrahim6:51 pm, July 13, 2015

    Any deal to get Baloteli out the door is a good deal. Though we need a pacey, hardworking, player with good dribbling skills and good body strength (that does not mean he has to be 7ft). Wont mind Saido Berahino for the right money, although I think we should get rid of Allen and Lucas for Illarmendi and Kovacic. Another striker should we get rid of Balo, and Borini at least not to mention Lambert who is almost 90 seconds a game to make an impact.

  6. Balotelli was a poor transfer but hes here now. To swap him for another striker who is no use to us just for the sake of getting rid is crazy. Especially if you consider the age difference. I'm sure a better manager could get more out of him.

  7. Balotelli should stay and Rogers out, balotelli is a good striker and never got a proper chance under Rogers, he father was dying last year and his head wasn't in the right place, rest in peace, please keep Balotelli

  8. As you mentioned, if its a loan deal, I don't see a down side to this. He could be a hit or maybe Balo rediscovers some form there. Everything might work out and if it doesn't work out either way, it's just a loan.

  9. We need Balo out so that we can free up his wages to pay Benteke , so loaning him out makes sense .

  10. B Rodgers and I Ayre need to take their fingers out and bring in two top class centre midfielders to club. A Mobile Tough tackling DM and a world Class CM as we have too many average centre midfielders at the club. Allen, Can, Henderson and Milner are all descent midfielders but none of them have wow factor or are world class.

    Now Man united have signed schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger for £35-£40m combined they have the centre midfield to compete challenge the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City.

    We do not at all

    Lars Bender of Bayer Leverkusen needs to be brought to club for £16-£21m to compete with L Leiva and to be clubs defensive enforcer in the centre of the park DM

    Koke Of A Madrid
    T Alacantara Of Bayern Munich
    R Nainggollan Of Roma

    One of those three world class centre midfielders need to be brought to club this summer for £22-£32m

    As we have a weak centre midfield compared to our rivals, they have too class and world class CM'S in their squads we do not.

    And then after B Rodgers ships out F Borini, J Enrique, R lambert and M Balotelli these four players should be replaced by these four players below:

    K Papadopolous Of Bayer Leverkusen For £7-£10M CB

  11. I personally don't rate Schweinsteiger as much anymore. Man United got him 3 years too late.

    Still a very good player, but he is also not the great player he once was.

    Transfers for players over 30 don't pan out that often, and they paid a significant amount for him.

    I'm also not sold on Schneiderlin. Call it buyer's remorse, but I don't trust Soton players transferring to perform.

    In terms of midfield, I think we are really stacked there at the moment. If we have Milner, Henderson, Can, Firmino, Coutinho... that's a top 3 midfield in the prem... perhaps only behind Chelsea and Arsenal.

    And if Lucas can stay healthy and perform as the DM, it will make us that much better.

    The one player we need now is a striker. I don't want Benteke; I think he's too expensive and won't fit our style.

    Tevez would be ideal because he should be relatively cheap but it sounds like he wouldn't come back to England.

    Higuain would be a really nice addition, and I think he'd be cheaper than Benteke.

  12. Here here someone who's speaks sense that's exactly what I think if klopp was here or do boer I think balotelli would be firing on all cylinders playing along side studge (when fit)

  13. Mario Gomez will score goals make no mistake about it! His track record speaks for it's self, if we could do some kind of swap deal with Fiorentina then I would welcome Gomez with open arms, he is far more able to fit into Liverpool's set up than people realise! I remember him scoring an amazing goals against Holland where he took the ball with his back to goal and spun the ball from his left to his right foot and slotted it home. He can work within a pass and move system as he is far more comfortable with the ball than he is given credit for. If a deal could be struck I truly feel he would be an absolute menace. It all depends on if he stays feet and what the cost would be, if a loan swap deal could be done between Gomez and Balotelli then I personally feel it would be a great bit of business. The clique applies to Gomez in Form is temporary but Class is perminant he is a proven goal scorer! He can use either foot and can head the ball, he is pretty nifty with his feet as well and brings a wealth of experience with him. Gomez would be a good signing I have no doubts about that one

  14. It's absolutely criminal that we let Carlos Bacca AND Luiz Adriano go to Milan for very reasonable fees when we are in such a stronger financial position than them. It's not like they even have champions league to offer!

