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31 Jan 2015

Late Transfer? Liverpool pushing to sign 'dangerous' £6m 'talent of the century'

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With the transfer window set to close in two days, Liverpool are reportedly considering a move for German midfielder Leonardo Bittencourt.

According to German newspaper Bild this week:

* Liverpool are one of a number of clubs vying to sign 21-year old Bittencourt.

* He is allegedly available for £6m.

When asked this week about the possibility of a transfer, Bittencourt's agent, Wassily Krastanas, told reporters:

"For specific inquiries, I do not want to say anything at this stage. But there is great interest in him, and it is not surprising that many clubs want him"

Some info about Bittencourt:

* Can play as a left or right winger/midfielder.
* Current contract expires in 2017.
* 16 apps for various Germany youth teams.
* 5 goals/8 assists in 52 apps for Hanover.

* Big fan of Marco Reus, and models his game on the German attacker. In a recent interview, Bittencourt enthused: "I have copied Marco Reus's shooting technique. It is not quite perfect yet, but it can be dangerous if I come unmarked"

* Prior to signing Bittencourt for Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp claimed that Bittencourt was 'an extremely dangerous striker', and one of the 'greatest talents' he's ever seen.

* In October, Claus-Dieter Wollitz - formerly a coach at FC Energie Cottbus described Bittencourt as the 'talent of the century'.

Well, Bittencourt obviously didn't impress at Dortmund as Klopp dumped him after just one year at the club, during which time he made only 12 appearances. After leaving BVB, the youngster put a positive spin on his experience, when he told reporters:

"The time with guys like Reus and Hummels has made ​​me more mature. I am grown up in the way I played"

Playing with the likes of Reus, Gundogan, and Hummels can only be a good thing for a young, developing player, and spending time working under Klopp will also stand him in good stead.

As I always argue, Liverpool should only spend comparatively small amounts of money on emerging talents, and the cut-off point should (IMO) be £10m. As such, £6m is a fairly reasonable price for an attacker with such (allegedly) great potential.

Possible deadline-day deal?



  1. He doesn't have the "New [insert established footballer's name here]" tag. Bit surprising. I guess we can assume he is the New Reus...?

  2. He's the new Bittencourt

  3. Of course Not Me is here. I'm still trying my luck :P

    Bittencourt seems like a solid player, though I don't actually know much about him. Is he a playmaker or Box 2 Box CM or more of an attacker? If the former, we could certainly use him when Gerrard leaves to make up numbers and the risk comparative to the price is low.

    The transfer reminds me a bit of Cou's. He might not be ready for 1st team, but if he does come in, perhaps a similar long term result career wise?

  4. Wrote it several times, once more - BR is not going to get any added money. He has got around 10mn from Assaidi & Suso, that's max he can blow. Either he is to finish in top 4 with his squad or the next Manager 'll get the money.

  5. He seems to you a solid player. If so, why are you asking these questions? Simply mind-boggling to say the least.

  6. Not You, you might as well said, "He seems to use only his left foot to play. Can anyone tell me if he uses his right leg to walk, run or crawl?"

  7. Can I not base my opinions on what other people say? sheesh...

    Based on what Jaimie wrote above, he seems to be someone we can use, but nowhere does he state what exactly his role is in the team.

    He sounds like a hard worker, good attitude, clearly has some ability to get that many apps for Hannover at only 21. Even YouTube shows me some good passing range and mobility, but nothing on position.

    The comments are positive for the most part, but the stats confuse me. They are poor for an attacking player, but a bonus for a b2b or deeper cm. That's what I'm asking about.

  8. In that case, you need to express yourself more succinctly. Had you began stating that "From your (JK's) description of him, Bittencourt seems like a solid player... " than it would not have been so mind boggling, to borrow a phrase from glen...

  9. Priorities please! Striker(at least one) goalie and DM or CB if Can is supposed to be returned to DM / RB / LB.......that's all we need. Let the kids get time like Ibe, Rossiter and or canos.......

  10. These stores are fun to click on. Hope it helps the business!

  11. We've been linked with him and Stindl - reports on Friday said one of them was gonna be SG replacement can't remember which one- my raging hangover won't allow memory function just yet

  12. If we are going to sign him why are we not signing Konoplyanka?

  13. Uhhhhh my head where am I who am I

  14. According to bbc us and Spurs are on the case

  15. No we are not, that is why... I mean, we do have enough wingers and attacking mids, right?

  16. I hope we are waiting till summer when his contract is out. I assume our club don't want to make any business with Dnyipro owner after last year fiasco.

  17. So now we have sold Suso and have Teixeira and Alberto out on loan and then we are going for Bittencourt. Seriously.. Who is Rodgers trying to trick with this deal?

  18. We are not in for him, I am sure. Just like we weren't in for Giovinco. Just paper talk to get him to MLS...

  19. Dont know man. Bild is generally quite reliable and I think we are going for a player judging from the talk of Ings. If that deal fails, I think we will look to this huy.

  20. Another player of the century! Like ballotelli a MYTH!!!!

  21. Add Alberto, Aspas, (Wisdom?) to the list. Altogether a few quid there. Will Ilori ever get a chance? Doubt it, but if he does we don't need a CB, we still have Lovren (will come good) & Toure. A marquee striker please.

  22. Don't want someone who copies Reus, want the real Reus.

  23. Stindl but we can get a sg replacement in summer right now we need a quality striker young and relativley cheep who is good for goals in premiership to help studge like berahino . He fits there business model hes young proven and can be developed not to mention he has a good goal record this year especially as hes only a young lad performing in a poor team at the moment

  24. I would keep all these apart from Enrique and Borini. We saw recently that Lambert can be effective when employed in the plan b sub roll for which he was intended. Johnson is a valuable squad player of he sees sense and signs the vastly reduced contract on offer. Allen struggled early in the season but was hardly alone and he was excellent last season, i think will come again. Coates is finally playing well at Sunderland so might be cover next season now there are 3 CB slots. Ball will still turn it around once he is utilised as a pair with studge.

  25. Why would we want him....that's old news being re-hashed by journalists. We have Markovic, Sterling, Lallana, Coutinho and Ibe to occupy the two inside forward position in the current 3-4-3, plus it looks like that's where Stevie will play when he does play....all these players are superior to Konoplyanka withe the exception of Ibe who likely will be in a years time. Add to that Ojo and Canos approaching the time to break through and you can see this transfer would be a step backwards for us.

  26. Both would be good additions. As would Vietto, Giovanni dos Santos, Illaramendi, and my two favourites: Turan and Konoplyanka.

  27. B Rodgers and the transfer committee need to make sure these three players are signed by the end of the day. Key positions there is lack of class, quality and competition for place and cover: GK DM FD

    Marc-Andre Ter Stegen(22) Of Barcelona on loan or for £10-£14M GK

    L Bender(25) Of Bayer Leverkusen or A Illarramendi(24) Of Real Madrid for £15-£22M DM

    P Aubamayeng(25) Of B Dortmund or L Adriano(27) Of Shakhtar Donesk for £5-£17M FD

    Those three players should be brought to club by end of today and then if S Mignolet(26) is injured, suspended or gets back playing poorly again we would have class quality GK ready to step in and take over.

    If L Leiva(27) is injured or suspended, then we would have suitable cover for him and a defensive midfielder with more mobility, pace and speed in squad also.

    If D Sturridge(25) is suspended or injured again, club could have class quality striker in reserve ready to step in and take over.