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11 Dec 2014

Replaced: BR to scrap £20m LFC star & sign 'powerful' £10m goal-machine. Mistake?

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With the January transfer window only a few weeks away, Liverpool are sure to be linked with every striker under the sun, and as per usual, a whole host of ridiculous options will be 'suggested' by the media. Last week, Steve Nicol suggested Shane Long as a potential signing, and the latest name to enter the fray is on a similar level of improbability.

According to multiple sources this week:

* Liverpool are considering a January bid for 'powerful' West Ham striker Diafra Sakho.

* LFC scouts recently 'watched' £10m-rated Sakho.

* BR allegedly sees Diafra as a potential replacement for Mario Balotelli.

This may just be paper talk, but Brendan Rodgers' focus on transfer targets like this are one of the main reasons that Liverpool's season is in the toilet.

* Diafra is yet another big fish in a small pond, just like Carroll, Downing, Lallana, Lambert, Borini, and like those aforementioned players, the likelihood is that he'd struggle with the pressure and expectation of player for Liverpool.

* Even if that's not the case, Liverpool need to stop signing players with a (potential) small-club mentality. Lallana et al have struggled to deal with the expectation that comes with playing for Liverpool, and the club has suffered as a result.

* Last season, Diafra was playing in the French second division. This is his first season in English football, so taking a risk on him now is arguably ill-advised. Granted, Diafra has 8 goals/1 assist in 10 games for West Ham, but it may just be a purple patch of form, so it's surely prudent to see how he performs over a couple of seasons before taking the plunge?

* Is Diafra an upgrade on Balotelli? Absolutely no chance. He may be scoring more this season, but overall, Balotelli has much more experience, and is proven at the highest levels of football.

* Rodgers' policy of buying youngsters, Brits, and B-grade players is an abject failure so far, and things need to change. LFC need to buy top-class, proven quality, and if the manager is not capable of attracting the elite to Anfield, then he needs to be replaced with someone who can persuade top players to sign for the club.

I am categorically against Rodgers being sacked mid-season, but in the long run, if he is incapable of attracting the players needed to facilitate real progress at Anfield, then he has to go. Harsh, but true.

As for Diafra - he is having a great season for West Ham, but as Lallana, Lambert and Lovren - combined cost: £50m - prove, good performance in the Premier League is a guarantee of absolutely nothing.



  1. We buy players who have had 1 good season and think they are already proven campaigners although i must admit i am growing wary of as to whether Rodgers is using them to get their full potential either.
    This is the mid table type player the club must avoid if they are to ever succeed.

  2. Sound article JK. Totally agree, I liken it to everyone saying that we should sign Benteke after his first season, which was immediately followed by massive injury and form struggles by the player. Sakho isn't there yet and what we need is someone who is there now. Balo is a top level competitor, despite what knee jerk commentators may say. Granted if he still hasnt risen to the occasion by seasons end, I'll be joining in the chorus to sell him, but at least give him the season.
    As far as BR is concerned, getting rid of him in January would be a stupid move, but as you said, if he can't turn it round by the end of the season, it may be time to look into other options, but then who? Every 'potential' manager has their flaws...
    Rafa - too much history and not really the direction we want the club to go.
    Klopp - How's his season going so far?
    Koeman - Why would he give up what he has got this season?
    Simeone - Doubtful and he would turn us into the rugby club that Pathetico were last season.
    Guardiola - ahahahahaha
    AVB - That would kill me, a whole lot.
    Basically in terms of BR, I cant criticise his signings, I stand by each of them, some may be overpriced, but they were the ones who were available, wanted to come to the club, and were in great form last season. His tactics are leaving me scratching my head though...

  3. If Rodgers persist with these type of players, I would like him to be
    shown the door come May. He is a genius on scouting talented players.
    For the future it seems. So let the current team rot for now.

  4. I consistently argue that FSG need to back the manager in January BUT what if they don't? What if they take the advice of many on this message board and only give Rodgers a small amount of money to spend? Clearly we need a striker so what is he supposed to do in that case? You can't buy a world class striker on a limited budget and players like Diafra are the alternative. Hopefully FSG are not that silly and if they agree that a new striker is to be brought in then they back Rodgers with approval to spend big. I can't see the right player being available for anything less than 30 million.

  5. I know right, people say we need a top class striker, and then in the next sentence argue that Rodgers shouldn't be trusted with any more funds....

  6. I'd rather play like 'Pathetico' and win games than play like we do now

  7. That is the position Rodgers has put himself in. He has bought so many duds that you cannot trust him to actually make the signing we need which is the striker. If say he does get the funds, the probability is he gets Diafra Sakho for 20 million and our funds go.

