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10 Feb 2015

Snubbed: 91% of fans reject £26m-star as LFC's 'most important player'. Surprise?

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In January, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher claimed that Raheem Sterling is now Liverpool's 'most important player', but what do Reds fans think?

In a recent column for the Daily Mail, Carra mused:

"I know from experience the effect too much football too soon had on Michael Owen.

"Like Michael, Raheem has become Liverpool’s most important player at 20 years of age and he needs protection".

I recently conducted a site poll asking fans to name LFC's most important player. The options: Sterling, Sturridge, Gerrard, Skrtel, Henderson, Lucas, Lallana, Coutinho, and Sakho.

* 13450 visitors (approx) participated in the polls (over the last month)
* 44% of participants voted for Sturridge.
* Sterling gained only a meagre 9% of the vote.
* Sterling is not even in the top 3, with Coutinho and Gerrard getting more of the vote.

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-10at001635_zpsb9778bf7.png

It's heartening to see that LFC fans are not blinded by £26m-rated Sterling's current form. When fit, Sturridge is clearly a more important player for Liverpool, and any serious 'objective' evaluation of both players will reach that conclusion. Sturridge's stats speak volumes:

* 47 Goals/assists in 55 games for LFC.
* Basically averages a goal/assist almost every game.
* More international experience.
* Still in his early-20s.

Sturridge also appears to be a genuinely humble guy; loyal to LFC, and happy to commit his future to the club with no fuss whatsoever. Sterling, on the other hand, is clearly motivated by greed, and is in the process of holding the club to ransom over his new contract.

Sterling's current contract situation is the polar opposite of what happened with Sturridge; the striker signed a new deal a few months ago, and there were no stories whatsoever surrounding his contract negotiations, and that's the way it should be.

To be fair, though, Liverpool are to blame for Sterling's apparent insistence on holding out for more money. As I've argued repeatedly, endless overpraise is counter-productive, and as a result of Rodgers' endless ego massage, Sterling now has a grossly inflated view of his financial worth.

As I've stated several times, though, I couldn't care less if Liverpool lose Sterling; with the likes of Ibe coming through, and Origi arriving in the summer, the club already has players capable of replacing him, and history also proves that someone else will always come through.



  1. I voted Coutinho -- only because Allen wasn't an option.

  2. Yeah I totally agree Jamie actually.
    I've said for a while now that I don't get the hype over Sterling. He's a good promising player, no more. I couldn't care less whether he signes a contract or leaves either.
    Agree re Sturridge to, no fuss of bother about his contact - Coutinho the same, both want to play for the club.

  3. I believe Sterlings agent, has had approaches from other clubs,
    if he refuses to sign a new contract, take him out of the limelight, drop him into oblivion.

  4. Daniel Sturridge is Liverpool's most important player.If we had him for most of this season i have no doubts Liverpool would be in the CL places now.Coutinho has been in great form since the formation switch, but before BR tinkered with our system PC was substandard.The poll was taken at a time which coincided with improved Coutinho performances, so it doesn't surprise me so many voted for him.
    Raheem Sterling has been our most consistent attacker this season.He's adapted well to being the focal point of Liverpool attacks.Trying to carry the production load in Sturridges' absence.I can't believe the poll has RS on a measly 9% and not even making top 3.
    Football polls are hardly ever a true stat.Supporters have their favourites and sometimes find it difficult to separate giving a fair answer.
    Maybe others wouldn't be bothered losing Raheem Sterling, but i would.I want our future to have Jordan Ibe and Sterling in the same team.

  5. I don't know if his actions are motivated by greed so much as an inflated ego and wildly out of proportion self-image. In his eyes, he deserves what he's asking. He's buying into the hype we as fans (and media) are heaping on his shoulders. In reality, he's nothing more than a talent who's getting a fair bit of game time. No way is he worth the 30M or 100K+ a week he thinks he is.

    When Ibe made his start the other day, despite being a similar player as Raheem, there was definitely a different aura about his play, one much more pleasant. He clearly had confidence in his abilities, but he didn't try to do more than he's able. He was calm in possession, and it seemed he was playing for the team, trying to help in any way he knew how. Sterling on the other hand seemed really desperate for some reason. His touch was a bit off, and he opted for the shot when the more constructive decision was to pass.

