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20 Apr 2015

Done Deal: Liverpool 'officially' sign 'excellent' international on 4-year contract

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The wait it is over! After months of fevered speculation, Liverpool have finally signed a goalkeeper who's good enough to take over from Simon Mignolet!

Well, maybe not, but the Reds have signed a new goalkeeper: Caoimhin Kelleher from Irish club Ringmahon Rangers. Some info about the youngster:

* Republic of Ireland youth international.

* Started four games in the recent U17 European qualifying campaign.

* Conceded 3 goals in 4 games. 1 clean sheet.

* Helped Ringmahon win the Cork Youth Leagues U17 Premier League this season.

* Signed a 4-year deal with the Reds.

* First name is allegedly pronounced 'Keeva' or 'Kweeva'.

* UEFA.com describes Kelleher as follows: "Caoiminh Kelleher is the brother of Ireland U19 defender Fiacre Kelleher and the Ringmahon Rangers goalkeeper has proven an excellent addition to the U17 squad".

Official confirmation:

Now, Kelleher will languish in the academy for the next four years and then disappear into obscurity. Unfortunately for him, no goalkeeper in Liverpool history has ever made it through the academy to become a fixture in the first team.

Sad but true.

Good luck, though!



  1. Whilst what you say about GK breaking in to the Liverpool team may be true. Surely he will get a lot better training and learn a lot more by being involved with a Premier League club.

  2. Good luck I suppose. No keeper has made it through our academy, but it's also been awhile since we've had a GK name in our academy to look forward to. Who knows? There's always a first :D

    Just a side note on the manager situation, the more I think about it, the more I think the time is right. A class manager that would potentially be interested is clearly available, LFC is experiencing a sort of transitional period perfect for a new manager (we hate that term, but how else would you describe it? Suarez left, Gerrard and Johnson is leaving, Skrtel is aging, and we still have key areas to fill), and there will be openings for BR to take. Newcastle would fit BR very well imo. They need inspiration from a young new mind, they have a bigger reputation than Swansea did (so it's still a step up from a few years ago for him), and BR's track record might not be good enough for us, but it should be sufficient for them.

  3. His name is BMW... I think he's going to drive him out of here.

    So technically, he won't be walking.

  4. Good luck to the lad and there has always got to be a first timer i hope things work out for him unlike Dean Bouzanis whom Rafa once described as the best young keeper in the world.
    He is now plying his trade as second choice keeper at West Sydney Wanderers.

  5. £16m on Sakho
    £12m on Moreno
    £20m on Lovren
    £15m on Allen
    £20m on Markovic
    £20m on Lallana
    £16m on Balotelli
    £4m on Lambert
    Rodgers only successes have been Sturridge and Can.
    Plus all their wages, agents fees. Yep we haven't competed financially with our peers.
    Please, what an excuse. Come up with something better.
    Or just face it - Rodgers, Pascoe and Ayre are way below par.

  6. Liverpool owners wanted a DoF in the form of LvG and BR put his foot down , maybe he wil regret it !

  7. Ok now compare that with the transfer fees United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal have been spending on individual players and wages and you will see that we are not competing - not by a long shot

  8. haha! Okay how about Andy Carroll, £35m?

    my biggest grate is that we sold Suarez of £75m and then replaced him with a load of toosh. We should have just whacked it on Benzema and Higuain. Or Falcao? We came second because Suarez was amazing. So we sell him, replace him with a world class player. We had a year to find someone.

  9. As someone said before: " Managers who bring Johnson on when they desperately need a goal and introduce a sub in the 90th minute don't win things". Furthermore,1) when winning you switch to 4-5-1 and let them run for the ball. 2) you do not start with SG. You bring him on at HT. 3) you find a way to indulge your players to throw a wall down during the game as SOMEONE once said.............

  10. Might I suggest a photo for your Disqus account? Eeyore.

  11. Use the talent on this team? Square pegs in round holes that is?

    Was Markovic signed to play as RWB? Can as a CB? Lallana as a RWB? If that is the case then money been nothing but wasted. How on earth can that be figuring out the talent of this team?

