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3 Dec 2014

'New Gerrard' to Anfield? - 'Incredible' star confirms LFC transfer 'can happen' in January

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Liverpool are currently linked with a January move for Heerenveen star Daley Sinkgraven, and it appears that the promising young midfielder is keen on a move to the Premier League.

Last week, The Mirror claimed that LFC and Man Utd are both in the running to sign Sinkgraven, and when asked this week about the Reds' interest, he told viasatsport.se:

"It is a compliment that there are so many clubs interested in me. Can a transfer take place in January? Yes, it can happen"

Some info about Sinkgraven:

* Current contract expires in 2019.
* Often labelled the 'new Steven Gerrard'
* Can play central midfield and left-wing.
* 3 goals/2 assists in 15 apps this season.

Heerenveen captain Marten De Roon is that Sinkraven will leave sooner rather than later, and in a recent interview, he mused:

"He [Sinkraven] is so nimble, he almost dances on the field. He can do anything with his left foot. Daley is a player, for whom people come to the stadium. In the summer he will surely move to a big club."

Heerenveen manager Dwight Lodeweges is desperate to keep Sinkgraven, however, and in November, he pleaded:

"Please let him [Sinkgraven] stay with us for a few years. Even if he is sold, we will demand a top price for him. Daley has incredible talent.”

Like so many young players, Sinkgraven dreams of playing for Barcelona, but he's willing to play for other clubs as a 'stepping-stone' to achieving that goal. In a recent interview with RTV Drenthe, he explained:

“To now say that I am going to play for Barcelona one day, well, I can’t of course. I have to give 100% in each and every training session and be the best. You can’t go from Heerenveen to Barcelona without taking a stepping stone.”

Meh. Sinkgraven is just the latest in a long-line of alleged 'stars of the future' linked with Liverpool. Rodgers' policy of buying and developing young players is an utter failure so far (Ilori, Alberto, and Markovic anyone?), and the last thing the club needs is another teenager who may or may not come good at some point in the distant future.

In my view, stocking up on young players should not be LFC's focus right now; that should take a back seat to the real priority, which is to fix the first team. That means prioritising the acquisition of several experienced, European class players over the next two transfer windows.

Once the first-team (and the wider squad) is good enough, then Rodgers should focus on signing 'stars of the future'.



  1. No more young players
    they need time if Rodgers is going to buy players i would rather he bought international players like southmapton,west ham and newcastle
    rather then some highly rated teen even if he is new Gerrard no more players that need bedding in time.

  2. For example
    Dusan Tadic would have been a better buy then Lazar Markovic
    Jaanmat then Manquillo
    Alderweild then Lovren
    Betrand then Moreno
    Song then Can

  3. Ilori is on loan with Bourdeax as a youngster needing games, hardly a flop.. And Markovic is a kid and should be respected as such, any who demand mircles are unreasonable to say the least.. LFC paid the price they did, but thats not Markovic's fault, just the greedy... Hendo was criticised because of his fee, but now he's an important player for LFC... God forbid we refrain from sensationising any players situation because we lack the imagination to see past our own demands... Sinkgraven has a dream, and because of that dream, people go Meh! he's just another so so next this or that... Sounds like sour grapes to me...

  4. Messi for Coutinho
    Ronaldo for Sturridge...
    We buy who we buy, Jaanmat ain't all that, and Alderweireld couldn't even make it at Atletico Madrid... funny, now he's suddenly great because at a new team he does OK...

  5. Who claims LFC are interested in this player. Answer the feature writer only. Which part of Brendan Rodgers statement " We won't be buying any players in the January transfer Window" does he not comprehend.

  6. Considering they're saying they want ''top price'' a fee of around 10m would easily be expected. No way is this an investment a team in our situation should be looking to make.

  7. Tadic would have been great but Lallana was always BR's top target, he would not have given up him. Manquillo is solid and is one of our (statistically) best defenders. Alderweild is an interesting choice and I would have liked to see him at Anfield.

    The Moreno and Can deals are fine and are both better than the other two you mentioned. Fair enough Moreno made a few mistakes but he is a top talent had a MUCH higher ceiling then Bertrand.As for Emre Can, Song may be a great player but he isn't going to improve much in the future and Can is a different type of player. Song likes to pull the strings from deep whereas Can is a more attack-minded player. Can is having a decent impact and will improve.

    I agree that we should tone down the interest on young players but don't stop getting them all together. Can and Moreno are good enough for a CL club, some Young players are worth taking a chance on. Can and Moreno were good calls by BR, and they will prove themselves in the future, if not this season.

  8. Look if you say we have 80m to spend in January and want Bony swansea will say 40m

  9. Augero is the best player in the league since Henry
    even Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez were never this good in pl

  10. Who needs the next Gerrard when you already have the next Fowler... ...Iago Aspas!

    Thats right, Iago has been showing off his God-like abilities - scored a 4 minute hat trick today.

    Bring him back, with a bumper contract!

  11. We may as well have kept Aspas instead of signing Balotelli?

  12. Possibly, possibly not

  13. You remind me of this fella called Nevergonnacrackthecode, who has not posted on here for the past few days.

    Anyway Aguero is a superb player who just so happens to be a Liverpool fan. Stranger things have happened.

