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22 Apr 2015

Sack Him: Nicol urges FSG to replace Rodgers with 'world-class' title-winning boss

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Last week, Leeds hero John Giles claimed that Jurgen Klopp is the ideal man to replace Brendan Rodgers this summer, and support for that view seems to be growing, with Reds legend Steve Nicol now throwing his support behind managerial change at Anfield.

Discussing Rodgers' situation on ESPN, Nicol insisted that keeping the Northern Irishman is a 'huge gamble', and called for FSG to make a change. He explained:

"If I'm the owner, and a guy like Jurgen Klopp is available, I'm going for Klopp. They've already given him [Rodgers] a lot of money. You put the two resumes together and there's only one winner"

I'm currently running a Rodgers vs. Klopp poll on the site, and right now, 69% of voters want the German - hailed by Ilkay Gundogan as a 'world-class' manager - to replace Rodgers.

I can't see a change happening this summer, though, for one simple reason: Rodgers signed a new long-term deal less than a year ago, and at the time, John W. Henry raved:

"We are very fortunate to have a hugely talented individual leading our football performance and in whom we place our trust to deliver the vision we share for Liverpool Football Club"

It's a simple matter of economics. According to the BBC this week:

"Rodgers' current deal would mean that even if FSG were to lose faith in their manager, it could cost as much as £10m to sack him. And the same again to hire a replacement"

Rodgers is not failing in his job to such an extent that FSG will feel compelled to shell out £10m just to get rid of him.

Taking that route doesn't make any financial sense whatsoever; plus, the group will also be aware of the millions wasted on having to pay off Dalglish, Hodgson et al over the last few years.

Unlike Dalglish and Hodgson, Rodgers has shown enough over the last two years to warrant further time at Anfield, and unless things go horribly wrong in the last six league games, I can't see FSG making a change in the summer.



  1. Sad but true.

  2. I was all against sacking Rodgers as some people were suggesting even before the semi final, then one decision he made changed my whole opinion of him. 2.1 down with ten minutes to go and he puts on Glen Johnson, a player whose been so out of form for the last two seasons he's lucky he made the squad. Had that been a Man Utd side 2.1 down in a semi final a few years ago Ferguson would of got as many strikers on the field as he could, we put a full back on. If we was to change managers I'm not so sure bout Klopp, my preference would be De Boer or even Ancelotti if Real dump him.

  3. Klopp ran Dortmund into the ground. It's a massive black mark against him.

  4. Too true an don't forget that amazing substitution of bringing on Lambert in 90 th min ... I mean we losing and he makes a striking change at that time ? Why not bring him on sooner ?

  5. since when do new contracts matter anymore? if paying him off and his replacement is successful, then fsg will consider it money well spent. everyone was on a high a year ago getting carried along with the good times. we all say things like that when all is good. however, and maybe its because im a pessimist, i wasn't wholly convinced especially after the 2 goal lead throwaay vs everton, wba and the marvllous toure c0ck up,etc. is klopp the answer? im not hugely convinced there either. it is all a bit of a mess really....again.

  6. quite right but it isn't just rodgers doing unfathomable things like that. rafa used to infuriate the hell out of me with his non-sensical late substitutions. champs lge pt2 in athens..peter crouch, for a random example!

  7. FSG are result base and for all we know there could be a clause that they could use to get rid of Rodgers.

    Don't foget that JWH tried to sack him a few times already

    No top 4 for Liverpool + a recognize manager like Klopp who he tried to sign on the market and you can safely bet that Rodgers is a dead man walking

  8. I would be happy with either decision.

    If Rodgers is let go (and if we get a gaffer with better Resume), then I can understand the owners' decision in wanting to go. They might feel that Rodgers has taken the team as far as he could. On top of which he hasn't been able to recruit players who could produce the goods for LFC, despite having spent a hefty chunk.

    [Rodgers might argue that City spent a similar amount over the past 3 seasons and they sit just 4 points above Liverpool (We lost Suarez) and didn't lose their pivotal players. Liverpool lost experienced heads like Kuyt and Maxi in his first season, lost Carra in his second and most importantly Suarez in his 3rd.]

    On the other hand if they do retain him, I wouldn't mind that either. Since Rafa'a title and up until last season, Liverpool were languishing in mid-table, finishing below Spurs on each occasion. Rodgers has made this team to at least perform above the non-rich teams of the league. As is, Liverpool are set for 5th place (Unless something utterly calamitous happens), which is more than what we can say for period from 2009-13.

    Personally, Rodgers deserves another year (I want to see how he performs without the 'Steven Gerrard headache' (no offense but the skipper let the team down on more than one occasion)). If Klopp/De Boer is offered the job and he accepts it then well and good, if not Rodgers is the best we can afford at this point of time, with the stadium expansion coming and all.

  9. What is this?
    If rodgers deserves time for what he's done then I'd argue why did they sack dalglish? He had the pedigree and a better cv but was shown the dor after almost winning two trophies. In his first 2 years if I myt add.
    Dalglish would be a better draw than rodgers ever will be to any top player yet he was gone. The club has brought in enough money to afford dismissing a failing manager because if we keep drifting in mediocrity it will undoubtedly cost more.

