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22 Dec 2014

Unbelievable: Is this most concerning moment of LFC's 2-2 draw with Arsenal?

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There are many positives to take from Liverpool's 2-2 draw with Arsenal, but the club's defensive issues continue to impact the LFC's forward progress, and one particular incident during Sunday's game typifies the costly defensive frailty that's sabotaging the club's season.

The incident is so glaring that I'm sure most fans reading this know what I'm referring to before I even mention it.

Giroud's goal.

* It really is amateur hour. When the cross comes in, FIVE Liverpool players in the box, and not one of them is anywhere near Giroud.

 photo ScreenShot2014-12-22at165834_zpsfdd4124d.png

* At this level of football, it's an absolute travesty to allow a top-class striker this much time and space in the box.

* It's like there's an invisible barrier around Giroud, which LFC's players are incapable of breaching.

* No one takes responsibility; there's no communication, and no leadership, which are two of the biggest problems afflicting Liverpool's defensive efforts this season.

* I've watched the goal over and over, and it's just incredible how Giroud has so much time and space in the box. The video of this goal should be shown to kids as a prime example of how *not* to defend.

Rodgers should be livid with the manner in which LFC conceded that second goal, but in his post-match press conference, he didn't seem that angry about it. He told reporters:

"For the second one, we could have stopped it higher up the field before they break away and it comes in. There are always areas of the game that we can improve".

In my view, this is the worst goal Liverpool have conceded this season, and if the club continues to leak goals in this manner, then the team will languish in mid-table mediocrity for the rest of the season.

Rodgers claims that Liverpool 'do lots of defensive work religiously', but on Sunday's evidence, his defensive coaching strategy is failing miserably.

Who is most at fault for Giroud's goal?



  1. As I said in another thread, this just epitomises the lack of leadership in our back line. No-one makes a choice. It seems everyone looks at the two points of danger and thinks "that's someone else's job".

    I think Sakho played well yesterday. That's an upside. I think Kolo has generally been very good, though was poor in this instance. I think Skrtel has been consistently poor and, as I've said for a few seasons now, I think Skrtel is the common factor that unites (or disunites) a number of different defences. I'd honestly be tempted to give Lovren a bash ahead of him in this back 3 and I've thought Lovren's performances have been borderline treasonous.

  2. Gerrards useless pass and the three defenders plus Rodgers are to blame.

  3. It is Skrtel, and I really blame it on disorientation after that stamp. He was like a headless chicken pointing in various directions and doing nothing...
    It really is the worst one we conceded...

  4. Sami Hyypia has just resigned as Brighton manager. We could do a lot worse than bring him over as a defensive coach.

  5. I think the worst goal was the first goal which was just unbelievably bad.

  6. Skrtel is a good defender, but it's not a good sign when he's the best defender on the team. He'd be a really good second or third best player on the defense.

  7. That was bad set piece defending, misunderstanding between Skho and Toure together with a foul from scorer, but second one was worse couse nobody was doing anything...

  8. Got to at least offer Sami the job of defensive coach

  9. Not to be harsh on Skrtel, but as I was watching the goal over and over, I could see that he asked (gestured with his hand) Sakho to follow Giroud as he went to cover Toure. While defense is a team game I would blame Sakho more for not spotting the danger or Giroud rather than Skrtel.

  10. It's just a common misconception that he is the best defender he is just doing the last gasp stuff that sticks in your head. If he was better he wouldn't be doing as much of the blood and thunder.

  11. If Sakho does that there would have been none behind. That is why Skrtel shouldn't be telling anyone anything. If alll three defenders were in that one postition anyone could walk a ball in back post. Skrtel needs to be marking Giroud there not gesturing to anyone.

  12. I think Giroud was most to blame

  13. He's gonna say no. He's a head manager at a Championship side, and Leverkusen before that. I don't think he'll step down and put his career on hold just to be our Defensive coach.

  14. Yup. In a 3 man defense, Left side covers the far post. Gerrard should be on the late runners, but there are none... This is down to the right sided CB not stepping toward the ball and the center CB not marking the man.

  15. Yeah. My thoughts were that Skrtel could have stepped towards then Toure (arriving slightly later) could mark Giroud. But that could cause disaray especially with our defenders.

  16. I agree with what you said about who covers who. But the reality of the situation is that Gerrard was late, and Toure is in "trouble". When and who should adjust to address the incoming threat?

  17. Thats the problem. For me once Toure has lost his man he should be covered by Skrtel who should put pressure on the wide man. Toure should be coming near post but not necesarily too near as Jones should have it covered. So he would be marking Giroud. Instead neither Toure nor Skrtel put pressure on the crosser of the ball nor cover Giroud. Henderson is the only one in real trouble because he got caught so far up.

    For those changes to happen there needs to be an understanding between the players. Skrtel essentially doing nothing fs the whole thing up.

  18. Skrtel should have made the play. That said, either Gerrard or Lucas ( not sure) was trotting back into the play instead of hustling. So, while ONE of the three defenders should have made the play a little help would not have been too much to ask either...........

    By the way, 2 observations from the Arsenal game:

    1. Coutinho played well all game; fast, aggressive and positive. Looks to finally be in game shape. No balo also helped.

    2. I can't believe I am saying this but, Borini was actually a positive surprise. He was in position and was aggressive for his brief stint. Without doubt, guilty of piss poor judgment on spiking the ball and cleating Cazorla. However if you review the game, he nearly scored on a good header and was also in position for a cross that never came. I've seen much worse upfront all year. I guess its also a sad statement about our strikers as well........

  19. Please dear God, sign Hyppia as a defensive coach and replace whoever is there now......................

  20. I WAS SCREAMING THE SAME THING JAIMIE! And for some reason, not many people have talked about it!? Everyone's talked about the first goal, but forgotten how equally the bad the second is!? My dad doesn't really follow football much, but when he saw that goal on the news, even he was bewildered! He almost spat his food out! 'Pftt, what the hell is that Nick!? What are your defenders doing!?'
    BALL-WATCHING. It's the same old shit. They ball watch, and then as a result defend as individuals rather than a unit. Rodgers, mate, how can your defensive coaching be so under-developed that your 4 defenders do not know how to man-mark just one player in the box!?