  8. Totally agree. You never see elite clubs sign players from a lower club in the same league as you unless they are unbelievably good. We have always signed these one season wonders or in the case of Carroll even half season wonders. We never go for reliability. There has been no signing we have made where you instantly know he is going to be a success.

  9. If he does get the funds, the probability of getting a great striker is still better than the derived probability from doing absolutely nothing about it.

  10. Yeah, but the risks are higher and from basic economics, the cost far outweigh the benefits of giving funds to Rodgers. You just cannot keep on supplying the money with no return for it.

  11. Klopp, Simeone and Rafa have all got Champions League Finals and league title under their belt.

  12. If you can't trust him enough- out of fear of probably economic pain, then he shouldn't be your manager then. IMO, you should back your manager.

    There is the argument for FSG to make Rodgers show them what he's got with the signings he made, but that's not pragmatic enough for me.

  13. It is a huge dilemma and thankfully one we dont have to decide on. We need a striker for sure and if FSG are intent on supporting this club, I think they have to provide the funds. We will see what happens.

  14. I also think they were stupid to advocate FFP. FSG have enough of their own funds to support big money signings and wages, but now with FFP, we need to support it with club revenue...

  15. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:35 am, December 11, 2014

    Raheem Sterlings leaving because of fsgs low contract offer
    the more i see it Fsg are the problem
    their moneyball does not work

  16. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:46 am, December 11, 2014

    I think fsg are doing their best to sell sterling
    hate fsg

  17. I don't think a world class striker can solve our problem. We lack of quality player at the midfield can cause opponent frightening and also our midfielder can't control the tempo of the game. Yes we have hardworking Henderson to run all over the field but he just not the type of midfield can create magic like young Gerrard did , if we playing 5 midfielder Lucas or can is the one should play as defensive player but not Gerrard , because he is our engine and director of the game. Coutinho physically is not at the premier league level yet , his body is small and short and his best position is not in our playing tactics , lastly is Allen he is the weakest player Liverpool midfield I ever see Liverpool had signed , physically and mentally is not suite Liverpool style of playing. I doubt of Liverpool transfer policy kept signing small and short player at midfield , no advantage on high ball and corner , no tactical knowledge on game , lack of ability of finding space to let player to pass the ball for and also skill lever is below par to other team, just to gave an example we can't even win possession when playing with weaker team , even bottom team also play like a top table team when against Liverpool midfield on passing and controlling . We need a good playmaker with skill and physical ready for premier league , Winger with capability to cross and pass player and a strong and bulky defender I highly recommended papadoupolus . Goalkeeper is not much needed to spend on , because lack of fund. Striker for me is not an issue to me just our midfield lack of support to our striker , Suarez is a creater and finisher , sturridge is not close to Suarez but lack of winning mental Suarez had , balo and lambert is just a finisher need supply from midfield . For me midfielder is the main position we should focus on but not striker ....

  18. We needed a top class striker in the summer.

  19. Yeah, hate those guys who are re-developing Anfield and who have given over 300 mill to Kenny and Brendan.
    You are an idiot.

  20. Yeah, hate those guys who are re-developing Anfield and who have given over 300 mill to Kenny and Brendan.

  21. Maybe our scouts were at West Ham to observe the assist machine that is Stewart Downing.

  22. They dont like you much either and they told me to tell you to stop sending them fantasy football teams.

  23. FSG stopped the club from going into administration and cleared 700 million of debt. They've provided unlimited transfer funds to Dalglish and Rodgers, most of which has been wasted. They're also sorting out the stadium problem.
    Yeh, I really hate them too!!

  24. What has Rodgers ever done in his entire career- pathetico? He beat Madrid and Barca with his patheticos

  25. If Sterling goes it will be because he believes his own over-hype and not due to any fault on the part of FSG. They have invested massive amount of cash in the club and continue to do so, both in terms of players and redevelopment of the stadium.

  26. Agreed but who would want to come?

  27. There is no such thing as a guaranteed success, Morentes scored for fun all over Europe.Balottelli great talent.spending big doesn't offer someone that will do what's expected of them.studge was cheap but does.this is all before you get to BR or LFC being able to attract the type of players we all want to come.what do we have to offer.big wages on mercenaries & very little else.we need to start putting things in perspective.get through this painful season & start again with a new manager who might start taking us in the right direction with a good knowledge of tactics.

  28. Absolutely, Sterling is doing nothing at the moment to justify a massive pay rise or the hype he's getting in the press. Correct me if I'm wrong but I can think of only one goal he's scored this season. If he doesn't want to sign a new contract sell him to the highest bidder and bring in Ibe, who ive always thought would turn out to be the better player.