    So what is Rodgers next experiment going to be?

    Yesterday changed the formation three times, Gerrard holding, making mind boggling subs etc. This was the FA Cup semi final right? Vs Villa with a squad probably three times the worth of Villa's.

    There can be no excuses, total embarrassment.

  12. Jaimie, don't you hate sensational journalism?

  13. He did figure out how to use the players but it was too little too late. Let's not forget the period from mid-December to mid-March when we were the form team of the league.

    But just as he should be given credit for that great run, he should also be given the blame for the form prior to December as well as the crucial loss yesterday, and the recent losses to Man United & Arsenal.

    After all, the losses to ManU and Arsenal don't hurt nearly as much if we weren't on such thin ice due to our poor form for the first part of the season.

    Also, I think total embarrassment is a bit harsh. We did get to the semi-final of the FA Cup and the League Cup in the same season.

    I acknowledge Rodgers' failures and his successes this season. He's certainly deserving of plenty of blame for the state of the team.

    It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out over the last 6 games.

    These last 6 games will have much more of a determining factor over his job status than the one game yesterday.

  14. _
    Anyone that loves this club, will acknowledge that the manager has little to no tactical acumen!
    Yesterday, BR had no clue on how to nullify their attack or how to mount his own attack. He was void of ideas and showed poor planning in consideration of their strengths by choosing a team that was overrun on the midfield. This was again evident in the Europa league exit where the midfield was null and void with Allen rarely even touching the ball.

    You may wax lyrical about finances, stadium development, advertising and sponsorships, but if the club is languishing in mid table mediocrity, all of these will soon dry up, leaving the club exactly where they belong owing to their blind faith and failure to change.

    BR is NOT the man for Liverpool. Never was, never will be!

    A man without the guile to overcome a team seen by most of the league as relegation fodder, should not be at the helm of LFC.

    Mediocrity is a disease.

    Languishing in mediocrity is a life-sentence that has one outcome.

    Bygones! Obsolete! Washed-Up!

  15. When he took over, the team had the 3rd worst record in the league for the last half of the season.

    I think we missed something. Or at least a hit of something

  16. The "mid-December to mid-March" run you refer to simply covered up the worst start to a season LFC had after 50 years.

    At no point have we been in the top 4 places..

    Really turgid stuff comparable to last years of Houllier and Rafa.. yet those two have been able to leave LFC with their heads held high having won stuff.

    BR's epitaph will be a blank space..

  17. There is no way we are going to have progress when we have a manager who sold an idea to FSG, it failed and now is trying to fin something that works.

    Rodgers needs to go try this at a different club. This is LFC, not Watford, Reading or Swansea.

  18. I'll put it to you this way...

    Let's say that we get a few bounces, we win our last 6 and overtake the 4th spot.

    Does Rodgers get fired then? No.

    I'm not claiming that he'll be here nor am I claiming he'll be fired.

    All I'm saying is that the final 6 games of the season will likely determine his fate. Not the game yesterday.

  19. We are not getting 4th. It is as simple as that. Every win for City now is like six points. End game.

  20. I understand your perspective.

    And as I've detailed here before, I don't think that Klopp is a realistic option for us if we did let Brendan go.

    With that in mind, I'm not sure there is a proven better realistic option out there right now.

  21. Well myself and many others would love to see Klopp at LFC and FSG should do all they can to bring him before somebody else snaps him up.

  22. Ok. Well let's muddy the waters a bit...

    Let's say we don't get 4th, but we win 15 of the last 18 points.

    Is that enough? I don't know. But I'm hopefully the team performs well over the last 6 games to at least give us something to hope for.

  23. I'd actually go out on a limb and say yesterday's performance was NOT the defining moment which sealed BR's fate.

    The last 5-6 games have been turgid and woeful, even when we have won.

    Due to the poor start of the season, he needed another season finish like last year just to keep his job. And that's the point.

    You can't manage a team and have a roller-coaster ride every year and expect to go on a 20 game run just to keep your job.