  14. Meh. Can he do it at Stoke on a wintry Wednesday night?

  15. I've said this for awhile about Aspas. He actually is a decent player, aside from that dreadful corner against Chelsea he actually didn't do much wrong in that game. He played A few players in and showed moments of creativity but nobody remembers that because of the corner. The corner was a mistake you see during pre-season and you know what? It may as well have been a pre-season game for him as how often was he given a chance in a side that contained Suarez and Sturridge? He was never going to dislodge either of them. I'm not saying he's our answer but he was never given a fair chance with a decent run in the team.

  16. Correctomundo.

    Think he was loaned out more for his own playing needs than because he wasn't good enough.

  17. I love these comments. I remember someone else saying this to "Nevergonnacrackthecode" and I think the same to that person.

  18. We'll crack it one day... :)

  19. Two new Gerrards in January: Dele Alli and Daley Sinkgraven. Now we just need the Daily Star to guarantee a headline-grabbing midfield.

  20. We don't need a new Gerrard as long as we still have the old one who Is clearly still Liverpool's talisman judging by the comments coming out from his team mates:-)

  21. because he scored a hat trick against a league 2 spanish side that they beat 11-2 on aggregate ?

  22. Neither of them are a patch on "loss of Suarez"

  23. thank you hindsight man.. you've saved our village again.

  24. alderweild was underwhelming at atletico. never really showed everyone what the hype was about.

  25. Who wouldn't rather have Welbeck over Ballotelli now? Some scoffed when the last day of the window went and I suggested it.

  26. JK,
    Of course you are spot on here. We keep dicking around in the 'unproven future' market instead of laser-like focus on the 'proven and value now' market. I am all for building for the future but the crowd of mediocrity we brought in this summer didn't address our biggest needs like we were promised. I would really like to know from BR what his definition of 'marquee signings' is because it is WAAAY different than mine and probably that of 95% of the folks on this site...........

  27. I don't thing the blame can be squarely place on Rodgers for signings. There's a pattern emerging where Liverpool are reportedly in for marque signings, but they don't materialize. Think the blame lies mostly with the bean counters on that.

    Sure, Rodgers might not have the same prestige as Van Gaal, or Pellegrini, but this is only a minor factor. Geography isn't really an issue when you look at Man City and Man U, so that leaves one other factor - ambition/willingness to spend... ...at the end of the day Money talks, BS walks.

  28. Thank goodness we bought Carroll or Markovic could go down as worst buy ever.

  29. Too early yo say i think Markovic is our Lamela the pace and strength has surprised both of them so they needed a lot of work behind closed doors on their body

  30. If Rodgers wanted to buy players like this, he should have done so in the summer. No more money for him until he makes the players he did buy work.

  31. Haha not to mention "Enlightened fan"

  32. Not him. Too much punctuation and correct usage of capital letters.

  33. Shouldn't underestimate the pull of joining a club that will be challenging for honours. As much as we think footballers are all greedy, money grabbers, it's quite obvious that wages and the prospects of the club are the major factors in a player joining. We were quite rightly, based on performances this season, deemed not good enough to challenge at the top level, hence no top top level signings. Willian at Chelsea and Mkhitaryan at Dortmund were the two that we should have been able to secure the services of. I feel those deals didn't get done due to our un willingness to pay the 5/10 k a week extra to convince these players. I can see Lallana as a replacement for Mkhitaryan, although the amount we paid in transfer fee would of covered the extra wages for Henrik. Willian would have been a great signing - he has everything, and works so hard for the team and would of been a regular for us, as he is for Chelsea. We could and should have got him and failing that, Salah, who has similar qualities but maybe less of a team ethic, so the signing of Markovic, who will have no real impact this season is slightly worrying, as our scouts and BR either believed that he would have an instant impact this season or they felt we could do without the top level winger they were obviously looking for. Let's be real guys and dolls; if we were all football players with no team allegence and we had the chance to join the following teams, how many would choose Liverpool? Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Roma, Lazio, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Barcalona, Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid, Liverpool. I love my club but I am a realist - we are on a par with Milan, Tottenham, Newcastle, Lazio but we think we are on a par with the others. That's why we continually miss out on signings, cause we believe we don't need to offer more money as the "lure" of playing for the 5 time European cup winners should be enough. It isn't. We are not what we once were and until we realise it and act accordingly, we will always be having these same debates.
    We will not win the Premiership in the next 5 years, and that is being generous. You think players and agents don't know this? Anyone who believes we will, place a £100 bet and put up an image of the bet - no one with any sense unless they have money to burn will do it - so, why then would a professional player at the top level, choose to sign for a club where they have zero chance of winning either a league title or a European cup? Gerrard has been there for nearly 20 years, man and boy, and he has ONE Euro cup and NO league titles. That's having spent his whole flaming career there.

  34. You're probably right. Also no mention of a certain `Southampton midfielder.

    (Sheikh, I apologise for speaking about you as if you're not in the room).

  35. I do not him,so i can not comment on that.My feeling is that Liverpool desperately needs a new player who can be a big influence like OUR captain has been since 2001.As much as i like players like Lallana or Hendo,or Cou no one of them is even near SG in terms of class,scoring ability and leadership quality.