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12 Mar 2015

[Guest Post] Eureka! Why Liverpool should replace Sterling with £14m outcast at RWB

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[GUEST-POST] Liverpool continue to flourish with the recently-instituted 3-4-3 formation, but with Brendan Rodgers putting square pegs in round holes to fill the right wing-back void, is there a possible solution that the manager hasn't yet considered?

The current options for right wing-back are not ideal:

* Markovic, Ibe, Lallana and Sterling are all better as attacking midfielders.
* Emre Can is more effective in central defence (or midfield).
* Manqillo and Flanagan perform better in defensive roles
* The less said about Glen Johnson the better.

There seems to be a growing clamour to bring in another RWB this summer, but Liverpool already have a player on the books who could do a good job for the team.

Step forward Fabio Borini!

The Italian - the subject of a £14m bid from Sunderland last summer - is a regular fall-guy amongst Liverpool fans, and the general consensus seems to be that Liverpool should sell him this summer, but in my opinion, he has many of the qualities required for the RWB position:

* Great Work rate.
* Good positioning/movement.
* Decent attacking ability.
* Solid defensive ability.
* Never say die attitude.
* Tactical awareness.

I’m not suggesting Borini is the final jigsaw piece, but I'm convinced he could do a great job as a RWB, and free-up the likes of Sterling, Markovic et al to play in their most effective positions.

Could Borini make an impact here, or are his days at Anfield well and truly numbered?

Author: (AKA crowbar5)


  1. At last an article on this website I agree with.

  2. The ultimate insult to Borini!

  3. So more or less play him in a slightly deeper Dirk Kuyt role? It wouldn't be a bad idea for the exact reasons you pointed out. Would like that RWB to have more consistancy in their crossing ability because I feel like that's where we are severely lacking. But none of the other candidates can put quality crosses consistantly and it's not like Moreno's final product has been anything to write home about so why not...

  4. One of his key characteristics is lack of discipline. I don't fancy that going back towards our own goal. I often thought I could see him having a Demebele style move slightly deeper though. Not as deep, but you'd like to see him play off a big man, perhaps.

  5. A bit curve ball but not the worst idea I've heard. What is clear is that he has no future as a striker.

    I had said last summer that I would put him in the 3 behind a single centre forward, however Rodgers has changed the system since then so RWB works.

    My only query would be is this likely to be given a chance this season, if not he'll probably be gone before we start next season.

  6. Moreno is on the left though?

  7. I think Borini is on his way. I think he wants out on his terms I don't think BR has much time for him.

    I think I would still prefer to see Markovic Sterling or Ibe in that role anyway as it provides another place in the team for those flair attacking players

  8. I am actually lost for words ...

    All the qualities you've have listed above in favour of Borini apply to the likes of Markovic, Sterling, Ibe or Lallana, not to mention that those four are all technically superior to Fabio.

    Also, I don't think that the right wing back position is a problem at all, it's just not that easy to play this role to be honest, whether it's offensively or defensively.

    As for the argument that the likes of Markovic, Sterling, Ibe or Lallana are better in that central offensive midfield position and should play there, doesn't make much sense to me, as we can only name two players for those two positions and Coutinho should be an automatic choice of those two, if not totally out of form or injured.

    And to be totally honest, Markovic has done quite well in this position. He just struggles for consistency, nothing to do with the role he's playing in my opinion. Sterling surely prefers to play in that central attacking midfield and he is devastating there when on form, but I do think that he can also play really well as a wing back. Lallana's doing a decent job there, nothing more nothing less. As for Jordon Ibe - if those few appearances are a glimpse of what's to come, oh my god, we are gonna have a monster of a wing back on our hands ...

    So, I don't really see the issue of having to change anything ...

  9. No he shouldn't.

  10. Good to read a different type of article on this site again following recent one on BR.

    I have concerns around this suggestion though;

    Does borini have the stamina for this position?

    Does borini have the technical ability to play this position. I'm not sure he can beat a man.

    Can he defend? He can press but can be defend in a one on one duel with someone like bolasie running at him at pace?

    Is his passing ability of the required standard for a rwb?

    Clyne from Southampton for me. .......

  11. I think for the money we would have to fork out for Clyne we are better looking further afield. See Shaw and Moreno.

  12. Not all those attacking players can play at the same time yet we can get them on the pitch as a wingback. Each has more technical ability than Borini and each are much faster, apart from Lallana. I don't see us giving Borini much encouragement. He had a couple of apearsnces earlier in the season and had said in the press his decision to stay had been working out. I do agree with a lot of what Chris says I just don't see Borini being that man for us.

  13. Fabio Borini right wingback? No thanks! He doesn't have the technical qualities to play that position better than some of other players mentioned.
    The garbage collectors will pick Borini up at the end of the season.Liverpool will probably look to use him as a makeweight if we target a player from Serie A like Lazio's Felipe Anderson.

  14. Yep would be expensive. Would like to think we're in for a summer where we buy 2 or 3 world class players. Quality in squad was improved last summer now we need to improve the starting 11 each summer.

    Holding mid and striker being the priorities

  15. I can't see us signing more than one world class player if even that. But world class is a subjective term so who knows? I think just improvements in a couple fo areas who are top end of the table Quality players and we can get in the mix. Who though is beyond me.

