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20 May 2015

Mega-Deal: Liverpool desperate to sign 'extraordinary' €36m La Liga attacker to replace Mario Balotelli

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Last month, Reds legend Jan Molby criticised Liverpool for failing to make a move to sign Mario Mandzukic last summer, but new reports suggest that Brendan Rodgers is planning to rectify that mistake when the transfer window opens in July.

According to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo today:

* Liverpool, Man City, and Wolfsburg are all considering summer moves for Mandzukic.

* Rodgers is allegedly 'desperate' to sign another top striker this summer.

Discussing Liverpool's strikers in April, a clearly irritated Molby urged Rodgers to scrap Lambortelli and sign Mandzukic. He told the 5-Times podcast:

"[Mario] Mandzukic was allowed to leave Bayern Munich and go to Atletico Madrid, with nobody including Liverpool showing any real interest. How do you not show an interest? That's the type of player you want [at Anfield]"

Molby has regularly championed the signing of 'extraordinary' Mandzukic, and he's arguably right that Liverpool should've made an attempt to sign the 28-year old striker.

The real choker here is that Mandzukic cost Atletico £16m, which is exactly what Liverpool paid for Balotelli.

Mandzukic's value has now reportedly risen to 36m [£26m], which means if the Rodgers decides to purse the Croatian now, the Reds will have to pay through the nose.

Nothing new there, then.

I doubt there are many fans who'd dispute that Mandzukic would've been a better signing than Balotelli. Let's look a their respective stats this season:

* Balotelli: 4 goals/0 assists in 28 apps.
* Mandzukic: 20 goals/5 assists in 43 apps.

Case closed. Mandzukic is a clear upgrade on Lambortelli, but there are a few of issues to consider:

* Worrying injury history. 10 injuries since 2010 (158 days on the sidelines, with over 34 games missed as a result)

* Currently injured again, and according to Atletico boss Diego Simeone, he's 'out indefinitely' with an ankle problem.

* 12 goals in 28 La Liga games is not a great record for striker who may cost €36m. As a comparison, Diego Costa - who Mandzukic replaced - grabbed 27 in 35 for Atletico last season.

On the subject of Costa - Mandzukic is inevitably compared to the Brazilian striker, but in an interview this week, Simeone refuted the comparison, and explained the difference between the two players:

"You can’t compare him [Mandzukic] to Diego Costa. He needs to have support, be supplied with the ball and have people helping him. His best goal tally at Bayern was 24 and we’ve not been able to improve on that"

Not the most glowing of endorsements from Simeone (!).

Given his injury history, Liverpool should steer clear of Mandzukic, especially now that he's suffering from a knee problem that has precipitated an 'indefinite' absence.

Knee injuries decimated the careers of both Fernando Torres and Michael Owen, and it's arguably too much of a risk to take a big-money chance on another striker with similar fitness issues.



  1. And Mandzukic is also a targetman like Dzeko

  2. Ok yet again I'm just not profitient enough in scouting quality players or watch nearly enough tv football from all over the shop to pass judgement in absolution.....but.....seriously mandzukic...?!?

    ...I thought we needed someone robust fast quick-witted two footed active in all stages of gameplay and someone eager if not downrightmental about pressing and wanting that ball back - like some mad kid off the playground (yes i know sounds like suarez - its meant to - even if a younger version)....cos wasn't that what we had most success with last year...? An attack so preoccupyinmg of other teams they were just too scared to attack themselves...thus it would also give our defence a chance to gel properly.......?

    ...from what i remember of mandzukic he isnt quite that.....

    ..although knowing parties (knowledgable and other) will pout me right on most of what i've said....

  3. I also find it a bit difficult to believe that Atletico would sell him at a reasonable price one year after buying.

    There's no way we'd spend the quoted amount.

  4. Nicolas Chamberlain11:28 pm, May 20, 2015

    He seems to static for our style of play.
    Its not that we play lots of crosses into the box.
    He will be misused like we did with several other strikers.
    We need a type like Vietto.

  5. Nicolas Chamberlain11:29 pm, May 20, 2015

    Coates played great tonight.
    Should Brendan give him another chance?

  6. Rodgers desperate to sign "another" top striker. What ? Rodgers has signed a top striker and nobody said anything about it ?

  7. Nicolas Chamberlain11:31 pm, May 20, 2015

    Sturridge. Or is he also written off by the 'Brendan Out Brigade'?

  8. Never seen Rodgers give a chance to someone who has had good performance so i doubt he'd do that if he did not rate him previously.

  9. God, he so often injured that i forgot about him.

  10. Compared to what we currently have, I'd be happy with 34 games over 5 yrs....How many of these 34 games would he have been rested for anyway, after all, no one plays every game... Even at £26m, I'd be up for it, clearly better than what we have, and he'll add something LFC are lacking now Gerrard is off... and thats star quality.

  11. Apparently he doesn't get on with Simeone... But I would go so far as to say £26m for a player of his quality and experiance, is actually quite reasonable in todays crazy market.

  12. Don't forget how prolific he was when winning all them trophies at Bayern.

  13. Ok stan, you've started putting me right.....

    ...but don't they play a little different to us and don't their midfielders get loads of 'ball-time' and loads of goals - also they happen to be ribery and robben so the striker whomsoever he woulld be would have much less pressure on his shoulders to run around a sthey do most of it - I just wonder if its s too different system and that he's 2-3 years older and a bit less willing to carry said whole team....

  14. ..havin said that he would prob be a brilliant older experienced striker as one of four...but then wouldnt that make him the 'marquee' signing....?!>

  15. Alexandre Lacazette,Piere Emerik Aubameyang and Paul Goerge Ntep is very good choice.Young and can make LFC is dangerous team.Danny ings become 3rd striker for LFC.

  16. Not mediocre enough.

  17. They love his injury record as they can now claim he is no good either. Goldfish fans.

  18. Sami Hyypia was a Finn.

  19. I've forgotten that comment already- thankfully;-)

  20. But he could be with some coaching and mentoring from BR

  21. ;-) what did the fish say when he ran into a wall?

  22. *clicky head thing* Oh no you didn't!

  23. I don't know what did the fish say when he into wall?

  24. Now that I like

  25. Dam right ;-)

    okoi okoi I'll go now.

  26. I voted you up and down about three times. Can't tell if it is awful enough to be good.

  27. *zooms in and narrows eyes*

    "Mission accomplished."

  28. I am always inconsistent

  29. And I never tell the truth.

  30. They should see an eye sturgeon.

  31. Agreed. If we had no puffs shelling out 25m for Lallana and 25 for one Lovren th 25-30 for Mandukic isnt a problem.Pity he is also called Mario like one Balotlli we have already. That might work against him in BR's mind

  32. Dam...said the fish as reported to us by Y.O

  33. No to this idea of a weak/potential player as a "third striker". From Lambertinessis we should of learnt that you just gotta buy players that are good enough for the first 11