  24. 4th is over for LFC.

  25. Yes, and I'm with you there. I think he'd be a great hire if we fired Rodgers.

    Again, I don't think that's realistic.

  26. And no matter what the outcome over the last 6 games will NOT save BR from the chop..

  27. was my post deleted, am i banned?

  28. sell sterling £50m, sell Borini £10m, sell markovic £5M, sell lallana £5M, sell lambert free, sell allen £5M, sell all these useless LFC players. since when were we a midtable club? when did we put up with players like MArkovic, lallana and lambert. abomination. LFC never buy english talent from other clubs as well. we got english talent better in our academy. im 100percent sure if we gave Sergi Canos the same game time as Lallana he would have more goals and assists, same apllys for Markovic and lambert. so why waste money when players in our academy can have the same impact.

  29. I can understand that argument a lot easier than anyone's claim that yesterday sealed his fate.

  30. Voted yes but not based on yesterday's result alone. Whereas I was 100% certain about Benitez and Houllier when they're time was up (about a year before they left) I'm torn on Rodgers. I love the way he handles things with dignity and poise. He speaks out about things like the Sterling contract situation without causing a scene and he can handle every player at the club. He is one of the best man managers and coaches in the league, maybe even the world, in my opinion and he does have a very positive approach to the game. The thing that just gets to me though is that he just cannot get the team to finish. Last year we dropped the title against Chelsea and Palace in games that we should have just killed. All we needed to do is get a draw against Chelsea but he went for the jugular which ended up biting us in the arse and forcing us to try and make up for an incredible goal difference with 3-0 up. Now we fail to beat Villa in the semis of the FA cup. On top of that his horrible transfer record. Ye s yes, I know it's all the committee's fault but he's on that as well so he is at least partially responsible. I can't help but feel that there are better managers out there. The question is, would a guy like Klopp want to come to us considering, what he will be forced to work with? On top of that, there are always funds at Liverpool but we don't have the deep pockets Citeh can offer. So here you are, a succesful manager looking for a new job. On one hand you can take over a squad like Citeh's, get endless money to improve it as you please and a ridiculous salary (and CL football). On the other hand, you can take over at Liverpool, out of the Champions League, take over a squad with a number of talented players but also Markovic, Balotelli, no right back and a crocked striker. For a lower salary and a transfer kitty that will not be big enough to address all of those issues at once. Seems like a pretty straightforward choice to me.

  31. Don't, the Andy Carroll transfer still makes me sick to my stomach. That was under a different transfer regime than we currently operate with though.
    Don't get me wrong, mistakes have been made both in transfers and otherwise but they've been made under various managers and strategy's. Better players have been targeted but we've been unable to close the deals. This may be due to incompetence, strategy or just a sad indictment of where the club is at just now

  32. Great we now agree .. that BR's time is up ;-)

  33. It's pronounce 'Kwee-veen'

  34. If we had a better manager I believe we don't need To sell the whole squad. I think we have very good players who rodgers just doesn't know how to use em. There's a lot of ability in the squad and it'll only take a better manager to bring it out.

  35. Dignity, poise.. erm missed that somehow!

    Maybe you need to go back and watch the dreaded Channel 5 documentary..

  36. Jaimie! You gave me a heart attack, I almost thought we signed Petr Cech, damn

  37. Best of luck great to see Liverpool sign a young irish player

  38. I'm not so sure if his time is up. :)

    But if he is fact fired, we'll at least agree on the reasons why.

  39. Karim........Hahaha, but the sad truth is, he will still most likley be in charge of our great club come next season......... just dont see the owners sacking him, but agree with you, he does fancy himself big time!

  40. There is no way FSG can risk next season hoping that we will get top 4 with BR. The financial implications will be very bad.

    If Rodgers cannot get us into the top 4 after spending almost £120m then there is no chance he is going to get us into the top 4 with less money to spend at the start of next season and his ever experimenting.

