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27 Nov 2014

TMW Exclusive: LFC in talks with Argentina World Cup 'weapon'. Deal close to being agreed

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S.O.S! Liverpool's 2-2 draw in Ludogorets this week highlighted yet again the urgent need for the Reds to sign a credible competitor for Simon Mignolet, and the latest player linked with the club is Argentina goalkeeping 'weapon' Sergio Romero.

According to an exclusive report today in Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato:

* Liverpool have 'intensified' contact with Romero's reps this week.

* Negotiations are 'ongoing', and both sides are hopeful of a 'possible deal' in January.

* Romero wants a move to the Premier League, and he is Brendan Rodgers' first choice target.

Liverpool were first linked with Romero over the summer, and at time, Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri claimed:

< Romero's Stats (Last two clubs) AZ Alkmaar: 111 goals conceded in 112 games (0.9 per game): 48 clean sheets.
Sampdoria: 73 goals conceded in 69 games (1.05 per game): 25 clean sheets.
TOTALS: 184 goals conceded in 181 games (1.05 per game): 73 clean sheets (40%)

Romero's stats are far superior to Mignolet, who is currently conceding goals at a rate of 1.5 per game, and averages 1.4 per game over the last three seasons.

That said, despite Romero's status as Argentina's number one, he doesn't seem to be in demand, and is seemingly surplus to requirements at Sampdoria.

At the age of 27, the Argentine is entering his prime years, and as a mainstay for one of the world's top national teams, you'd think there'd be clubs queuing up to sign him.

In that regard, Romero is similar to Mexican star Guillermo Ochoa, another top-class international 'stopper who is also constantly ignored by top clubs.

Is this something to be concerned about? Hopefully not, but there must be something that stops the likes of Romero and Ochoa being attractive to the world's top teams.

Whatever the reason, Romero is clearly a more effective goalkeeper than Mignolet, and he's eminently affordable, so this deal strikes me as a no-brainer.



  1. "Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down."

    That will be the case of our January transfer window. Rodgers is already preparing himself for his exit.

  2. Rodgers' wishlist seems to consist only of first choice targets.

  3. Romero or Ochoa would be a massive improvement on Mignolet tbh, and it is strange that no top clubs seem to be interested in these two keepers. Could be a sign or, could be a coup....but at £2 million it would definitely be worth a punt.

  4. Cant allow Rodgers to waste more millions on garbage!, it doesnt matter what players we'd have in the team, it is p ss poor coaching and management thats to blame, Rodgers OUT!!!!.

  5. In the short term the issue I have with BR ( re goalkeeping) is why he cant be brave and drop SM. BJ simply cannot be any worse and it may well give SM a kick up the backsde he needs. Worked with joe hart and could work with SM but would need a wee bit of bravery and luck that we just arent getting!

  6. Rodgers actually thinks this guy is George Romero the horror movie guy-

  7. the reason they are not look after by top team is because just like mignolet they are not good with their feet or in the air. they are good shot stopper but that's pretty much it.

  8. As we saw last night Mignolet can't do that either- Reina could pass the ball yet Rodgers dumped him- have no sympathy for him

  9. Reina has not kicked a ball in a competitive match for Bayern Munich. Reina had the chance to play full time football for Napoli but Reina chose money. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  10. watching Liverpool defend is certainly x rated

  11. He's injured and even now could still pass the ball better than Mignolet maybe doesn't like Rafa anymore who can blame him

  12. Rodgers doesnt like players with character who could confront his ideas if they are not working, look at our players they keep saying Rodgers is the best despite the team performing really poorly.

  13. Can anyone explain to me what was the reason and why any journalists and pundits are not asking this question? What was the reason, thinking and logic in selling Reina Agger and potentially Lucas?

  14. i don't think this guy is commanding enough in the air from what ive seen ,we really are in a mess ,

  15. 2 million is it Black Friday?

  16. my guess : for Reina and Agger it's because they are not players who will shut up and worship him like the next Mourinho.
    Lucas is not his signings so quality doesnt matter, just look how close henderson was from being sold.

  17. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:14 pm, November 27, 2014

    Look if rodgers got all his main targets rather then second mkhitaryan,costa and sanchez like he wanted to we will have no problems


    bench: bony,,salah, lallana,henderson,

    but fsg did not do enough for rodgers

  18. Find anything coming from that particular outlet hard to believe.

  19. fsg backed Rodgers its just that Rodgers couldnt sell himself or the club to these targets...by all accounts costa due to some agreement with rafa was set to come to anfield but rodgers didnt want him

  20. has rodgers got ideas

  21. Okay, here we go again.

    Reina wanted to leave, he spent spent close to 3 years telling everybody that he wanted to go to Barc.

