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22 Feb 2015

Barcelona Raid: Liverpool want exciting £15m Brazil star with amazing stats for a defender

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Liverpool are reportedly considering a summer move for unsettled Barcelona star Adriano Correia, who is currently considering a move away from the Nou Camp.

According to The Mirror:

"Liverpool are monitoring Adriano’s situation at Barcelona. He could decide to move on this summer [and] the Reds keeping tabs on developments".

When asked this week about his future, 30-year old Adriano told El Grafico:

"I’d like to have more playing time to be able to assist more...and when the season is coming to its end, I will then speak to my agent about future possibilities"

Some info about Adriano:

* Can play at right/left-back, or in midfield.
* Contract contains a £15m release clause.
* Current contract expires in 2017.
* 16 goals/22 assists in 159 apps for Barca.
* Goal/assist every 4 games.
* 18 appearances for the Brazil national team.
* 6 injuries in 5 years. 23 games missed for Barca.

A deal for Adriano seems unlikely in light of the Brazilian's recent medical issues. Last summer, Barca discovered that Adriano had a heart rhythm issue during a routine medical examination, and at the time, the club posted the following statement:

"[Adriano] was diagnosed with a heart murmur on July 16. He has been doing specific fitness training, and has gradually been able to do some of the training with his teammates"

Liverpool pulled out of the Loic Remy deal due to an alleged heart defect, so I doubt the club will then go out and sign another player with a similar issue.

Additionally, I don't see the point in replacing one 30-year old right-back for another. I'm no fan of Glen Johnson, but it's probably more cost-effective to keep him at Anfield rather than spend the money on Adriano, who is ostensibly Barca's 4th choice right back.

That said, with a goal/assist every 4 games, Adriano's creative stats for Barcelona are superb, and in that respect, he's a significant upgrade on Johnson, Manquillo and Flanagan.



  1. Can't see how this guy will significantly improve the team, also too old. Agree with JK, might as well stick with GJ. If we need a right back then surely we have to set the bar a little higher. Can't really see this being anything more than a column filler.

  2. GJ is leaving in the summer due to being out of contract.

  3. Wisdom seemed to be doing well but Pulis doesn't fancy him and he has been dropped from the West Brom team for three matches. I thought he would be more of a CB anyway?

  4. Absolutely mate

  5. I think JK mean't it is more cost effective to give GJ a new deal than sign this other guy.

  6. RVP is also injured. Left the stadium on crutches yesterday apparently

  7. adriano is a left wing back naturally so would be replacing enrique rather then johnsen.. would be a big upgrade.. bags of experience and for the right price would be great competition for moreno.. we wouldnt have to pay anywhere near the release clause either.. 8 mill would probably get him but i wouldnt pay more then 5 with him being the wrong side of 30

  8. he wants 80k a week(reportedly) GJ isn't worth that anymore is coming to the twilight of his career

  9. Agree, we should go for younger, with more quality if BR doesn't see it in players we have.

  10. No deal for sure. too old and expensive. Off topic exciting to see our loanees doing well. Jao Texeira is in fine form at Brighton. Impressive display by the boy. Also Illori is doing very well with great stats.

  11. Can and Balo seem to suggest otherwise. What I do know is he likes players who can begin a transition quickly. Quick on the turn. Shorter players are better at this on the whole but that is not the rule.

  12. Only last week it was Danilo that liverpool wanted ??

  13. I wonder if he keeps getting ignored whether we can bring him back? I wouldn't mind seeing him in Can's position for Cab to go to midfield.

  14. Massively injury prone. Tends to do well when playing but hardly plays. From what I read anyway.

  15. If Pulis does not fancy him ,what good will he be to Liverpool ?

  16. Agree, just hope they get a fair chance when they return...great to see youth given a chance and it working (sterling, Ibe, Flanagan to name a few)

  17. First season at Granada he did well, on the whole. Low expectations though. This season at Bordeaux he's been in and out of the side, problems with injuries and form, some good performances, but he still plays like a youth-teamer. He switches off sometimes, and has a particular weakness in the air. Hopefully a loan in England next season. The Championship is becoming a very good learning environment I think.

  18. I can't see Wisdom making it at LFC now. I'm doubtful Flanagan has the necessary quality either. They'll have decent careers, but I can't see them dominating a Real Madrid or Chelsea attack. At best they'd be squad players to be used in the early rounds of the cups, and they both deserve better than that.

    It does look like we need a specialist wide man for the right, someone comfortable contributing in attack as well as defence. Martin Caceres, maybe? I'm a bit ignorant about attacking right backs.