    Honestly, if Sterling leaves for a big contract at a money giant, I wouldn't miss him too much. It would be a shame that his talent would be leaving LFC, but that's his choice. We have plenty of good kids on their way up, like Origi, Ibe, Canos, Ojo, Sinclair, etc, etc.

  6. You can't compare this to Sturridge's contract situation. At all.
    Sturridge was a player desperate to kick-start his career, and LFC- who basically represented his last chance at a big club- gave him the opportunity to make a career breakthrough, and he's been on fire ever since. So, of course he didn't hesitate to sign a new contract! He's grateful for what Liverpool have done for him, so why would he create a lot of fuss about a new contract if he knows that he has a lot to owe to Liverpool?

    Sterling on the other hand has been here for a while. His value has gone up and up, and he knows that clubs like Real Madrid are lurking around. He doesn't really have as much to owe to Liverpool. Sure, they played a part in his development, but they weren't some kind of career lifeline.

    Nevertheless, I think it's unwise to make such brazen assumptions about Sterling's motivations in this saga. Why? Well what do you know? How do you know he's being greedy? Have you been sitting down with Ayre and Sterling talking about this? There's been many different reasons for the contract hold-up to come out of this. One of the more recent ones actually being that his MANAGER is the greedy one, not Sterling. It's just indicative of the lack of transparency in this saga, hence why you're making blind assumptions.

    Okay, so history proves that someone has always come through, but for what return though? What specific, measurable impact (sorry, couldn't help myself) has that 'selling club' approach created? With your 'selling club' logic, we still haven't won any titles. And neither have Arsenal. Maybe because we should have tried harder to keep hold of our best players, IN ADDITION to new up and comers like Ibe. Now, with Ibe coming through, that's double the quality we originally had...oh, but wait, you just sold Sterling, now we have to heap more pressure onto Ibe's shoulders to be a star, and also just hope that Origi can maybe be a decent player too! And thus the cycle just starts again. Ibe comes good, we sell him, and we still have no titles to show for it.

  7. The players and management have inflated Sterling's ego to the point where he might have to enter sideways through the door.

    All the hyperbole, utterances of "world class" and more from the likes of Gerrard, Rodgers et al, was bound to have his agent thinking,

    "Hmm, we can milk this, and how!"

    Personally, if he's got any more than 2 years on his contract I'd be inclined to sell now for similar money Barca paid for Suarez.

    My club is not held to ransom. Not by Man, Boy, Lying Newspaper editor, nor Maggie Thatcher's politics.

  8. Beast spot on the poll really doesn't reflect reality. Sterling has been our player of the season shouldering the creative burden in Sturridge's absence. I think there's an agenda dare I say a witch hunt.
    Sterling & hus agent aren't silly they know his worth to a team that will struggle to make top 4. The real issue is we have no quality in depth due to underwhelming transfers. The lack of established quality means that Sterling can feel indispensable, which he is. What we've asked of Sterling this season is over & beyond what should be demanded of a 20 year old. In short our transfers haven't helped, which is down to Rodgers. The other issue is Rodgers apparent running commentary on negotiations, what a complete tool! Gerrard has recently emphasised Sterling's importance as key to lfc's future so why should he be backed into a corner by a blatant smear campaign on his character. This is Daniel Sturridge all over again.

  9. Tbf everyone should see that he is be a so called mercenary, we brought him from qpr aged 15 obviously for good money for a that age so we shouldn't be too surprised by this, also with agents in players ears and with how he has been playing, supposed interest from the likes of real Madrid you then have power to demand what you want, I have no doubt that his agent will be telling him what clubs are interested and how much they are willing to pay him

  10. Personally I think Allen is a good player for us, he showed how good he can be on Saturday after coming on, and with a prolonged run in the squad he can get his form to a higher level like when he first joined the club

  11. I think that a long-term plan has been in operation. Jordan Ibe is brought back early at a time when Sterling's agent is trying to squeeze for more. I don't think that is coincidental. I wonder if we might even see Sterling "rested" soon, with Lallana and Ibe sharing games in his place?

  12. We're not necessarily better off for those players leaving though, are we? Not that Sterling is at their level - not yet, anyway. In sum, I don't think letting your best players go is a good idea for a club, and I don't think that Sterling is yet invaluable enough to be begged to stay.

  13. I sense that, too. I was against the Downing signing because I thought he didn't have enough skill (plus the huge price), but there are average Spanish players, too.

