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6 Dec 2014

Confirmed: 'Incredible' €20m Barca star 'will leave' in Jan. BR confident of signing

Liverpool are once again being linked with a move for Barcelona star Martin Montoya, who came close to signing for the Reds during the summer transfer window, and according to his agent, the Spaniard is definitely leaving the Nou Camp in January.

In November, reports in Spain claimed that:

* Liverpool are on the verge of sealing a January deal for Montoya.

* Brendan Rodgers is confident of signing the Spaniard ahead of Inter Milan.

Montoya's contract with Barca contains a €20m buyout clause, and when asked about his future on Friday, Montoya's agent, Juan de Dios Carrasco, told reporters:

"Montoya will 100 per cent leave Barcelona in the winter window. Right now we just want to find the best club for Martin, so he can continue his progression. Germany, Italy and England all have clubs that are already pulling strings to sign him."

The story so far:

MAY 2013: Spanish newspaper Spanish newspaper Sport alleged that Liverpool had 'enquired about the status of Montoya' and claimed that Brendan Rogers is a big fan of the Barca player'.

SEP 2013: Montoya's agent, Jose Maria Orobitg, told FCInterNews: "The renewal [of Montoya's contract] has not yet arrived. Inter Milan, Napoli, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool are interested"

DEC 2013: The Guardian claimed: "Liverpool have opened talks with Barcelona over the transfer of Martín Montoya. Managing director, Ian Ayre, met Barcelona officials in Catalunya [last] Thursday to discuss a possible fee".

Montoya - described by former Barca boss Tito Villanova as 'an incredible player'- is clearly fourth-choice right-back at Barcelona, and according to Spanish newspaper Sport, the the Spaniard is desperate to quit the club. A recent article claimed:

"The straw that broke the camel's back for Montoya was the match against Almeria, where Adriano was chosen for right side of the back four. Montoya felt 'humiliated' according to the his representatives, who have decided to look elsewhere"

It looks increasingly likely that Glen Johnson will leave Liverpool sooner rather than later, and if the Reds sign Montoya, the right-back position will be well and truly covered, with Montoya, Manquillo, and Flanagan all competing for a place in the team.



  1. Could not agree more with you Sudeep Would rather have paid the £112 million to Suarez!

  2. Why didn't we spend the £112million on two top class strikers!

  3. No way - B R reign at Liverpool is OVER -Whether he wins on Tuesday or not and I belive the latter he will not survive beyond this Season - B R WILL NOT BE MANAGER NEXT SEASON and thats why he will be signing nobody in January - the football again today was DIRE

  4. John Henry sacked King Kenny after he made 2 finals so B R is FINISHED

  5. King Kenny was the past
    FSG never really wanted him BR is the future

  6. Saying it will not make it happen
    Rodgers is one of the most highly rated young managers in football
    sure he is struggling now but every manager goes through that period Ferguson finished 11th after he finished 2nd , Klopp is struggling now , Ancelotti had a bad season at Ac milan and Rafa struggled in his last year here

    I remember watching a lfc programmer about Shankly apparently he had a bad few years as well

    and before you get out the classic what has he won as a manger? , what did Guardiola ,Ancelott ,Simeone,Klopp win before the clubs that made them famous as managers got them , nothing.

    Keep the faith Ray

  7. If no top for I think you are right.

  8. Why would they sack him unless you get Ancelotti or Guardiola no one else is a better option in my opinion

  9. Bojan no Bony

  10. There are other managers out there mate. I would like to think they would not sack him without a better qualified replacement but after getting in to CL spot falling out seems like a sackable offense.

  11. no that's just an emotional decision
    Fsg will not allow emotions to get in there way

  12. Just judging it on what I know mate. Kenny got sacked. In Rodgers first season when he struggled they talked to Van Gaal and others. It's not emotional on my part it just seems rational.

  13. He is a good player but we need to strengthen in other areas first

  14. dear mr sheikhy dude,
    I've been one of Brendan Rogers biggest fans since he joined and I'm all for sticking with and all that.
    But...., learning on the job and gaining experience should be exactly that..... learning.
    as you learn experience teaches you to evolve and start making decisions according to what you've picked up.
    herein lies my issue; Brandon better seriously do some evolving if he's to keep his job.
    maybe I'm looking into things too much but many very good managers dismissed Ballotteli and his increasingly weird attitude issues. when Balo came to our team the matches he played the players didn't look too enamoured with him. Suarez is an infinitely better player but would act as if he was still trying to 'score' his first professional contract, moreover if he scored, made a goal or someone else in the team scored he'd be freakin' like a lottery winner; in similar circumstances, Balo stands around with one eyebrow raised.
    Doesn't Brendan see these things - by the way these are just a small example but I'm sure you get the gist.
    If Brendan keeps his bravery in wanting to force the issue with attacking attractive football and evolves as he's doing so so we can see progress then good but I am beginning to worry - I never thought I would do that......