  19. I see Markovic coming back as wing back and then Coutinho being rested the only issue then is whether to play Ibe as one of the inside forwards or Lallana. Sterling definite to start, with Balotelli to come off the bench. Think people are getting caught up in the hype with Southampton. Yes they have generally been good but they have dropped of alarmingly, whereas our form has gone he other way tight game but I see a comfortable win,

  20. That's a little harsh....he has 2 goals in 4 starts and has been out nearly six months , give the boy a chance.

  21. The best option we are linked in the midfield so far.

  22. Yes, annoying is the word...

  23. Keep Glen Johnson? Good God I can think of nothing worse. On the last day of his contract he should be publicly flogged in the centre circle at Anfield as punishment for dozens of abject, lazy performances over the years.

  24. Agreed mate. We need to get out there and show Southampton our pedigree,

  25. West Ham all over Spurs

  26. Nicolas Chamberlain1:30 pm, February 22, 2015

    As long as the transfer ban is active. Barca won't sell anyone.
    Maybe we should stop giving attention to all these so called rumours involving Barcelona and their players.

  27. Nicolas Chamberlain1:33 pm, February 22, 2015

    He didn't do well at all. He made a couple of mistakes during Pulis' reign. And after his mistake against Spurs, where the over hyped Kane made him look very mediocre, he was finally dropped. Wisdom is simply not good enough. He will be sold after this season.

  28. Nicolas Chamberlain1:35 pm, February 22, 2015

    Flanagan? He has been injured all season and last season he was pretty good. Remember the 'English Cafu' and now suddenly he is not good enough. There is not much logic in that.

  29. Forgot about that

  30. A heart murmur can be a condition which has little or no consequence most often and none what so ever on an athlete it depends on a number of factors anyway i still think Adriano would be a great get.
    Pity Barca are not likely to be letting many go with the sanctions imposed on them.

  31. Nainggolan(26) is a good midfielder but he is not worth £33M at all, he is worth more £22-£26M maximum.

    B Rodgers in the summer should bring in these two players to cover and replace S Gerrard(34):

    1: M Verratti(22) Of PSG for £25-£32M CM
    2: M Sissoko(25) Of Newcastle for £15-£23M CM

    B Rodgers should let L Leiva(28) join Inter Milan or Napoli in the summer for no less than £8M then he should bring in two mobile DM's to compete with one another next season:

    3: L Bender(25) Of Bayer Leverkusen or M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton for £16-£21M DM

    4: G Umbulla(22) Of Marseille for £8-£12M DM

    Whilst these players need to be shipped out this summer: 13 OUT:

    GK: B Jones(32) RB: G Johnson(30) RB: Wisdom(21)

    CB: K Toure(33) CB: S Coates(24) LB: J Enrique(28)

    DM: L Leiva(28) CM: J Allen(24) AM: L Alberto(22)

    FD: I Aspas(27) FD: F Borini(23) FD: R Lambert(32)

    FD: M Balotelli(24)

    Whilst these 5 players along with Verratti(22), Sissoko(25), Schneiderlin(25) and Umbula(22) should be brought to club this summer to replace them: 9 IN:

    GK: Marc Andre Ter Stegen(22) Of Barcelona for £8-£11M

    RWF: J Montero(25) Of Swansea for £7-£8M
    LWF: Y Bolaise(25) Of Crystal Palace for £6-£8M

    FD: L Adriano(27) Of S Donesk for £6-£9M
    FD: C Benteke(24) Of A Villa for £14-£20M

  32. What a result that is today, priceless 3 points

  33. Yea....blah...blah...blah allen happen to like xavi too and look what happen.

  34. Markovic is 6,1"

  35. You could be right! Arsenal didn't look to be on song at all. Fingers crossed, especially after today's triumph...

  36. You should notice that Henderson is one of our most important players.

  37. Twistadee, do you write this out every time or do you copy and paste? I really hope it's copied and pasted otherwise you spend waaaaaaay too much time commenting!
    As for your recommendations, too many changes man. See what changing the whole side did for us at the beginning of this season? Why spend on a starting GK when Mignolet is finally showing some impressive form? Likewise with selling Balo and Lucas. There's no way we could have a midfield with Sissoko, Scheiderlin, Bender, Veratti, Umbula, Henderson, Lallana, Can and Coutinho. Even when you consider Lallana and Cou as AM/Wingers and Can as a CB, it's still too many players who would expect to start.
    Also, Benteke, Montero and Bolasie? Benteke is far too injury prone and just not that great, especially for the 15-20m mark. Bolasie is clumsy and looks good because he's at Palace, and Montery is another Vela/GDS type player, very light, very quick but not that great a goalscorer and not creative enough to play off the forward.
    All IMO of course.

  38. what do u want us to be west ham ?

  39. Agree with that Yossarian about you, you are not smart enough to write a book everything you put in here is stolen off other sites and frankensteined together, and you don't have a clue, you are a Hack, big time!