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17 Feb 2015

Top Transfer: LFC pushing to sign exciting €50m Brazil star Neymar advised to reject Madrid

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After five years as an automatic starter at Anfield, Glen Johnson's Liverpool career seems to be drawing to a close, and with Javier Manquillo failing to hold down a regular first-team spot, the Reds are reportedly lining up a summer move for Porto star Danilo Luiz da Silva (aka Danilo).

According to Portuguese newspaper A Bola,

* Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Juventus are all interesting in signing Danilo.

* The 23-year old right-back has a €50m release clause in his contract, but will allegedy cost 'upwards of €20m'.

This is not the first time Liverpool have been linked with Danilo. During a 2013 interview with Radio Globo, Vasco Da Gama President Roberto Dinamite claimed that Liverpool were interested in signing the Brazilian. Journalist Jorge Luiz Rodrigues - of Brazilian newspaper Globesporte - listened to the broadcast, and confirmed Dinamite's comments. He tweeted:

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-01at064441_zps25d6adad.png

Some info about Danilo:

* Current contract expires in June 2016.
* Right back, but can play right wing/defensive-mid.
* 8 goals/14 assists in 124 apps for Porto.
* 16 apps for the Brazil national team.
* 2011: U20 World Cup winner with Brazil.
* 2011-13: Two consecutive league titles with Porto.
* Averages 35 apps per season at Porto.
* Neymar has advised Danilo to reject a move to Real Madrid.

What kind of player is Danilo? Speaking to reporters over the weekend, Spanish full-back José Ángel hailed the 'great' Brazilian as a 'very attack-minded' player who 'offers a lot going forward' but is also 'great in defence'. He further enthused:

"He [Danilo] is really tough to beat, and when he roams further up the pitch he creates space on the wing, from where he fires in pinpoint crosses. He's very similar to Maicon when he was at the top of his game at Inter Milan. He's going to surprise quite a few people".

With such an impressive skillset, it's hardly surprising that Barcelona scouts are also trackingDanilo, and if that's the case - and it comes down to a straight choice between Liverpool and Barcelona - there's only going to be one winner.

Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Iniesta...or Markovic, Allen, Lambert, and Henderson? Liverpool won't even have the added attraction of Steven Gerrard at the club, so it'll be even harder to attract Europe's elite to Anfield.

One thing's for sure: Manquillo and Flanagan are not significant upgrades on Johnson, so a new top-quality right back is arguably a necessity, especially if Rodgers plans at some stage to revert back to a 433/4211.

Is Danilo the answer?



  1. We should keep 343 like Juventus made 3 421 their main formation.
    Markovic and Ibe can play at rwb so Danilo is not needed.

  2. How come you used Baraclonas best players. Then used squad players like Allen and Lambert for us,
    why not use Sturridge,Balotelli,Sterling,Coutinho,Sakho instead players that measure up a bit better and are internationally renowned .
    That is naughty on your behalf.

  3. Aye you tell him lad

  4. So if you are going to compare barca to liverpool
    why compare Messi with Lambert you make it seem like a gazillion miles off in quality between two clubs. If you use Sturridge instead we are only a billion miles off .
    Same with Allen and Iniesta you could ahve used Coutinho instead .
    To comapre with Neyamr you should ahve used Sterling.

    Why are you using our bad players like Allen and Lambert instead of our better players?

    It is like saying Crystal palace are better then Manchester City because city ahve Richard Wright as a goalkeeper and because Plaace have Speroni they are better then city.

    It is like saying Liverpool are better then real Madrid because we have Sturridge,Sterling,Coutinho while Real have Hernandez,Illeremendi and Jese . You are not using Ronaldo,Benzema,bale,James because you want to make a point .
    It is so unfair comparing one clubs best players then using another clubs reserves players to try and make a point of how one club is much more attractive.

  5. But that's not as dramatic for the sake of the argument! :)

    Hahaha, I was actually thinking the same exact thing when I read it.

  6. I think that was a flash of humour from our JK ;-) I like it!

  7. I'm not comparing Barca to Liverpool. You clearly don't get the point. That is why you fail

  8. The only thing I find funny about JK is some of his utterly ridiculous suggestions

  9. I blame him for us losing the league last year ,he cursed us he said we will win it . : )

  10. I think you meant:

    Comparing Barca to Liverpool I do not.

    Get the point you clearly do not.