  15. Some logical and fair points. I think the fans who are complaining about Rogers at present are deeply disappointed at his failure to sign a quality forward star.

    Sturridges injury record is well known and the glaring mistake the manager has made is failing to cover the striker positions adequately.

    Many fans are wondering why and that's fair enough. I hope Liverpool stands by the manager and that he improves his transfer approach dramatically.

    The lack of clinical firepower upfront has substantially undermined the teams confidence, resulting in regression. One quality signing (striker) in January is paramount.

    Lets hope the owners cough up some more cash.

  16. We just got past sunderland with Suarez and Sturridge
    so if people expect us to thrash sunderland with Lambert up fronta reality check is needed

    understand the situation , liverpool messed up in the summer but that does not mean BR has to lose his job because we know when he has them attackers he needs Like Bony and Origi we will be up there challenging

  17. Lat season we overachieved realistically liverpool should have finished 5th
    Arsenal and Man utd , chelsea and city all are richer clubs then us

    if we finish in top 7 it is a decent season i reckon we would be able to keep SterlinG,Sturridge and Coutinho for one more season at least , and with Orgi maybe signing striker like Bony and new signings such as Markovic settling we should be back up there

  18. No mate top seven is not an achievement it would be the absolute minimum.

  19. Had we kept suarez and bought pogba we would have challenged for the league again.

  20. But we didn't so it makes you wonder. £40million for a top class striker and we would have been in the four Man U now after Bale it's obvious you have to pay that sought of money if you want to stay up not go bargain basement shopping!

  21. I am afraid that wasn't an option because of one inescapable fact. Who were these two worldly strikers that we should have just gone out and got? People bandy about names like Cavani and Falcao but they are....in my opinion....being unrealistic. Let's take Cavani, people seem to think it was simply a matter of paying a massive fee, but those people think real llife is like Football manager I am afraid...PSG simply do not want to sell Cavani and they have the financial muscle to resist ANY bid. City could not force them to sell let alone us. Cavani could have forced the issue and that might have had some influence but at the end of the day he did not. Add to that the fact that he was on 250k a week, It was a non starter from the beginning. Falcao we would have to pay his even more exorbitant wage....ManU eventually bit that particular bullet and we can all see how that has worked out thus far.....he would have been a massive risk on half those wages after two bad injuries to the same knee and some doubts over his real age too (if his stated age is to believed then he made his first team debut at 13 or 14....not impossible but a little suspicious none the less)....Falcao has scored one goal so far and looked a shadow of his former self when he is actually fit.

    So who else was there? Higauin??? He certainly would have been a better option than we have but I don't think he is any better than Balotelli when on song and again the fact was Napoli had recently signed him, on another massive contract (£120k) and simply don't want to sell him. We might have got home if we had gone silly at £50m but that's way over the odds and he simply isn't worth it....good player but no world beater (as his form for Napoli this season has shown).

    The problem is there where just no other strikers around really.....and Rodgers had no choice but to purchase a number of players. We got to where we did last season because we had 11-12 players that were a match for anyone and we had the equaliser of one game per week which Allowed us to just use those players...but even then when Coutinho and Sterling started we had nothing on the bench. Even if Suarez stayed and Studge was fit that squad would not have survived this season and would have struggled to get into the top four.

  22. I know. 3-5 would be a more appropriate sum

  23. He's superb. Best Spanish RB in many years. Makes Moreno look average.

  24. Moron... you know nothing. He is a huge step up on the quality you have.

  25. Can't agree more. Montoya had already displaced Alves for a while, which Barca fans were quite happy with, I believe.

  26. You have got to be joking I am talking prior to start of season obvious Suarez was going Don't tell me they couldn't have got Costa if they paid the price. The whole management crew then went for quantity instead of quality from Rodgers down a waste of money. One top class buy like Suarez would have changed the future. Money talks ask Chelsea Arsenal Man U and City money ball doesn't work in "soccer" £112 down the chute a splash with cash would have won us the title last season in February. Rodgers future depends on Basle game. Fancy leaving top scorer on the bench.

  27. But he's not a starter, he's 4th choice RB so there's no chance of them getting anything like that sum whether he's worth it or not

  28. I am showing my ignorance as I never saw him play., hence the question.

  29. Only because of personal prejudice. The sporting director and Pep, before he left, were big fans of him. Shitty coaches since then, who haven't put faith in youth, haven't even given him opportunity. Barça won't let him go for anything under 15M I bet. He's worth every penny of it.

  30. I would take that bet. He's 4th choice and desperate to leave. He's maybe worth 15mil but he'll be sold for about 5

  31. You're too optimistic...