  15. I actually think Balotelli has a chance if he's put in the right situation.

    First and foremost, he cannot be stuck up top by himself. But with the addition of Firmino in the attacking midfield, as well as Ings and Origi, and hopefully a healthy Sturridge come October, Ii think Balotelli still has a chance here.

    But the one thing that is evident is that he needs someone else to be there to make him better. He's not going to make the players around him better. Which is not ideal.

  16. Well, it would be great to know why he isn't included in the pre-season tour

  17. Echoes my thoughts this

  18. Not sure if it's been mentioned already... but does anyone else find it ironic that Sterling always claimed it wasn't about the money, and then signed a contract reportedly worth 10m per year? Or a little less than 200k per week.

    As I've said all along, it was always about the money.

  19. '''eaten comment ' munch munch munch munch....jaimie hope you enjoying it...i put extra mayo on it...

  20. Meaning we start the season with Ings and Origi as our only fit recognised strikers? That would be downright negligent IMO

  21. Rumor is that it coincides with a death in his family. His adoptive father, I believe.

    Supposedly Jose Enrique and Fabio Borini were also left behind to train at Melwood.

  22. I agree. But I would do it.

  23. I have a great idea for someone out there to create a youtube channel specifically showing "lowlights" in a player's performance, or why NOT to buy a player.

    I would do it myself except I'm not willing to devote the time and energy.

  24. His father did die, but Mario returned to training afterwards(a few days ago).

  25. But Balo has already been back in training...

    Enrique and Borini don't surprise me at all, their time at Liverpool is over

  26. My point is- we bought them, let's play them. If we don't believe in them, why did we buy them? Both BR' s acquisitions, play them till Daniel is back and then either say well done BR, or sack him for bringing two worthless players and bring Klop with splashing the cash on the striker.

  27. ...i would do it myself ..but i just don't have a clue how....
    ...no im not a geriatric I just prefer to go out and talk to people and flirt incessantly rather than make utube, instawhatecver, facebok..etc stuff...

    ..oh god, i just went into one didn't i...

  28. hey LFCNYC74 did my comment with youtube in it show up...on my computer it says waiting for presidential seal of approval....

  29. A link to that BR interview?

  30. ...Jock, Ings did really well for burnley..and Origi lead the line fro Belgium when needed ..I just think he got bored last season waiting to come to us this year...

  31. Ah ok... I didn't realize that was the case.

  32. Not yet... its off in the abyss

  33. Has been . Another poor linked player

  34. See the last record, I hope age is not affecting him yet because fiorentina record is low.

  35. Rodgers is staying for now. Yes Balo is a good striker, he just did not fit our current team. He is the kind that will succeed at chelsea (playing in front of exceptional midfielders), not at LFC where he is surrounded by average mid players. Forgetting his lackluster defence, Gomez is the kind of att we could use.

  36. Lets leave Balotelli for one more season, hopefully Brodgers wud hav been sacked mid-season and klopp will bring the best out of Balotelli who imo is capable of being our number1 CF

  37. 7 league goals in the last 2 seasons and that's going to help get us a top 4 ??? Do me a favour . Complete waste of time plus he's 30 . Oh dear

  38. I suspect Can will be our utility man again next season. Stepping in where squad needs dictate

  39. What interview?

  40. We didn't buy them with the intention of all the pressure of starting off a tough fixture list on their young shoulders in the first few games.
    We need a new striker, somebody who's ready not scopula of kids getting their first big moves.
    After last season's disastrous start, I'll be astonished if Rodgers starts the season with just those two up front. He needs a strong start all he'll be gone before the January window

  41. I really don't know how you can say is a good striker. He had numerous opportunities just to stick the ball in the net last season, from good positions, and his return was paltry to say the least. He missed a few opportunities, when it was easier to score than to miss.

  42. I agree. He's the odd man out right now. What will be interesting is if Rodgers utilizes 1 striker or 2.

    If he plays 1, we could play a 4-5-1 with Can somewhere in that 5.

