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20 Jan 2015

Pole-Position: BR desperate to sign 'fabulous' £10m star. LFC already in contact re transfer

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Liverpool are reportedly favourites to sign Ipswich Town midfielder Teddy Bishop, who is allegedly being chased by all the Premier League's top clubs.

According to The Mirror and The Guardian today:

* Liverpool are in 'pole position' to sign 18-year old Bishop.

* Brendan Rodgers is 'determined' to sign the midfielder.

* The Reds are already in contact with Ipswich over a possible deal.

* Ipswich value Bishop at £10m.

Yes, I've never heard of Bishop either, but here is some info about him:

* Deep-lying midfielder playmaker who likes to dictate play.
* Came through the Ipswich academy system.
* Watched by Arsenal for the last six months.
* 1 goal/5 assists in 18 apps this season.
* Ipswich haven't lost a game in which Bishop has started.
* Current contract expires in 2016.

Ex-Ipswich star Mick Mills describes his playing style as follows:

"He's like a quarterback. I remember playing with Ray [Wilkins] and that is all he would do - never going beyond the ball but always supporting. Teddy has got this art of setting himself up behind where the play is and he's doing it very well"

Team-mate Cole Skuse believes the 18-year old is already good enough to excel at a higher level. Last week, he told reporters:

“I think he could play in the Premier League tomorrow because he’s that good.”

Ipswich boss Mick McCarthy agrees. In a recent interview, he raved:

"He’s got Premier League ability, no doubt. He puts his shift in and he’s a fabulous footballer - one that’s only going to get better".

Bishop appears to have the right attitude to succeed, too, and after breaking into the first team, he noted:

"It’s massively important that I keep my feet on the ground. I can’t go around thinking that I’ve made it. The hard work starts here and there is a long way to go yet"

Meh. This reminds me of the speculation over Derby midfielder Will Hughes, another 18-year old English midfielder who was constantly linked with Liverpool. He has now slipped off the radar, and I'm sure Bishop will too at some stage.

£10m for an 18-year old with only 18-games worth of experience to his name? Ridiculous. It's just another in a long-line of grossly inflated prices for British players who display a modicum of talent.



  1. Would much rather have any money available put towards an established player

  2. No more english players please.They are overhyped by their press

  3. fed up with all this about lfc being linked this and that player, its not going to happen

  4. yes let's snap him up for 10 m ,loan him back for a few years and sell him to another club for peanuts yay

  5. Now now JK, no Bishop bashing please - its undignified.

  6. Just beat me to it ;-)

  7. Ha, it needed to be said. And apparently we're in 'pole position' to get Bishop :-)

  8. Agreed... two 10m players don't mean you're getting the equivalent of one 20m player.

  9. I am not sure he is a team player though........

  10. For 10 million rather buy the 22 year old Granit Xhaka .
    Some 33 internationals plus 5 international goals ?

  11. As much as I understand the idea of not becoming complacent and constantly trying to find talent... I find it hard to believe that we need to spend 10m on an 18 year old when we have players in the academy; ones whom I'd prefer to give a shot.

    Outside of Flanagan, when's the last time an academy player became a regular on the first team (I don't count Sterling)?

    But for arguments sake even if you count both Sterling and Flanagan, who would be the last player?

  12. Maybe this kid is the real thing. But, given our immediate priorities such as goalie, striker and DM, I just don't understand why we are talking about yet another midfielder who still doesn't shave!

  13. Perhaps we're trying to save money on razors?

  14. I hear that's the real reason we sold Suso. He was beginning to sprout.

  15. Cool! Himself, Rossiter and that Derby kid, Hughes?, behind Dean Bowditch and Cherno Samba and we're golden!

  16. Alonso still doesn't shave and we'd have him

  17. It's so ironic that BR has earned exactly 10 mn from the sell of Suso & Assaidi; must be hopping to bring someone whom he thinks he can manage.

    I am almost certain he is leaving.... FSG has blocked his budget &preserving for the next man.

  18. Some of these kids will be the real deal and some won't. What do you do if you're a big club looking for the next young talent? I guess you pick one or two of them and hope you get it right, but it all seems like a bit of a gamble. If Bishop is signed it will be as yet another project player, he won't be playing regular first team football for some time yet.

  19. Bloody great name though. Teddy Bishop. How British is that? He could be on Coronation Street.

  20. Of course; why didn't I think of that!

  21. There used to be a guy called Martin Odegaard.

  22. If ever we go after this lad now or in the summer then we should fire that phantom transfer committee. Better there be a row between them and Rogers(if he is the one pushing for such targets) than for them to be yessing to such delusional hopes

  23. Dont think so, given the reports that we are "close" to a new Raheem deal underlain by assurances that BR is going nowhere

  24. We have no money!

  25. Another youngster! What is wrong with BR and FSG! He came out a couple of weeks ago saying he wanted to buy established players! I'm sure Teddy will go on to have a great career, but come on BR and FSG, pull something out the bag or leave the squad as it is.