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1 Mar 2015

Surprise Transfer: LFC chase 'disappointed' £22m attacker Rafa tried to sign in 2009

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After being ignominiously dumped from the club's Champions League squad, Liverpool are reportedly considering a surprise move for Manchester City outcast Stevan Jovetic.

According to The Mirror this weekend:

* Liverpool are planning to offer Jovetic a deal in the summer.

* Inter Milan and Juventus are also interested in the Montenegrin striker.

Prior to his £22m move to City, Liverpool were regularly linked with a move for Jovetic, and two years after leaving Anfield, Rafa Benitez confirmed that he tried to sign the striker in 2009. He told reporters:

"Jovetic was our target but we didn't have the money. My idea was to play [Javier] Mascherano, Lucas, [Steven] Gerrard, [Alberto] Aquilani, with Jovetic between the lines, but we didn't have the money."

After learning of his Champions League exclusion in February, Jovetic poured scorn on the decision and blasted City boss Manuel Pellegrini:

“I deserve to play in the Champions League. The manager has killed me with this decision. I am very disappointed. I don’t think it was a good decision. I told the manager this but he did not want to listen”

Jovetic also made it clear that he's considering quitting the Etihad this summer:

“I have not made any decision about my future, but the manager has put other players ahead of me, so maybe this is a message. This is a bad time for me but I am working hard and I will be there for the team"

When he has been fit, Jovetic's record is creditable, but not impressive enough to justify Liverpool's interest:

* 11 goals/5 assists in 42 games.
* Goal every 3.8 games.
* Goal/assist every 2.6 games.

Given his injury history, Liverpool's failure to sign Jovetic was clearly a good thing. Since his arrival at City:

* 5 injuries in 1.5 seasons.
* 138 days on the sidelines.
* 29 games missed for City.

Khedira, Gourguff, Wislhere, and now Jovetic? It's concerning that Liverpool are continually linked with players who have atrocious injury history, and like the aforementioned trio, the Reds should avoid Jovetic like the plague.



  1. I tend to agree. It looks like we are trying to get hold of players who are not wanted by their current club, get them for a lower price then build them up.

    It's worked with Sturridge, Coutinho and Suarez, so maybe players like Jovetic would thrive amongst younger players and where he feels he is wanted.

    His injuries worry me, but again if we can get him for a reduced price both he and Sturridge could both be rotated and used to cover a full season without compromising on quality.

  2. The main policy is finding rough diamonds and making them shine like Coutinho and Sturridge. Players with quality, who can be bought cheaper. Emre can will be the next one we talk about being a bargain. £10M? Looks good already

  3. good player just wandering where Danny Ings and Orgi will fit in to the team seems like a lot of changes up front in the close season

  4. I disagree with this because Liverpool have said how they manage certain players training regimes based on age and injury history etc imo any of the 4 players mentioned would be managed differently than at there current clubs, not saying this would necessarily help there injury problems, but I think the talent jovetic has he would be worth a 15m with potential add ons based on games played etc

  5. Our basic three building blocks should be youth, speed and work ethic. I'm not convinced Jovetic is any of those. We need another striker besides Sturridge with those qualities. It ought to be Lacazette.

  6. Well, Danny Ings isn't exactly our player...

  7. Got a funny feeling that he'll end up a Liverpool player

  8. I'd guess his injury problems could stem from a poorly managed ACL rehabilitation. If you don't get it just right it can really upset the bio mechanics. Good thing for him that he's never re-injured the knee but a long history of hamstring strains is not good. He was looking brilliant early this season but again, injury has slowed him down. I don't see a future for the player at Liverpool unless he's particularly cheap and our medical staff fancy they know something that City's don't. He's very talented but he's now 25 and injury has really eaten away at his potential.

    The other thing that these players have in common apart from poor injury records is that Liverpool were interested in them IN THE PAST. It's credible to me that it's all just agent talk and they are using this past interest to raise the profile of the player. After all if Liverpool were interested in the past then it's not so difficult to make people believe they made another enquiry. All of these stories could be 100% made up. The press certainly are not above that.

  9. Maybe we should also take a look at this Dost kid from Wolfsburg, 14 goals in his last 9 matches. 25 years old. He's 6'4" and tearing up the BL in 2015.

  10. Not sure Sturridge is a diamond with his injury record .
    I would sell him and get some body that is going to be able to put in a long shift !

  11. I would sell all our strikers including Sturridge and get 3 top class, tough ,injury free strikers for next season !

  12. Clearly status shown Vietto is more of Suarez in the making, positioning, assist, create and score, He's what we should have instead of Markovic, don't get me wrong Markovic is good at his age but paying $20 mil for someone who is not ready and still learning in progress is ridiculous and we have someone who play that position better than him which is showing more mature and capable is no other than Jaoa carlos texaira. Hope liverpool will get this guy Vietto.

  13. Seriously Jaimie, never predict a Liverpool win again. Work that magic until we win the league.

  14. As long as we don't sign them, I'm not too worried about being linked to these players. I can't see how he would fit in at Anfield though. He's not the dynamic, technically gifted player we use up front. Guys like Vietto and Lacazette are. And what should he cost anyway? Considering his injury record anything over a couple of million would be a travesty.

  15. That one pass was amazing.. He has only one driblling though when wide- try to run past on the outside...

  16. It is one of the greatest clubs of all time, how can you not be optimistic... Hehehe, that felt great!!

  17. This transfer wont happen he is injury prone and simply is not the type we are going to throw that sort of cash on.
    The money has to be spent mainly on mids for next season and funds will be reasonably tight a lot of selling to buy happening.

  18. Man you even spelled his name wrong. Perhaps jumping to insult mode is not the right way to go.

  19. Acknowledging it is possible is relatively new.

  20. More than once on repeat.

  21. There is an edit button mate.

  22. Footballorgin too. Just search full match highlights and you should get a couple of options.

  23. They did fall into pieces hey. You a prophet? I liked the manner in which Yaya was getting lost under the the incessant presing