  43. Last season it was hard to fit in in our team, now we (as a wise man said earlier) have 3rd best midfield in the Prem. And a very good defence. and lots of bench options. Hendo, Couts and Firminho will be under pressure whoever we bring in.

  44. This last one, after silence. Can't find a full transcript.

  45. He's on compassionate leave because his auld fella passed away about a week ago.

  46. They're certainly no paupers though. If reports are to be believed (and there seem to be at least some credibility to them) they're trying to bring Ibra back, so I'd guess they're not shy on the wage front.

  47. We can't go into a season with 5 strikers though. That'd be unhealthy competition.

    If Mario is one of our 4 strikers, that causes new issues. The problem is though we can't rely on Sturridge because of his injury problems. We can't rely on Origi because he's inexperienced. We can't rely on Mario because he's temperamental and not very adaptable. Ings is a new signing, but of the four, he'd probably be the most reliable, which isn't an enviable position.

    We need a new striker. A proven one. Had we not gotten Ings or Origi, I'd be up for giving Mario another chance, but as thing stand, I don't think that is feasible.

  48. It's going to be very interesting how Brendan rotates his strikers. Assuming we bring in a new one (whether we like it or not, I think we all agree it's probably Benteke).

    Sturridge is out until October.

    Will Mario take the challenge to become the 2nd or 3rd striker, or will he fade to bolivian***

    My guess is the club loans him out and makes an academy player the 5th striker when needed. Which is a shame because I think Balotelli actually enjoys playing for Liverpool, but he doesn't fit Rodgers' style. The silver lining is that he was relatively affordable and won't set the club back much if we take a hit on him to leave.

    ***Fade to Bolivian" is an ode to Iron Mike Tyson

  49. I believe it's on the LFC official site

  50. Considering the amount of opportunities he had, I would venture to say the same about Sterling.

    In spite of a good season, he left much to be desired, specifically when he played as the main striker.

  51. What makes you highly doubt he will become world class? Having a consistent G/A record every season at his age, and in the Prem is not something done by most. Take into the fact the team he played for this year and the constant position changing and I still think he's top class material up there with players like Depay.

  52. Gomez is done, past his prime, no confidence, riddled with injuries past few seasons...why in the world would we trade Balloteli for him? Are we that desperate to get his wages off our books?

  53. Gomez is past his Prime and agility and quickness is a major factor....Y would we be linked to such players again? The cartel that gave us all the misfits with Rodgers active involvement,are at it again... The issue is this, we need strikers that play in competitive leagues and in teams where those players play a big role. Suarez came to Liverpool as an unknwon entity/Van persie went to Arsenal in like manner,Aguero also ...is it that these people are blind to see talent ...??

    All these players came into the teams for far less amounts of money but they excelled. its all about the determination to win and make an impact....I repeat a good footballer isn't hard to find...

    It takes a keen eye sight to look beyond the hype and propaganda and spot really talented players...

  54. There are better options

  55. A loan seems the most likely option to me too. As I've said, I'd prefer it if Origi could go out on loan and Mario stay, but after having a rough season last year, I think we need to keep Divock in a fairly safe environment.

  56. ...but it's okay when players do it to come to Liverpool...?
    ...like Lovren did.
    The only difference is that when the ex-players came, their clubs accepted the inevitable, instead of making themselves look stupid by trying to play hardball and then failing anyway.
    Keegan left, Souness left, Rush left. Not because they were surplus to requirements, because THEY decided they wanted to leave, and we knew about it in advance. The club said "Okay, if they don't want to be here, we don't want them here."
    We didn't waste time with pantomime. We replaced them.
    We could and should have listed him as soon as he said he wouldn't sign a new contract and we should have had the replacement nailed down, instead of wasting the last six months pissing about, pretending that anyone takes FSG and Rodgers seriously.
    Twelve months from now WHEN Coutinho or Sturridge is sulking, the result WILL be exactly the same.
    Christ even our youth/U21 players are turning down contracts now. What does that tell you about the club???

  57. Apologies Jamie a quick re-read of the article and that was indeed pretty clear.