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29 Jan 2015

£20m LFC star raves: I 'watch videos' of Barcelona legend for 'inspiration'

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After years of being wasted on unworthy players (Andrei Voronin, anyone?) Liverpool FC's coveted number ten shirt - made famous by the club legends like Terry McDermott and John Barnes - is now back where it belongs: on the back of a truly talented and skilful player, namely attacking maestro Philippe Coutinho. The Brazilian's form has vastly improved over the last couple of months, and in a new interview this week, he revealed the source of his new-found inspiration.

Speaking to the official Liverpool FC website today, Coutinho enthused:

"I’ve always enjoyed seeing Ronaldinho play and I watch videos of him to take as an inspiration. I sometimes also watch videos of myself to see what I have done well and what I could have done better."

This is not the first time Coutinho has name-checked Ronaldinho. Last season, he named the former world 'player of the year' as one of his idols:

“My idols are Kaka and Ronaldinho, who play in the same position. I will try to be the typical Brazilian, but my preference will be to become known by my own name.”

If you're going to learn from the best, then Ronaldinho - hailed last season by Lionel Messi for his 'amazing' influence on Barca - is obviously a great player to study, but Coutinho should consider studying Liverpool legend Peter Beardsley, another genius on the ball, who had superb vision, and regularly made amazing goal-creating passes.

For me, £20m-rated Coutinho is the Beardsley of the current Liverpool team, and like Beardo, the Brazilian is one of those players who generates immediate excitement whenever he touches the ball.

On a related note: I find it slightly concerning that Coutinho only studies videos of his performances 'sometimes'. In my view, players should study video of their individual performances after *every single game*, and the club should work this into their training schedules.

Players only 'work' for a whopping' 2-3 hours a day (if that), so it's not like Coutinho et al don't have enough time to study their performances.

Never gets old...



  1. With his form FCB's transfer ban is a godsend.

  2. i would love it if the club signed Andre Schurlee from Chelsea for £20M. there signing Cuadrado who is no good anyways and are desperate to sell Schurlle. tbh, Schurle is a world class player. hes young and has showed he has got world class ability. hes won the world cup and has won chelsea alot of games on his own when played, despite the fact hes a bench warmer at Chelsea hes no mug and at LFC with confidence we can turn him into a wonderful player. hes both footed, has work rate, great long shot and versatile, can play wing or striker. and then go for Reus in the summer. i think if Sterling wants to go he can go. Jordan Ibe can happily replace in the squad. if Sterling is happy to stay then im happy to see him stay as he is a wonderful player and will be world class in 3 or 4 years, finished article. but so can Jordan Ibe if given games like Sterling so if he doesnt want to pledge his future to LFC we can put a buy back clause for £50M and sell him to real madrid for £70M. potential wise Sterling is worth £70M as in 3-4 years he will regularly produce 15goals/15 assists every year without fail lik all the top players like Sterling like Hazard or Di Miria or Sanchez. with this, we can break the bank to replace Steven Gerrard, smash our wage budget and transfer record and sign Paul Pogba for £80M. just like Sterling, Pogba is worth £80M potential wise and is a super player. outstanding and having Pogba is almost like having a Striker in midfield. these players are priceless. Pogba is the next Ronaldinho. Pogbas agent said he will leave but only to a leading european club and only for £80M.

    this january
    Andre Schurlle

    this summer
    Sterling out - £70M Jordan Ibe(new Alexis Sanchez) promoted
    Pogba in - £80M
    Reus - £25M
    Clyne - £23M

    --Clyne-----------Emre Can-----------Skrtel-----------Moreno




    Schurlle on for Ibe.

    Ibe can develop into a player who delivers 15 goals/ 15 assists a season if we play him now. by next season he will be ready for start when every1 is up for it and try top the charts. hes a brilliant player in the mould of Alexis Sanchez and i love Sterling but i honestly believe if he doesnt want to sign for 100k hes smoking when our best player sturridge is on £150k, he can go somewhere else. i believe in alot of our young players especially texeria, ibe, canos, wilson and marsh. if i were the manager of LFC i would prioritise their potential and build a team of galacticos. Texeria is getting older but he is definately better than joe allen. canos is the new lionel messi. ibe the new sanchez. wilson the new gareth bale. and marsh is the new frank lampard. texeria is deco and messi in 1.

    we have some brilliant youngsters, i would play them in the games vs Villa when we lost, Newcastle wen we lost, palace wen we lost, united wen we lost, chelsea wen we lost, hull wen we drew, leicster wen we drew because if we did at least they would get th experience and maybe could have done better than the 1st team and got us them points. besides, these kids have priceless chemistry. our academy pkay quality football with great movement and tactictal awareness

  3. Wow. What's the weather like on the planet you're on?

  4. Yes Couts has improved so much, and lets not forget he is still only a youngster, what will he be like in 3/4 years.

  5. Schuller is selfish... Yeah he is good player... He is not carrol, downing, adam,lallana,lambert type... I dont why liverpool are possesed with average English and brit managers, who infact always bring with them punches of average english players... Need football player you have to go for someone hungry...

  6. Personal terms agreed with Wolfsberg.

  7. I never read past see more, I read comments, not essay's.

    But I have the feeling we know who this familiar writer is.

  8. Oh no it can't be BANG

  9. I will say goodbye again
    Let em just credit Jaimie with his best article for years , this one was fantastic

  10. Harder to tell now he spells Sterling right but he is literally the only person who thinks he should be moved on so 50 plus it is.