    I have said it before, anyone who wants to believe that FSG have just been sitting back and accepting what has happened this season need to have a reality check. Rodgers admitted that his job was on the line back in December last year.

    FSG without a doubt have been exploring their options.

  41. Hope this lad shows more loyalty than the SHANMBLES THAT PLAYED YESTERDAY - Where was the great R A H E E M ??? NOWHERE AT ALL

  42. I've agreed with you that Klopp would be a great replacement and let's say he's at the top of the list.

    Now, let's take Klopp out of the equation and assume he's not available.

    After him, who is a realistic replacement that's going to be a better manager for the club? Someone that you look at and say, "this is a no-brainer and we'd be crazy not to get this guy"

    Simeone? He's not leaving Atletico for us.
    Rafa? He'd do it in a heartbeat, but will he really be that much better than Rodgers.
    Frank de Boer? He'd be a nice replacement, but are we that confident that he's be such a significant improvement over Rodgers?

    So there are two parts of the conundrum here: One is to say that if we don't change something, then we are doomed to repeat the same failure.

    Two is if we do change something but don't really feel like we'll improve, what's the point other than making a change for the sake of it.

  43. At least De Boer is set in his ways and does not jump from one thing to the next. Rodgers is completely out of his depth otherwise he would have had a clear direction of how he wants the team to play and FSG would have seen this by now. De Boer has won things too, albeit in the Netherlands. This club is to big for Rodgers. He needs to go learn his trade elsewhere.

  44. That's my point though... Outside of Klopp, the best realistic candidate for us to replace Rodgers is not necessarily a better option.

  45. Spot on Karim!!

  46. Lallana + Markovic will get at least 20m, they haven't flopped, they just haven't proven themselves yet. Besides, Lallana was actually key in some of our victories, and Markovic I think just needs to settle.

  47. Sakho isn't a success?

  48. He may not, correct, but he A.) Respects us B.) Is young but experienced and C.) Knows how to build a team

    I'd much, MUCH rather see him come here and do some work rather than him heading to money hungry city or even Arsenal.

  49. Yeah. They might not be worth what we paid, but they aren't 5M players. Assaidi went for more than that, did he not?

    Plus, we're not "selling" Lambert for free -.-

  50. Better off eh! Mediocre goalkeepers, no decent fullbacks of any note apart from Flanagan home grown,One decent centre half having purchased five in last three windows, worst midfield in the premier league and only Coutinho and Sterling worth keeping up front oh and DS when fit whihc is not very often. The bench yesterday was total shi... with game changers GJ, RL,MB,FB, JM. No midfield palyers . No Depth , no fight , outwitted, outplayed and outfought by a relagation battling team who have done us for the second time this season. Squad is terrible, imbalanced and no class player now SG hamnging up his boots. ONly £220 million outlay by BR and Board. as Ian Drury sang "What a waste " !!

  51. you are mistaken my friend , ferguson paid his dues in scotland and europe before moving to manu u, Scottish football was strong in those days and he took unfancied aberdeen to the title or more than one occasion and won a european title too ...similar feat to klopp at dortmund or rafa at valencia...this is the type of manager that LFC needs ...someone who is a winner or trophies and now wants to bring that drive , experience and expertise to a bigger club like LFC not a young rookie manager who still crumbles when the pressure is on

  52. Except Klopp has actually done something in his first 3 years, such as actually winning the title in a league with BAYERN MUNICH. Not to mention he then went on to be CL FINALISTS. CL FINALISTS for a club that was 13th a few years before he came.

    Sure, he may have done bad this season, but I personally believe it's because he wasn't experienced enough. He didn't know what to do with so many injuries, but that comes with time.

    BR may have a philosophy, but Klopp has a formula. I'd take the latter before it's too late.

  53. What we must remember is although we finished 2 last season we did so with a record amount of goals conceided (for any top 4 team ever). In 3 seasons you could easily argue that BR has been unable to sort out defensive frailties. That with overpriced signings giving BR until Xmas or another season maybe a mistake. Especially when a manager like Kopp or Ancellotti will/maybe available in the summer:-)

  54. I am still dumbfounded on how Lovren is our most expensive player in history. How can you spend that much money on a player who started performing in one season? He just doesn't learn from his mistakes, he needs out, and we pray that Klopp will come.