  16. Yeah, you're basically right. Borini has the basic building blocks to play there, certainly as well as Sterling does. I guess the problem is not so much a lack of players to fill the position as in fact too many attackers with not enough slots. Sterling plays there because if you have Coutinho, Lallana and Sturridge all playing then that's your advanced 3 and thus in order to get Sterling on the pitch he has to play wide right. Coutintho can also play wide left but in this system it requires too much defensive work and that's not something he's capable of. So it falls to Sterling who is capable of defending, although it's far from ideal. Markovic is next in line after that and he can play wide both left and right. That leaves poor Fabio well down the pecking order.

  17. Are you a manchester or london supporter editor

  18. This is actually a good idea.

  19. How about we sell him and put his ferrari on the right side of midfield. Put some boots on the wing mirrors. There you go sorted

  20. Chris Rossington12:46 am, March 13, 2015

    IMO Jordan Ibe was fantastic at right wing back and I'm pretty sure was 2 or 3 times man of the match in the games before he got injured!

  21. Would Balo not be a better option ?

  22. Clone is twice the player Shaw is. Best RB in the prem alongside Coleman.

  23. I was thinking along the lines of we might get the likes of Willian, Costa, Sanchez when we're in for them this time because the budget doesn't have to be spread as thinly. I know Sanchez didn't come for other reasons but you get the point. We'd need that champions league spot to improve our chances of course. ......

  24. Of topic comment. Anyone noticed the number of posts have reduced dramatically on here since we're doing better. All the BR, FSG and transfer committee bashers have disappeared!

  25. Borini at RWB? our defence wil be suicidal. I also rejects the idea of Sterling playing there, Marko or ibe are better suited

  26. What about Zabaletta, Ivanovic and Azpilicueta?

  27. I never quite witnessed Borini's defensive ability but I'm not sure if that is as important in this position anyway. Barca have new PSG boy Dani Alves filling that role and he's hardly a defensive rock. Neither is Jordy Alba. So personally I think Ibe fits in really well there but since he's injured I guess Borini is as good an option as Markovic or Sterling.

  28. Good point. I wouldn't call any of them world class though which shows how subjective it is.

  29. Still around thirty million for a full back?

  30. Yep you're right. Only a handful of players in the world you'd confidently claim to be world class. Messi, Ronaldo and maybe Suarez.......

  31. Interesting, but I don't think we really need a specialist RWB to play the 3-4-3. RWB is in fact a winger. The LWB plays as a left back, no more no less: and the RCB moves across to be a pretty much typical RB, as the RWB -- the False 2 -- plays exactly the same as a winger in a somewhat defensive 4-4-2 would.

    Sorry for that confusing explanation.

  32. A try will not cause any harm

  33. I don't think Balotelli has enough work rate or defensive abilities to do the role.

    I really like Balotelli, and really wanted him to be a success, but every time he seems to get his chance it doesn't work out.

    Unless he starts scoring, and scoring well I think he will be offloaded.

    Regarding Borini, he has a brilliant attitude but I just feel there are better players in the squad that play where he could have an impact so again is likely to be released.

  34. Who's on first? ;-)

  35. thexcuriousxwanderer4:09 pm, March 13, 2015

    Actually I think Markovic is terrible on the defensive aspect. I mean really terrible.

  36. My comment is more directed to the Wing Back position. We don't have anyone, including Moreno, who can put in quality crosses consistently. So without anyone in that position who can cross consistently I wouldnt mind experimenting with Borini
    Havig said that, my ideal kind of player in that position is in the mould of Kolarov. He's a player that can put 8/10 crosses into the box that result in a goal, corner, or chance because of the quality of the ball he delivers. Doesn't hurt that he can do a job getting back as well. If we had two players of that calibre as our wing backs, we'd be sorted

  37. I think, we need to go conventional way rather than experiment. Defense is the best part of a club one can invest big & reasonably safe. Because, even at premium, if a club can get a GK & 2+2 backs, I think it can serve for almost a decade.

    We need a solid GK first - either Mignolet has to improve his overall game or should be sold - we can't keep such expensive back-up. Then comes the back 4 - I think, Moreno is perfect buy for LB, in Sakho, Skartel & Lovren (he 'll come good) we have a decent CB options, though I would like to see a top class U25 CB coming. Last is the RB - I think, our top priority should be to get the Porto kid, even for a bit premium.

    There is no point if we leak goals - we don't have Suarez to bang a couple here & there. We must learn to win 1-0, starting of that is the solid back 5.

  38. I don't think any of the other mentioned players have the same qualities as Borini. As was mentioned above, and I put into and then took out of the article, a slightly deeper Dirk Kuyt, not the most technically proficient but a damn hard worker, technical none the less, hard working, can put in an end product, and I think his lack of discipline is more over exuberance, RWB naturally decreases that with its set positional sense. I also think he can defend a lot better than the others.
    I'm not saying perfect fit. But I would rather have rested and rotated marks, Lallana etc in the attacking options providing better output in the right areas.

  39. For me stamina is something Fabio has never seemed to struggle. Technical wise while not brilliant he has a lot of game intelligence, like a 1-2 an overlap etc. his passing ability I couldn't doubt at all. As his final ball I've seen plenty of decent deliveries. I should think he can defend better than marko sterling etc and attack better than manquillo etc.

    My point in the article was about using what we have. I'm not against buying in the summer for it. But we can't now. With what we have I would prefer Borini at RWB than a sub non playing striker.

  40. Down I agree. But how many times has Sterling/Lallana/Couts/Marko lost form or needed a break. Boring will always do a job for you. And with work I can't see why he couldn't get better and better in this RWB role, as you say building blocks are there. Also frees up and rests the flair players.

  41. I like Ibe certainly. But would A like him further forward and B so young will need resting to prolong him, and stave off injuries.