  10. B R needs a TUTOR - He is week in a lot of areas - HOPE HE IS MODEST ENOUGH TRO ACCEPT THAT

  11. You say Rogers is not failing in his job, is that some kind of joke, he has failed at everything, we haven't won a cup of any kind, failed badly in every competition, plays players out of position,wasted millions on players, he should not have got the job to start with, pay the 10 million fsg and go for klopp it's a no brainer

  12. I don't get this 'Rodgers deserves another year' argument. Why? And to do what? He should only be given more time if there is a strong feeling that he can take Liverpool forward. I'm afraid, I don't think he can. That opinion is not based solely on Rodger's evident weaknesses but on the fact that FSG's transfer policy is absolutely crippling any hopes we have of achieving present or future success. Not being able to attract the best players is one thing, but not being able to keep our best is simply demoralising!

    Rodger's must be given credit for the way in which we play our football, but sorry, no more world class players = continued failure. Liverpool is at a stage in their history where there are no longer any big personalities at the club. FSG are surely happy to have a yes man for a manager and in turn Rodgers is surely comfortable in not having to manage big egos. Is this our future? A club without identity?

    We need a manager with a stronger personality, one who knows how to win things and who can attract and manage big personalities. Not one where year after year we console ourselves with the thought that he'll come good the following year. Even if giving Klopp a chance proved unsuccessful, fans all around the world would appreciate the ambition of the owners.

    What is that they say about never looking a gift horse in the mouth....

  13. Its stick or twist for F.S.G....for me if Klopp if up for the job F.S.G have to get him. Rodgers is another bad run away from the fans turning on him and if that comes midway next season then Liverpool wont have many options to turn too.

    I will be more comfortable with Rodgers in charge if F.S.G deliver bring in top players in the summer.

  14. He brought on Johnson to push Can further up the field. A tactic which saved us against Bolton when he provided an exceptional assist for Sterling.

  15. Doesn't quite negate the good he's done, though.

  16. At this point I couldn't care less about whether Rodgers stays or goes but I do hope we keep Colin Pascoe. Seems like a decent guy whom the players respect.

  17. Unless FSG plan to not give BR any money, I don't see why shelling out 10m to get rid of him is a bad idea. He'll most likely spend it on another flop anyways, 84% chance to be precise.

  18. Redboondocksaint11:34 pm, April 22, 2015

    Rodgers needs to go so that the deadwood can follow him like Lovren, Markovic, Lambert , Bolatelli , Borini, Allen, Aspas, llori , Alberto, Bolatelli,.... Rodgers is not a bad manager and has helped Liverpool play a better style of football which exciting to watch. However Rodgers will not win loads of trophies, at best he will keep us in the top four.
    Players improved under Rodgers: Sterling,Henderson,Mignolet,Emre Can,Coutinho , Sturridge,Moreno,Skrtle,
    I hope Klopp becomes the manager as he will win trophies.
    Players that need to go: All Deadwood players above and Johnson,Enrique,Brad Jones,Coates

  19. On Sunday we had 2 right backs on the bench and none on the pitch even though Rodgers had reverted to the known to be unsuccessful flat back 4. He had no midfielder on the bench. He had 3 strikers whom were all Rodgers buys. We didn't have a bona fide striker on the pitch. We had a midfielder whose legs have gone and not played a game in over 2 months completing 90 mins. He put a striker on in injury time. He changed formation at least 4 times. This is why we need a new manager. This is Liverpool. Not some little mid table team. But we soon will be at this rate.

  20. ...third time lucky?

  21. won two consecutive league titles and one of the years was a double, domestic cup and league, not a BR out fan but wish he could run Liverpool into the ground the same way as Klopp did for Dortmund.

  22. Redboondocksaint11:38 pm, April 22, 2015


  23. Says it all really.

  24. Perhaps next time you'll make some sense.

  25. As many Liverpool fans have mentioned already, the problem with BR is that he cannot bring in class players. We need a manager who can do that. I don't know if Klopp is the man to do that but those who can, already have jobs at other clubs. Sooner or later FSG has to realise that they need to spend money to compete at the highest level. I think in a way they have by adding more seats at Anfield.

  26. Redboondocksaint12:14 am, April 23, 2015

    Rodgers is not a bad manager but wont win trophies. Klopp is a manager that wins trophies.Certain players improved under Rodgers but he has made so bad transfers. There are certain players bringing the team down and need to go. Dont know how else to explain it but if it is too tough to comprehend ask a friend.

  27. Hmmm, I don't know Jaimie. The plan was for Rodgers to make considerable progress by year 3 of his contract. Providing we don't make the UCL, we've made none. We did have a great campaign last season, but we're ultimately still back at square one. Once again, we'll be working out how to break into the top 4 next season, and in that 3 years, that trophy cabinet has not been opened, apart from the odd cleaning job. Do you really think that FSG are going to accept this? FSG have already once gone close to sacking him, which was December, and the finish to this season is only going to emphasise their argument. Whether Rodgers is responsible for recruitment or not, he did such a poor job with them before Christmas that the rest of the campaign was defined by playing catch up with an effective but short term, make shift strategy. Had he not screwed it up before Christmas, we'd be in the top 4. There are already people inside the hierarchy that favour hiring a new manager,with De Boer being one of the favourites (but that was before Klopp quit BVB). When considering the amount of money already wasted in the transfer market, spending 20m on a managerial change for the better shouldn't be too much of an object to FSG, me thinks.