  14. Gerrard on the bench, Sterling in behind and Studge up top. Can in midfield and Lovren at RCB.

  15. England have no world class players, and rarely produce genuine WC performers.

  16. If we were to get any injury prone midfielder we should attempt to sign from Arsenal, it should be Aaron Ramsey

  17. I'll make whatever assumptions I like about Sterling's motivations, and if you have a problem with that, tough luck. perhaps you should just stick to debating the issues, and refrain from passing judgement on the nature of my opinion.

  18. Liverpool already have Can

  19. Why would you think anyone would give that kind of money for him??

  20. Sterling wont sign. He is going to leave. Aa SG said in an interview with Rednapp, 'there's no smoke without fire.'
    Sterling is good but not irreplaceable. I can see were BR is coming from, but he just cant keep his trap shut. Which will drive a void between player an club.
    Thanks for your services Raheem, good luck in the future

  21. I've heard a rumour that RS's agent is starting his own firm, an that's why there is a delay.
    Basically so he, (agent) makes more money. Aaaaa the modern game.
    O well i'm off to look under the couch for money for a pint of milk

  22. I blame Glen Johnson - though I did waver a bit when you mentioned Maggie

  23. This is a joke right?

  24. We should treat him like Pogba and if he does not accept a cheap offer we should send him into oblivion.

  25. Can will replace Gerrard. The trick is to make sure our defence doesn't suffer as a result.

  26. I do not especially rate Allen but I agree it is difficult to expect players to sit on the sidelines with little or no game time and then hen there are injuries just expect them to be completely up to speed and slot into the side. as if nothing has happened

  27. I don't think sterling is irreplaceable and if he won't sign a new contract (which might not be true) he should be sold.the biggest worry for me is, is brendan Rogers capable of bringing in a good or better replacement.

  28. Very good point indeed.

  29. Funkdoc, it amazes me how some Liverpool fans are ready to cash in on another quality attacker.
    Raheem Sterling's representatives are no push overs when it comes to negotiating.Maybe Ian Ayre and our transfer team should be taking notes:)
    Like i said a few hours ago.Sterling wants a contract that reflects his worth.We ask a 20 year old to put Liverpool on his back and some get upset when his agent puts high value for the weight we put on young shoulders.
    Football polls hardly ever reflect complete truth.People have their favourites and others they don't like which clouds fan judgement when asked for a opinion.
    "Brendan Rodgers' running commentary on negotiations".I think it's a chess piece that needed to be moved because talks have stalled.BR is most likely forcing RS' next move by revealing to the media where both sides stand.He's trying to speed things up by injecting fan support on club side.He used the same tactic in Sterling's previous contract negotiations.The downside in using that strategy... look at some of the comments on here!

  30. Most of Rodgers signings are coming good mate. Coutinho, Sturridge, Can, Markovic, Moreno, Kolo, Lallana. etc... So why do u think he won't be able to replace Sterling? Sterling good but not that good dude.

  31. Why do you always get so defensive? I'm merely critiquing your article, but for some weird reason, you don't like that. I thought you'd expect that as a journalist.

  32. He'd fighting for a place with CR, Benzema and James Rodriguez so yeah, He could be good enough to shine their boots for them.

  33. I think many of the voters have been brainwashed by JK's views on Sterling, to be honest...

  34. When Sturridge is out it is a straight coin toss between Sterling and Coutinho and to be honest one without the other would weaken us massively. Sterling is our top performer this season with Daniel out. He would be a massive loss. Ibe has a long way to go and Origi isn't pulling up trees right now. We cannot keep losing our best players and he is one of them. Give him Johnson's money and move on from this.

  35. Balotelli. Allen. Aspas. Assaidi. Borini. Lovren (so far).Alberto. cissokho. Moses.(I can keep going if you want).Out from coutinho, sturridge and Can the rest have a lot to prove. Markovic is showing potential (and so he should for 20m. Same with Moreno. Lallana has been a bit disappointing so far.kolo has done ok bar one major meltdown.that why I would worry!

  36. Less assumption on your part mate.

  37. Sneakily editing your comment to save face...

  38. Yep that's they way to show him.

  39. I call his assumption brazen and unwise and he goes on the infamous JK narky defensive, as usual...

  40. Yep. And these two posts will disapear with a potential ban for one or both of us. Is Jaimie Scottish or north Korean?

