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18 Dec 2014

Not Good Enough: Angry Aldo urges BR to 'get rid of' £27m LFC duo. Scapegoats?

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After scoring over 100 goals last season, Liverpool have struggled to reach the same heights again this year, and so far, the Reds' attacking players have abjectly failed to fill the Suarez/Sturridge void. All three of LFC's remaining strikers have let the club down this season, and Reds legend Joh Aldridge has urged Brendan Rodgers to scrap two of them during the January transfer window.

In his column for Sunday World, Aldo outlined his 'worries' over Rodgers' performance in the transfer market, and insisted that time is up for two of Liverpool's struggling stars. He barked:

"Get rid of Mario Balotelli (if anyone will have him) and get rid of Fabio Borini [combined cost: £27m). It is pretty clear neither are going to give Liverpool what they want in terms of goals, so get penalty box operators in who can save this season for Liverpool".

I doubt many Liverpool fans - myself included - will shed any tears if Liverpool scrap Balotelli and Borini in January, but that will not solve the problem. For me, those two are the least of LFC's attacking problems:

* Balotelli cannot succeed at Liverpool unless and until Rodgers starts using him effectively. That means playing him as part of a front two, with the Italian playing off another central striker. This worked well against Man United, and despite the result, Balotelli had several great chances to score. Play him there consistently (i.e alongside Sterling/Sturridge) and he will score goals.

* If Borini played every week, then he could take some blame for LFC's current goalscoring woes, but but he has barely been given a chance at Liverpool. Indeed, he hasn't even made the squad for the last four games, which is arguably unfair. Borini was a mistake from the start, but the reality is he's never been given a run of games.

Borini and Balotelli obviously have to contribute more when they play, but the real problem lies with Liverpool's senior attacking players consistently failing to contribute.

- Henderson: 3 goals in 23 apps. Only 2 in his last 14.
- Gerrard: 2 goals in last 16 apps. 1 goal from open play in the last year.
- Sterling: 2 goal in 18 apps. Only 3 goal in the last 21 games.
- Lallana: 2 goals in 17 apps. Only 1 in the last 9 games.
- Coutinho: 1 goal in 19 games this season.

This is simply not good enough. The five players above are Liverpool's attacking core; they play the most games, and they've had more than enough time to settle-in this season and make a difference.

In Sterling's case, the pressure should not be on him to carry the team, but if he's playing every single game, then he has a responsibility to contribute goals, and justify the massive contract LFC will inevitably hand him.

Sterling did well to grab two goals against Bournemouth last night, but he should be scoring against lower-league opposition. Premier League goals are what matter, and like Coutinho, Lallana et al, he's not doing the business.

Balotelli and Borini have nothing to do with Gerrard et al failing to pull there weight on the goalscoring front, and even if those two are scrapped in January, the main problem will still exist, i.e. not enough goals from midfield.

In short: Henderson, Gerrard, Sterling, Lallana, and Coutinho are letting the club down in the league, and they collectively need to step-up and start making a difference.

Starting with Arsenal this Sunday.



  1. i want to see balo and studge together for a couple first

    get rid of fb

  2. Still no Untravelled paths, Jaimie?

  3. We all do, but he will be back in the middle of the window, so it is better to know is he for keeping by then...

  4. 3-4-3 is promising... nice exciting formation that suits our style. In order for Sterling to succeed (as we all believe he should ala Messi/Ronaldo/Robben etc.), he will have to score more goals, and I for one like him as a loose striker roaming the pitch...

    The likes of Balo and Borini have just not come to the party for the most part. Balo with his dejected attitude and wasteful antics - definitely has the talent, mental strength? not likely, also lacking in a bit of pace and game intellegence. Borini is hard working but a bit of a pussy... He has the finishing ability, but no pace or guile or strength...

    I say we offload Borini. Get a profit or break even, get in 2 strikers: a really experienced customer such as Ibrahimovic, and then we perhaps get a young prospect like this "new Suarez" - Jaime Baez

    this should bide us over till the end of the season - then perhaps we sell Balo to make space for Origi...

  5. Frankly Borini is not ideal striker for liverpool but since BR bought him then he should have been given a chance and utilise him and balo for what they're good at and that goes to all players he bought but he never so BR should take all the blame for every players.

  6. true

    at least balo is trying against manu he could have scored a couple if de gea was not in goal

    alos like the play with marovick and balo promise

  7. What about getting rid of Lambert? why are british based players favoured for? underlining racism?

  8. Spacegoats.Yes. BR doesn't have a clue...BR out.

  9. Spot on, you forget to mention J Allen(24), The problem is we do not have enough goals from centre midfield or out wide.

    And the fact is our midfield do not create or score enough goals and the centre midfield does not protect the back 4 at all as we are always conceding goals and great opportunities to opposition teams.

    Its just luck or bad finishing which helped us yesterday, Bournemouth had 4 great goal scoring chances they missed.

    Aldridge and all the other ex pro's need to state the whole problems not just jump on the balotelli(24) wagon.

    The weaknesses in side are GK Position both our GK's are average at best

    It takes an injury to get pony G Johnson(30) out of the side , as B Rodgers never ever drops him no matter how poor he has been over last two seasons.

    M Skrtel(30) always has a mistake or two in him and should start of the bench

    S Gerrard(34) can't move , he does not have the energy, legs, mobility, pace or speed to dictate or dominate games and is just passenger in side unless we play side that gives him time on ball.

    J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24) are two average midfielders who have mobility, bit of pace, can press the ball well and can pass backwards and side ways well. They both lack class and creativity in the final third and both have shockingly low goals to game records.