  55. That's my personal guess if I had a gun to my head (thankfully I don't... yet)

    Rodgers stays, and a DoF is appointed.

  56. We would have had 80ish mil. left if we signed Benz or Hig. We could have bought Varane for 30m max and then bought Vidal for 45m when he declined Man U. Then, bring in Can for the low fee if you really wanted to. Bang. Season solved.

    Much, much easier said than done but you could have replaced but really, don't mean to be cocky, but I probably could have handled our transfers better.

  57. That's why there are such things called transfers. Sorry, but if you flunk 90% of your transfers, you can't use ''I didn't have a team'' as an excuse.

  58. I guess taking a 13th place team to CL finalists and 2 time league winners in 5 years isn't accomplished enough.

  59. Ha, my old club, fair play buddy. Caoimhin is lrish for Kevin and pronounced quve een, his brother is on the celtic squad.

  60. Because he is ''the Welsh Xavi''

  61. Is it me you're looking for?

  62. The saddest thing is that I know the next line. And the next..

  63. Yes, better off. Which says a lot about how bad we were before...

  64. Rodgers really has no excuse, he knew Suarez would be getting sold / leaving, how did he think we would recoup the amount of goals we were scoring last season. Considering the amount of data analysis that his backroom team does, there should have been a contingency. As much as I really wanted him to succeed with us, I'm now at a point where I feel he really doesn't know what he's doing.

  65. Erm....I don't. *coughs, sidles towards exit*

  66. With our current transfer and wage policies, Klopp won't come to us. You can't sign £50M rated players and expect them to accept £60,000 a week. That calibre of player get three times that. That's why we spend £200M on a boatload of mediocrity... because we don't have to pay 'em so much.
    Benitez wouldn't come back under these restrictions. It's Hicks and Gillett all over again. And don't tell me they can't afford it - the Red Sox are paying wages that would make Man City wince, and their ground holds just over half what Anfield currently does.
    How deep has that debt gotten on the quiet?

  67. The Red Sox aren't restricted by FFP. They have about $200,000,000 in salary this year.

    LFC have about $125,000,000 in salary this year.

    I found the projected salaries via Google, and converted the LFC U.K. pounds to dollars.

    And the Red Sox potentially also host about 3 times as many games. 81 per year (plus playoffs). Compared to LFC who host anywhere from 25-30 in a given year. And that's just home games.

    Throw away games into it, and it jumps to 162 (plus playoffs) whereas LFC this year will play 58 total games (including the cup comps).

    Also Fenway Park holds over 37k people. Anfield holds about 45k.

    So for those that think FSG don't spend enough, I'd advise you to rethink that idea.

  68. did we show "character"?????

  69. I hear that Brendan Rodgers is available, who took Liverpool, who hadn't won the league for 25 years, from 7th to 2nd in one season, who turned Luis Suarez from a winger to a striker, and developed players like Raheem Sterling, Jordan Ibe, Jordan Henderson from nowhere into the best young players in the league, and whose Liverpool sides played the best football seen at Anfield for 20 years.

    Too many of you people are forgetting who it was that *got* Liverpool to the semi final in the first place. It feels like back to square one, with the pond life chanting "Rodgers Out" for no better reason than that *they* are disappointed because *their* expectations haven't been met. It's a bit disgusting, if also a bit ridiculous.But mainly it's ridiculous.

  70. The buck stops with Rogers excuse the pun. He accepted manager of the season last year for coming 2nd, now all of a sudden it's a "collective responsibility". He bought utterly tripe for way over the odds.

  71. You joke do you really think we can bring players in like benz and varran and vidal get in the real world we arnt at that level ha benzema
    To Liverpool why would he leave real Madrid get of fifa fella turning your brain to shit

  72. Thanks and how do you pronounce his first name?

  73. I'm off to buy a hat!