  41. I here you loud and clear but remember mud sticks. He'll now be branded a greedy mercenary, when all he wants is a contract that reflects his importance. I think people literally have been blinded to his rapid development. Aged 17, he was weedy & scrawny with glimpses of talent. At 18-19, helped on by Saurez's infectious quality he establishes himself in the first 11. Now he's indispensable. Remember the 3-2 against QPR, 1-0 vs Burnley, Sterling has dug us out of the mire during times when Lallana, Coutinho, Balotelli. Gerrard, Markovic were all no show.
    If we lose Sterling I think the pressure on Rodgers will mount exponentially.

  42. Born in Scotland with North Korean parents.

  43. You're right no one is ever irreplaceable, but he's integral to lfc's progress. What makes Sterling seem like the best thing since sliced bread is our transfers. Yes they've improved, hand on heart do they look like challenging for major honours. We need ready made quality & experience, potential needs to take a back seat for now. Until then any major talent will be viewed as the saviour.

  44. He called you out for being a hypocrite, so you ban him? That's harsh Jaimie.

  45. Had the same thought.

  46. According to your views on what makes a world class player, Messi doesn't even fit the bill. So is it really a surprise that England have no world class players?

  47. You can rattle off lists of players that haven't done it at most of the top clubs in the premier league. Transfers are a risk.

  48. Sterling is obviously being advised by his agent to hold out for more, if i was LFC i would make a compromise and offer Sterling a contract that had a lower base rate than he wants but with alot of performance related bonuses that allows him to reach his 'ideal' figure. This way you are saying to the lad, ok you can have the money you are asking but you have to earn it by performances and by backing yourself, just the fact he has to think about if he will realistically hit those performance bonuses might make him wonder if he is at that high a level yet.

  49. Well put.

    An aside: Pogba's wages were recently tripled to 70 000 pounds per week. Gargantuan by human standards. Apples and oranges or a fair reflection of the market?

  50. I hope they sell Allen and i hope the Mkhitraryan rumours arent true as we dont need him and i cannot see Liverpool getting Wilshere it wont happen.

  51. Another shining example of why Gerrard should never be on the staff at Anfield.

  52. Apart from Sam Burgess i cant think of 1.

  53. GK- Mig
    LCB- Sakho
    CB- Lovren
    RCB- Skrtel
    RWB- Markovic or Ibe
    CM- Can
    CM- Henderson
    LWB- Moreno
    AMC- Coutinho
    AMC- Ibe or Markovic
    FW- Sturridge

    Subs: Ward, Lallana, Gerrard, Borini, Lambert or Balo, Johnson (sigh), Manquillo.

    Apparently Sterling won't play because of injury (foot).

  54. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva1:55 pm, February 10, 2015

    I really like the way some people on here say " if we can keep him fit". (JW) what ever happened to the player doing that for himseif, i remember players going the extra yard to stay fit and now it seems to be the clubs fault what bulls,-+
    JK i can see where you are comming from. but i also believe that Steerling has the same problem he imo is trying to hold the club for ransom because he believes he is woeld class aswell.
    These boys have no idea what world class is, none of the two i have mentioned have done anything even close to world class.
    .They are good don't get me wrong but so far thays it.

  55. Vyshakh Surreal Rv5:19 pm, February 10, 2015

    I wonder what happned to the James Milner rumor???

  56. Deleted comment again....heaven forbid anyone challenge you with a valid point

  57. Falls over all the time, over rated.

  58. Your such a little bitch

  59. B Rodgers should not even consider J Wiltshire(23) he is over rated and injury prone.

    After watching the game yesterday vs Tottenham it showed J Henderson(24) is average and now struggles to impose himself on games alongside S Gerrard(34).

    Two mobile DM's are desperately needed at club as in the summer:

    So J Allen(24) needs to be sold and shipped out in summer, L Leiva(28) should be given chance to play in Italy and sold also

    Whilst these 3 Top class centre Midfielders should be brought to club over THE summer: 1 WC CM, 2 Mobile quick DM

    1 World class Marque player: M Verratti(22) Of PSG or T Alacantara(23) Of Bayern Munich for £25-£36M ( Pass masters)

    2: L Bender(25) Of Bayer Leverkusen or M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton for £17-£21M

    3: G Umbula(22) Of Marseille for £10-£14M