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25 Apr 2015

Exciting News: €25m 'super-talent' in secret transfer meeting with Liverpool. Done deal soon?

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The Memphis Depay stories just keep on coming, and the latest reports suggest that Liverpool are pulling out all the stops in a bid to seal the deal.

According to The Mirror today:

* £25m-rated Depay flew to the UK for secret talks with Liverpool this week.

* He met with Ian Ayre and several other LFC officials 'in a hotel close to the airport'.

* 'Sources in Eindhoven' claim that Depay was 'hugely impressed' by Liverpool’s determination to sign him.

* Ex-Red Dirk Kuyt has allegedly urged Depay - recently hailed as a 'super-talent' - to sign for Liverpool.

In my view, Brendan Rodgers should be attending meetings with prospective marquee signings; the manager reportedly flew to Italy earlier this season to hold talks with Roma over the sale of Miralem Pjanic, so it strikes me as odd that he couldn't find the time to meet with Depay in Liverpool.

The Mirror also claims that PSV have not granted Manchester United permission to talk with Depay, but on Friday, Carl Thomas - one of Depay's agents - tweeted a picture of United's Carrington training complex on Friday, which suggests some form of contact with United:

Whatever the truth, I highly doubt that Depay was 'massively impressed' with Liverpool's lethargic showing against West Brom today, and right now, it's hard to see how Anfield is an enticing destination for the 21-year old attacker.



  1. Shhhhh BR did meet with Depay but it's supposed to be a secret ;-)

  2. Writers at the times and express said the same thing. The fella who tweeted from United's training ground also works for Depay's agents firm but they represent Van Persie too. If they did get a private jet over perhaps one popped over to see him.
    I'm still.sceptical.

  3. And by BR, you mean you, or not you? ;)

  4. Hopes for the summer... realistic?

    Depay, L. Adriano, Illarramendi, Nainggolan, Patricio.

    Obviously the top tier of all the names linked to us, but they do seem achievable. A bit pricy, but all are relatively proven quality.

    If we sell Raheem for anything more than 40M and add Kono on free to take his place, he'll cover Illarramendi and Depay himself. The rest of the sales should be able to cover Patricio and Adriano. We'll only really be paying for Nainggolan out of pocket.

  5. 5th place...max....we had Suarez money to get 2 or 3 top top marquee players/strikers...did a Spurs with the cash,bought toothless squad players instead....we were in Champions League...and blew it big time !!!!!!!...no 40 mill CL pay check...Europa League beckons instead....great bargaining summary of where we`re at to convince the Depay`s or any top drawer marquee signing???...sound defeatist...no...just damn well bloody frustrated...25 years....and counting !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sorry Jamie I'm probably posting without thinking and fully appreciate your devils advocate style of writing gets the discussion going but...
    "it's hard to see how Anfield is an enticing destination for the 21-year old attacker."
    Anfield should be an enticing destination for anyone who deems themselves a footballer with aspiration, simple, end of.

  7. It was not you. or was it

  8. We know how this will play out. We look like front runners, the player looks interested. Psv say they want 25 million. We bid 18. Talks stall but we're adamant we wont pay over 18 million. Spurs try to gazump us by offering 25 million plus 11 first team players. Depay travels to London for talks and a Spurs medical before Chelsea or in this case United swoop in meet Depay at the airport, offer the 25 million Psv are after and have the deal complete within 24 hours.

    Meanwhile we are left holding our d*cks wondering where the transfer broke down. Instead we end up paying 35 million for Bolaisse

  9. Orville and Donald?

  10. Count (Luis) Duckula

  11. Plus, he's guaranteed to be playing football at LFC. He wouldn't get as much game time with the mancs.

  12. Jamie knows this I'm sure. Balanced article equals boring article maybe. Or maybe not, who knows, Jamie knows, maybe. I'm not sure.