    E Can(20) should be played more in games as he offers more to team than J Allen(24)

    Coutinho(22), Lallana(26), Sterling(20) do not score enough goals for side. And team is over reliant on D Sturridge(25) as he guarantee's club 12-20 goals a season as he is always likely to be out for month or two every season due to injuries

    Lambert(32), Balotelli(24) and Borini(23) between them i don't think can guarantee the club 25 goals.

    But Balotelli(24) is world class player who plays better when he has class quality attacking players with mobility, pace and speed around and in front of him.

    Lambert(32) and Borini(23) just look way out of their depth

  10. Look closely at all our shots. It wasnt as much De Gea as it was us passing the ball to him..

  11. completely agree with your analysis!! spot on mate spot on

  12. Their club president says he's going nowhere

  13. Do you think Sunderland would come back in with a 14 mill if for Borini. That would be great business... I would keep balo I really don't see why he is getting so much blame.

  14. Think that ship has sailed. Might get ten million for him now if we're lucky

  15. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:04 pm, December 18, 2014

    Bony or Lacazette
    probably Bony because he is different to what we got

  16. I don't know. Gus seems to be a massive fan. And he pretty much kept them up last year... He might get the call to do it again... I feel he is holding out for a Italian club who we will end up paying to take borini off us as always

  17. Rummers today linking us with a 39 mill bid for benzema??? Never been a massive fan of him but maybe buying him would be a good statement of intent.

  18. who only looks forward to the comments section rather than jamie's boring articles? up vote me if you do

  19. who only looks forward to the comments section rather than boring articles? up vote me if you do

  20. He has looked very good in the last 2 minutes when he has come on and once he even got a touch before the final whistle.

    Shame that the relationship with BR has come to BR rubbing his nose in it but even then I doubt he was good enough..

  21. JK this just highlights the woeful transfers & how they've hindered the club big time. Twistadee 11's post pretty much nailed it. I look at Joe Allen & Henderson & think BASIC! No flair or creativity, both have failed to share the burden of carrying the team's creative output. I think their biggest weakness is their psychological fortitude, in short they're bottlers!

    in Ballo's case subconscious comparisons to Saurez doesn't help, realise he is different & play to his strengths if not to increase his market value for a sale in the summer. Lambert was a sentimental purchase which should never had happened. Yes, we bought him as a backup but what is the world coming to when one good season for a mid table club (this is the saints) qualifies for a place in the LFC. Borini was such a foolish purchase, unbelievable. We had a chance to get Bony over Borini but BR based on what Borini did at Swansea.

    In truth Ballotelli & Borini are just part of the deadwood at LFC the bonfire should have been last season with Aspas & co. Leaving, this season could have been fireworks with better purchases.

  22. Sterling has as many goals/assists as Eriksen this season. Both playing in an attacking position yet Eriksen is lauded on this site and Sterling denigrated. Doesn't seem fair. All need to do more but let's be fair.

  23. While that is definitely true De Gea stays on his feet. Worked the angles and was positioned well. Compare to our Bradley who dives the wrong way and lets weak shots go underneath him. In short a lesser keeper may not have kept them out.

  24. More that Lambert was signed to be third fourth choice and has performed better than the other two. In goals anyway. Also he is older. If there is any racism then it is against non scousers.

  25. The biggest enigma for me is how Borini went from the guy Brendan brought because he KNEW him, how good is he and what are his strenghts to the guy Brendan loves to hate. And dont tell me it is not wanting to leave, it started much before that..

  26. For his first chance Sterling had a yard between De Gea and the post.. Not saying that he isn-t a good keeper, but we made it easy for him.

  27. You mean scapegoats ? Or are there goats in space I know nothing about ?

  28. The person who posted it was especially well-endowed.

  29. Yeah fair play on that one. Sterling should shoot on his left.or first time but others less simple.

  30. I think BR'S treatment of Borini has been disgraceful. He sent him out on loan to a team fighting relegation and he perform well. He ran his heart out in every game he played and scored vital goals against the best teams in the premiership. I am not sure how much more he could of done

    Sure Borini is not the best striker in world and I doubt he would score more then 15 - 20 goals a season however he deserves a run in the team, especially considering how much we are struggling for goals.

  31. Lambert(32) and F Borini(23) should be sold for sure or shipped out. Balotelli(24) is world class and will play better if he had mobile, quick, pacey players alongside and in front of him.

    And when B Rodgers starts bringing in real class experience and quality to side: And more class, experience, mobility and pace to attack we will all see the best of M Balotelli(24)

  32. Aldo is a Don!

  33. 14 mil was a premium last year because he'd had a good loan spell and potentially we wanted him back. Now that it's clear he has no future with us and he'll be wanting to go, his fee will almost certainly be reduced

  34. On what do you base Balotelli being world class?

  35. Haha yea Ibrahimovic. That's a realistic target

  36. Totally agree

  37. ''Coutinho(22), Lallana(26), Sterling(20) do not score enough goals for side. And team is over reliant on D Sturridge(25) as he guarantee's club 12-20 goals a season as he is always likely to be out for month or two every season due to injuries''

    Funny how you say we're over reliant on Sturridge, but then say Sterling doesn't score enough for us. Sure, maybe he did nearly bag 20 for us last season, but we also had an amazing attack, and were doing very well on the most part offensively. It's easy to score dozens and play at your best when you're sitting on the top of the table as a team. We never relies on Sterling, and thus never put pressure on him. But now, we expect him to score for us every game? Sometimes pressure is what you need to perform, but for someone who just turned 20? I'd say that's when pressure starts impeding progress. To be honest, Sterling has the potential to be the world's greatest. But I cringe at every single article tying the bad form of our team to Sterling not scoring enough.

  38. Don't listen to JK. I think he completely understood what AVB said.