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14 Mar 2015

Boss confirms: 'Liverpool were interested' in signing £15m 'warrior' in January. Loss?

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Prior to signing Dejan Lovren last summer, Liverpool were heavily linked with a move for West Ham defender Winston Reid, and speculation arose once again during the recent January transfer window. Reid recently signed a new long-term deal with the Hammers, but West Ham United co-chairman David Gold has now confirmed that the Reds were definitely interested in signing the £15m-rated defender.

In October, the Daily Express claimed that:

* Reid was 'confident' of joining Liverpool, and had his 'heart set' on the move.

* He rejected offers from Arsenal and Man United because he wanted a move to Anfield.

Discussing Reid's new deal on Thursday, Gold told West Ham fanzine Claret and Hugh:

“Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs were interested [but] he [Reid] chose to stay with us. It was exciting and a big relief.”

Ex-Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp rates Reid, and at the end of last season, he named the defender as one of his players of the season. He told the Daily Mail:

"Winston Reid...has been excellent alongside James Collins. Reid is a warrior defender who can look ungainly but rarely makes mistakes"

'Ungainly'? Thanks but no thanks. Liverpool already have an ungainly central defender in the much-improved Mamadou Sakho, and one is more than enough. There's also the added risk of small-club mentality syndrome, which has already affected Lallana, Lambert, and Lovren this season.

These days, signing a new contract means absolutely nothing, though, and Wilfried Bony - who left Swansea only a couple of months after extending his contract - is a recent examples of this. As such, If Reid truly has his 'heart set' on signing for Liverpool, then he'll dump the Hammers in a heartbeat this summer if the Reds come in for him.

If Rodgers is to buy another central defender, however, it should (IMO) be a proven, world-class player, with international/European experience, and the requisite big-club mentality. Reid is not the answer in any way, shape, or form - he is a solid Premier League defender, but he doesn't have the European experience required to dominate at Anfield.

To be honest, though, do Liverpool really need Reid, or indeed another central defender? The defence has exponentially improved this year, so it's not an urgent priority. Additionally, if Reid comes in, the club will have SIX players vying for spots in central defence (Skrtel, Sakho, Can, Toure, Lovren, Reid), and that will create unhealthy competition.



  1. Arrogant beyond belief ...

  2. I don't think Reid looks ungainly. That seems odd to me, he looks like a less (a lot less) talented version of Kompany. Seems solid on the ball to me but he's an average at best defender in a mid table team. Small club mentality I would agree with. Don't see him fareing well against Charlie Austin let alone Ibrahimovic. He's the sort of player we would have taken 3/4 years ago. I'm hoping we've moved beyond.

    Also with City losing, *if* we beat Swansea we will be 4 points off 2nd. And with hopefully a draw or loss for Utd we can move to at least level points top 4 withUtd to play at home. No Europe midweek. It's going to be very tight but I fancy our chances. How's a prediction of arsenal 2nd Liverpool 3rd and City 4th. With Spurs 5th for the topper.

  3. Considering Kompany's form of late, you might as well say Reid is a less (a lot less) talented version of Bob Loblaw.
    (Yes, Bob Loblaw speaks of himself in the third person when the situation warrants.)

  4. Everton are 14th in the table on 28 points with ten matches left.When Martinez took over from David Moyes the difference in football style was clear for everyone to see.Everton transformed into a very good footballing team.
    They played with stylish freedom last season.I thought Roberto Martinez had the potential to slowly build something special and take them to new heights or at least maintain their average league position, but do it playing creative attacking football.
    This season Everton have been complete trash.If we believe reports it was a fight between Brendan Rodgers and Martinez for the Liverpool job.FSG made the right choice!

  5. BobLoblaw is always permitted to refer to himself in the third person....situation dependant. That is a way out there prediction. You're sure for cracking odds on it. And I would like it, anything for Chelsea not to win the league.

  6. Signing a new contract does mean something... It means you'll have to pay a hefty transfer fee for the player so to that end, no thanks Winston. On a free he might have been worth a punt but that ship has sailed

  7. Bob Loblaw doesn't mow his lawn... He just stares at the grass and dares it to grow...

  8. Jaimie, I don't know how you demand that Liverpool buy big, world class players when at the same time you always completely write off their chances of landing one, like they shouldn't even bother.

  9. That ship has sailed next B.S transfer story please!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Resources resources resources

  11. I thought the references to small club mentality were unnecessarily insulting but to compare Reid to Bob Loblaw is a step too far ;-)

  12. Very true. But to put it in context he also talks to the trees and argues with the wind.

  13. Romelu Lakaku cost 28m.Let's not make excuses.
    I never said i expect Everton to challenge for the title or be ahead of Liverpool.Just better than being 3 points higher than the relegation zone at this late stage.
    You bring up resources.Many clubs above Everton had less to spend!

  14. Stuart C wants to know if anyone done a proper statistical analysis of the optimum level of competition for the centre back position.Too little and they under perform but too much is unhealthy as well. It's a tricky one.

    By the by I thought he was going to Arsenal so the small club mentality probably won't be an issue for him ;-)

  15. Fair point but I can't help quite liking him

  16. I like Martinez.He's got relegation on his CV but he kept a small budget team like Wigan in the PL for years.He built Swansea's footballing foundations from scratch and has a FA cup win too.
    Roberto Martinez has a very good football brain.His tactical analysis during International tournaments is a good listen.
    The thing is Martinez doesn't seem to have the extra special something top managers have.

  17. Bullshit? Is that the missing ingredient? ;-)

  18. Listening to Mourinho mid week i think you hit the nail on the head!

  19. Bob Loblaw is the reason Wally's hiding...

  20. Chris Rossington2:29 pm, March 15, 2015

    If we were to stick with 3 at back next season then you would think toure will leave and perhaps Emre can would move into midfield when Gerrard has gone so your 6 quickly goes down to 4, so maybe we would need another! Personally I think Rodgers will try again next season with the 4231 with a front 4 of ibe coutinho sterling and sturridge

  21. What's happening to this site Jaimie? Sometimes it redirects me to dudamobile and there would be no option to comment or reply. Please fix,

  22. I thought I was the only one... I've got a soft spot for Everton too. Or at least I did before McGeady and Mcarthy signed for them. Turncoat pr*cks. Not that I'm bitter...