    Danilo preferring to play alongside and the ability of Messi to attract top class player is what it's about.

    And fail, you shall

  11. You are comparing their and our players. Why didn't you useour best if you used their best?

  12. I love how my comment was deleted, JK clearly doesn't want the readers to know the truth

  13. Couldn't agree more. Ridiculous selection of lfc players in n the article.

  14. Who cares? Why are you so hung up on one line in a article? None of LFC's players (bar Gerrard) are a draw for the world's elite. I'm merely making that point.

  15. Hung up on a line?!? Reading your articles mate which means I want to hear your opinion- and that line sums up what you think about the subject, right?

  16. I think both Flanno and Manquillo are both significant upgrades on Johnson however just try as hard as you can and you'll be an upgrade on GJ.

  17. Did you not make an article based on an analysis of one word "majority". when Sturridge said "the majority respect Gerrard" to hint that the dressing room maybe divided ?

  18. It's amazing that we got Luis Suarez to join us with Paul Konchesky on the team

  19. Impossible to disagree with.

  20. Big whatever to this report

  21. They are both wasted there.

  22. Everyone knows that was Johnson's fault

  23. These days Barca can only attract Liverpool rejects like Suarez

  24. But at least don't make it look like a total mismatch! If you want to push an agenda then push it fairly without looking like a total d*ickhead.

  25. just the other day i was comparing Goetze's missus with my mate mark's missus from the post office

  26. JK you clearly chose the worst players possible as a comparison you know you did. Your point is probably true but you deliberately tried to amplify it by picking those players as a comparison so why not just admit you did? Clearly should of picked our better players like you did with the Barca players. But on that note about attracting players why haven't you mentioned our strengths also on how we might have an edge to sign a young player like this?

    Like he would clearly have a better chance at Liverpool given we give young players more of a chance here,we have 2 of his Brazilian international team mates here,a chance to prove himself in the biggest league in the world right now. One big factor you missed in him picking Barca over us though is we can buy players in the next window they Barca will not be able to.

  27. He is hardly world elite he's a young player not yet tested at a big club and still making his way in the world of football. Why not just answer the question asked? Why did you not pick our best players like you clearly did with Barca?

  28. Kinda like his approach statistics :D

  29. If you want to make a point or push an agenda then do it fairly. If you list Barca's best players, then balance it out and list Liverpool's best players. Then, that way, it's a lot fairer representation. Besides, you've forgotten than Barca have a transfer ban.

  30. That quote from the Brazilian journalist is actually about a different Danilo to the one who plays for Porto. The Porto Danilo actually came from Santos not Vasco da Gama.

  31. I think both Flanagan and Manquillo would be devastated to hear they are no better than Glen Johnson. Glen Johnson must be the only player to have got worse every season despite playing lots of games and gaining lots of experience. Johnson should be the number one RB in the country with his pace and experience in the Premiership but he is absolute garbage. Just in case you're reading this Jon Flanagan, JK was only messing, he has a wicked sense of humour.

  32. Yeah your right, if it's the one who played for vasco da gama then it's Danilo Barbosa da Silva, an 18 yo defensive midfielder who plays for Braga atm. Gutted as porto's danilo has huge potential....well according to footy manager!

  33. If it comes down to a straight choice between Liverpool or Barca, then I'd suggest Liverpool have the upper hand, seeing as Barcelona aren't allowed to register any new players until January 2016.

  34. I can't see Liverpool paying anywhere near the 50m Euro mark, so the getting him for nearer 20m seems a big difference.

    Regarding comparing Liverpool with Barcelona it's a none argument. Both are big clubs in their own right, however South American players who believe they are good enough will always go to Barcelona or Real Madrid above any English team.

    However if he wants to play more football he will get that opportunity at Liverpool, then like Suarez he will still get his dream move a few years later.

  35. But will he want to join a team knowing he can't play for 4/5 months? I'd certainly say it would be a factor.

  36. Can Barca sign players or are they banned?

  37. Thats cruel bro... barcas best players vs our most mediocre (bar marko and hendo). Wow just to make a point hey jk. Its sturridge, sterling and coutinho, then theres can, sakho. We have a good squad man!

  38. Joel Matt Murdock Hwa4:58 pm, February 19, 2015

    Not sure what are you watching Jaime, I thought Manquillo is bloody damn good. No point splashing the money on a defender. It rarely works out well.