  11. I would never suspect it was you, I was thinking more of nevergonnacrackthecode.

  12. 50+ I reckon

  13. I hope you are not thinking it is me
    I would never sell Sterling
    and want bad players like Scurrle

  14. How can you find orme and Der Baumman disturbing?!!! and by the way, bye again! ( though I know I will say it again:-)

  15. It's deja vu or have I said that already?

    I will feel your loss more than I did the "loss of Suarez"

  16. Carefull funny man, you may soon find yourself so rude and distribing! I think you have this edge in you:-)

  17. So Sheik, did you finally crack the code?

  18. He seems to be saying that finishing has many elements and Sterling already has most of them but the ability to put it all together comes with experience

    I expect he has a better chance of knowing about such things than most of us.

  19. So, Henry actually saying finishing is not much of an instinct and may come with age? Not sold.

  20. I could never say goodbye properly last time.
    So here i go , these last three years have been very interesting a lot has happen , we went from seventh to second to 8th again it has been eventful .
    I got to know some great reasoned, clever, funny people like GILSTRAP, STUART C , JAY , BOB LABLOW, VERMHAT , TWISTADEE, FdotM , GREG , LOGAN LFC , SEPTIMUS RED, ISELESFAN , RAY, Chigras Vygras , SIDLFC
    you guys do the website proud carry on your contribution. GOOD KNOWLEDGEABLE FANS.

    i also got to know some disturbing people who i quite frankly found quite rude like ORME,GENE,ROHAN ANDERSON,ERIC , DERBAURMAN but i do not hold grudges,
    This time i will be permanently gone i promise this time. It has been great knowing all you guys three years is a long time it was a pleasure to exchange football opinions with you guys .
    Thank you Jaimie for introducing this blogging/commenting system for Lfc it has been a quick way to discuss LFC stuff , other websites have caught on doing similar stuff making life better for all liverpool fans.So you deserve lots of praise for that even though i rarely agree with you but that is football.
    I hope Liverpool win the title soon i am sure of it we have a quality young squad and some recruitment and we will take our rightful place at the top of the throne, We deserve success
    Like i said been a pleasure , this is NGCTC and Sheik Shamsy signing off for GOOD , YNWA!

  21. Sorry - see edit- I meant to say HIS - not your ! .-)

  22. I think that too.

    But personally, I don't fancy sterling as a poacher or anything like that. He can really serve studge or any other strikers we got through killer passes now and then. Just behind the box

  23. But if he can add consistent goalscoring to his repertoire he moves from being a very good player to a potentially great one.

    Just because it's not fully there yet does not mean it will not come

  24. Off: Costa has contested to the FA charge, how on earth you can contest that blatant moment of sheer madness? I hope Mou the bus driver stamps on his ankle with his Chelsea bus!

  25. haha!!! what was that? Schiller?!

  26. I agree, but one guy here a few weeks ago, said Coutinho should be sold, do you remember who that was, ????????????????

  27. Agreed, just needs to add the power and precision to his shooting. One thing's clearly in his favor, his blistering bursting forward....

  28. None of the spellings of his name on this page are right

  29. You can't be serious!?

  30. He's really picked himself up. I think his youth showed when he became party to the general morose air that afflicted that club in the period between Sturridge's injury and the switch to 3-4-2-1.

    We just need him to be more decisive. I think the presence of an actual striker will help him enormously.

  31. Really happy to see him command that position at the front of midfield. His willingness to dribble into dangerous positions is great to watch. Sometimes I think we all forget he's still only 22. I reckon he's got another 5 years of consistent improvement to make and when he's at his peak he'll be brilliant to watch. He has the potential to be one of the club's great number 10s, but he's got a ways to go yet.

    I think one of the guys that Rodgers has working for him is the statistical and video archive specialist, it's basically all he does. There would be sessions of watching parts of games with the whole team but I'm guessing they also prepare video packages for each player. I don't think Coutinho is just going and finding the videos himself, they would be given to him by the club, selected carefully to show what he's doing well and what he can improve on. How much they actually need to watch would be tailored to each player. You don't always want your players watching hours of themselves playing, over-analysing every detail and trying to work out for themselves what they need to work on. Obviously everyone is going to be different in terms of what works for them. Some players might end up over-thinking some aspect of their game and start trying to do things differently when it might just be all fine. So if Coutinho isn't watching too much video then maybe that's right for him. Certainly whatever he's doing is working so I'm not sure it needs to be questioned.

  32. Ronaldinho certainly is the most talented football player on planet earth....

  33. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit posting

  34. I will never forgive you for Chigras Vygras. I feel like dying.

  35. Why are you leaving anyway?

  36. It's not working as his goals/assist tally is pitiful overall. Playing well is great but there needs to be end product too.

  37. Oh come on, he is not that good yet.

  38. Coutinho's shooting is the only thing that frustrates me.

  39. He is going to wolfsburg for 30mn euros

  40. So he's really developed and improved as a player, to the point that you wrote an entire article about it, but's it's somehow "not working"? Quite obviously it is. If Coutinho continues to improve at this rate I don't give a toss what his assist/goals tally is.

  41. that shot had more curve than the plastic body of Kim We$t

  42. What a strike.... Still has me in amazement. Couthino needs to study their finishing as Ronaldinho and kaka can finish effortlessly...