  29. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:53 am, December 11, 2014

    I think liverpool should now play Jerome Sinclair
    watched him vs Basel in youth league
    he has a pace a bit of skill and willingness to run and create problems
    top scorer in uefa youth league
    fowler and owen got their chance , he should get his
    cant do worse then lambert

  30. Sterling is a good player and he enjoyed a real purple patch last season, but, like Andros Townsend, I think he's a player that flatters to deceive. Those mazy runs and dribbles give the impression of a good attacking threat but his end product is often woeful and usually results in loss of possession. In my eyes he is a long, long way from being a player who gets to demand anything from his club.

  31. Realistically now that we are out of ECL what big names are we going to attract in January ? And that is assuming FSG are going to trust Rodgers with any more money ...... A BIG IF . I think that they will now adopt a wait & see policy until the end of season to see if BR is 'the real deal' , can finally get the best out of all these players he has bought and turn things around .
    If not the money they have ' saved ' will be put to better use contributing to paying Rodgers off , getting in an experienced and competent replacement with the necessary funds to sort things once and for all !

  32. Based on his abject failure in the transfer market and the current position LFC finds itself in I think BR will need to go at the end of the season. That is, if he does not improve the level the player are playing and overall league position.
    The funny thing is...it is imperative we go guns blazing in the Europa League, if we win it then we automatically qualify for the CL. Is this at the expense of 4th? Imagine we United for 4th and we won the Europa league, then would we kick them out?
    We need to focus on the cups to lift moral.
    Brendan should not be given any more money January, in fact, a director of football should be making the singings, not the current second division set up.

  33. Let me state I am totally opposed to the sacking of BR even at season's end. I believe it is rash and illogical. For the first time in a long time I actually look at the bench I think we have some game changers. Plus, the lose of Sturridge has been monumental. I think all of this summer signings are showing real potential. I do believe we need to find a better no1 gk. I think that will radically change or defense.

    However, since everybody seems to be so short-sighted and is throwing around potential replacements. I would like to my two cents in. Rafa is a great option, well probably lose the quality of football but tactically, especially defensively, we'll more than likely improve. But I cringe at second coming, cause more often than not they go bad. Klopp and Simeone are very good options, I prefer Klopp for his style, but realistically I don't think either would want to leave there respective clubs. But everybody seems to forgot about one man that I believe should be the guy.

    Frank De Boer.

    He has the style, a winning pedigree, knows talent. Has fantastic connections, and a name that carries weight. I would seriously consider Bergkamp, his number 2 as well, but if we could get both of them that would be something.

  34. I agree with the guns blazing, especially Europa. But he needs funds for a keeper.

  35. If we're going to make more stupid purchases we should go for Jay Rodrguez. At least we know he can play with Lallana and Lambert.

  36. I agree on De Boer. As for those game changers, when will they start changing games?

  37. Hopefully this weekend. I don't knoe if he is just putting players in to late or a lack of confidence is crushing us. His subs seem to swing momentum in our favor, when we're losing or tied. The final touch all around seems to be lacking though.

  38. The time for squad fillers and punts on kids or one season wonders is over. We have a decent squad, now we have to add cutting edge quality to go to the next level and that's expensive. It will be very interesting to see what the club do in the January window

  39. i just can't wait for January ....

  40. But Balottelli is a 'big game' player, doesn't get phased by any occasion, has 'proven' himself to warrant only big clubs to even attempt signing him.

    .......but even he's done shit..........
    Can't be nerves of expectation for him can it?

  41. He also looks pretty knackered most of the time - which for a 19/20 year old is pretty bad...

    Before anyone says he's carrying the team by running around lots - first I'd love to see the stats on how much he runs in a game and then I'd implore you to remember Suarez really did carry the team and he looked fast, explosive, passionate, strong and fit as a fiddle........ at 27 yoa......

  42. Totally agree with this.

    As for the question of whether FSG feel they can't trust Rodgers with transfer money anymore, let's remember that they have NEVER trusted Rodgers with the transfer money, hence him being an ordinary member of a transfer committee that is chaired by Ian Ayre, the recently-promoted CEO.

    If FSG truly believe that this committee is guaranteed to cough up duds in January, then they should necessarily believe that nothing will change in future and should bring in a management team and transfer committee they feel they can trust. Of course, this will require a complete upheaval of the club, and this way would be folly.

    I think they must back Rodgers, Pascoe and the scouts big time in January. Give the football men a budget and let them bring in who they feel will do best. Half-gluteused players aren't going to launch us into the top four.

  43. He is very far from the finished product, yes. Natural talent to burn but still many flaws in his game that he needs to iron out, and be given the time and space to iron out. Not close to 100,000 pounds a week yet. That's top money for peaked players.

  44. And to be fair, La Liga isn't incredibly physical in the first place. What might look like rugby in La Liga might translate to just regular play in the EPL...