  13. Yes, sorry Bob I did reply but it went for moderation. In hindsight Jamie may delete it for reason: Blatherskite.

  14. Count Duckula was a a vegetarian. Luis is definitely a carnivore.

  15. but is that in the right position

  16. Wow, for a minute there it was like you completely dismissed all of Liverpool football clubs on field achievements and them being the best club in the world bar none.

  17. I think that the main issue isn't that we aren't enticing, but that our rivals are just more enticing than we are. As much as it pains me to admit, Utd and Arsenal also have the history of success and the ambition to continue. However, they also have a better chance of qualifying for European football, and proven managers.

    That's not to say we don't have advantages though. LFC can offer substantially more playing time, and the chance to be a focal point in a young side. While Wenger and Van Gaal need just a few more pieces to their puzzle, LFC and co are still trying to figure out how to put it together. If it becomes clear that Depay, Vietto, etc etc. are going to be big key pieces to completion, that's something that could have a big pull toward us rather than a more currently successful side.

    The biggest issue is that we have to prove that we are making progress in finishing our puzzle. If it looks like we're just putting random pieces everywhere and hoping for the best (which it does, at least with BR) there won't be much motivation for a key player to come.

    As much as we want CL or the cup or any trophy, we don't NEED it to attract top talent. We merely need to show that we are making progress and that we are just missing some players. Unfortunately, BR doesn't seem to be showing this very well.

  18. Hey Not You, I like that post a lot, read it a few times and think it describes our current situation perfectly.
    We only differ in our opinion of who should/could lead us to where we want to be. I think Brendan can get us playing similar to last season again but with a better defence, which IMO is enough to compete.
    As you describe, I've also been thinking that maybe we need to sign prospective players in groups, with each of them respectively signing on the basis of other top players also being signed. Maybe BR doesn't have the draw to get this done but we should be able to employ transfer staff?/people whose sole purpose is to do exactly that, doesn't have to be the manager, again IMO.
    Also, to me football is so fickle that utd and Arsenal you mention as looking near to the finished article could easily become completely derailed for no apparent reason and before you know it, we will be in the ascendancy again. Wengers signings have worked out well this season but that's not always the case and utd, - fellani, falcao and an aging wooney, come on... their done for.

  19. It just makes you wonder why Liverpool consistently waste their time pursuing such players when we refuse to stump up the money. It's always the same old bloody result. We're in no position to bargain like we do because we're not United or Chelsea or Arsenal. We don't consistently offer UCL and trophies like they can. The club delude themselves into thinking that that we have enough attraction to yield a player in despite offering a lower fee and wage packet. But we don't have that attraction. It's amateur.

  20. I'm not saying that BR can't/won't be the man to take us forward, just that he currently is going through a mildly unconvincing spell. It is a fact though that BR doesn't have the pulling power of the other managers though. His name simply isn't big enough (yet). He'll need to prove himself or somehow guarantee signings before he'll get a trophy. And back to the basis of the article, pulling off a Depay transfer will definitely be a great next step in that process.

  21. Truthfully if Man U really want Depay hell obviously choose them over us . Man h are willing to offer more wages for players, they have a dutch manager and a dutch player already playing for them and they'll be in the champs league wheras we won't so summing it all up I doubt he'll be coming to liverpool. We're more likely end up with Ings from Burnley and a man city back up player in Milner

  22. Classic. Ha ha

  23. Good summary of our past attempts by Ayre et al.

    In all honesty when assessing LFC, FSG need to consider the whole club and not just the playing side.

    I am aware that Ayre is in their good books for closing out some big sponsorship deals, but he is equally to blame for some of our poor transfer dealings.

  24. Sir David Cusack2:23 pm, April 26, 2015

    My arse, Depay at scum complex? Where is he in photo??? Just more shit from you knobs. What will be....

  25. If you look at LFC's last 9 transfer windows, it's around 12m net spend on average. FSG have a system in mind to reduce overheads by bringing in younger players at reduced cost and then selling them off to reduce their running costs.

    It's a business, that's their plan and we're not getting the big names.