    When the chance came he jumped at it so we had to replace him. When it fell though he didn't want to come back and compete for his place so he went to Napoli.

    He didn't sign for them when he had the chance as he didn't want to drop his wages, he didn't want to stay with us because again that mean fight for his place and dropping his wages so he decided to go to Bayern and to keep the bench warm for 120K,

    As much as I loved Agger he simply can not play in the top league any more, he has even said so himself.

    What is the point on keeping a player who is unable to cope with the physicality of prem and who will be constantly injured.

    Just to note, he is still getting injured playing in the Danish league.

  22. Sometime Liverpool fans amaze me. They still have a go at Owen and Mcmamana calling them mercs but somehow Reina isn't even thou he banged on about going to barc for nearly 3 years and didn't sign for Napoli where he would be No.1 but chose to go to Bayern purely for the money.

  23. If Agger cannot play in top league!! Who would you rather have Skrtel lovren sakho? And reina was never like by Rodgers he has alienated all signing he never made apart from obvious world class talent like Suarez and just wanted all players to worship him and not question his ideas apart from Sturbridge and coutinho name me 1 decent signing? He has wasted over 200 mill he needs the sack if Basel beat us

  24. Yes. Cech will be a better option

  25. Agger said he couldn't in an interview shortly after he joined Bronby. Why do you think he joined Bronby!!!

    Look, I hate what BR is doing to Liverpool, anybody who uses this forums will tell you that, however Reina made his own bed. Even when Rafa was manager he was in the press saying who much he wanted to play for Barc.. the guy never shut up about it.

  26. Agreed. I'd definitely prefer a BJ to SM

  27. He would, but we all know he would never join us. Why join should he join us.

    He will have a host of clubs to chose from, all paying more in wages and all playing in the CL.

  28. Your post overall is a good point about Rodgers wanting better than we bought last season particularly, but he plays a big part in trying to bring top players to the club.
    The team you put up is misleading.Mkhitaryan was the clubs main target the summer before last.Diego Costa was the fall back option who also turned us down.Willian was the clubs third choice marquee player.
    The fantasy team you posted is good to look at but Liverpool would've never got all 3 of those players.
    We should've showed the same ambition to bring in top players this summer.Liverpool had more to offer, but we only strike when the irons cold.
    After Alexis Sanchez knocked us back for Arsenal.We didn't even try to buy a player of the same standard.

  29. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:01 pm, November 27, 2014

    next season origi and ibe will be here and it will be very exciting

    a striker like bony as well

    ........................................henderson .........can

    bench: balotelli,ibe,lallana,allen

    i would rather rodgers be in charge of this attack then any other manager

  30. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:02 pm, November 27, 2014

    ibe is developing really well here what mcclaren said about him
    he is learning playing regularly
    becoming a team player

  31. that rules us out then- pity with 2 good defenders a competent midfield and strikers who scored would make an attractive proposition for him

  32. The current crop of Liverpool players are great talkers and even better excuse makers - some are scared of their own shadow - we don't want to know if they are behind the Manager - we want them to perform on the pitch 110% which is what they are getting huge wages for

  33. Markovic cost £20 million and can't make the bench - there is NO excuse for wasting over £100 million - sack a few junior scouts NO sack those responsible all of them.

  34. Exactly mate. Selective amnesia

  35. Where in your argument do you factor in that Johnson and Skrtel play every week, regardless of how crap they are? Surely if he wanted to alienate all Rafa's signings it would be easy with those two yet they're nailed on starters

  36. The only thing that Brad Jones is the answer to is "Who's that fella falling asleep on the bench?"

    Our shite transfer committee has made Mignolet undroppable because we have no real alternative.

  37. Christmas is coming up, put it on your list.

  38. I'm not necessarily convinced by this, but it is an interesting idea. He jettisoned Agger too and he is one of our more vocal players. I think few could argue that we wouldn't be stronger if we'd retained Agger and Reina.

  39. Can't be worse than Mignolet. Allowing Rodgers to sign anyone in the transfer market is a massive risk though... he has a simply woeful record given the money at his disposal.

  40. Ah the old "he couldn't be worse" argument ... all the time of course ignoring the fact that it could be far far worse.

  41. So how does that explain last season? If you use that argument, then you can't say that our great season was just because of Suarez and Sturridge, because you've just stated that it doesnt matter what players we have, the tactics from BR would not allow us to place. How did we get 2nd if it wasnt because of the players or the management/tactics?

  42. There are teams like Real,Chelski who own the financial muscles and can buy talented individuals. And there are team like Athleti,Barca,S'mpton who follow certain philosophy and try to build players out of nowhere.

    If we don't have a Financial muscles, we will have to rely on philosophical approach and develop team around it. Rodgers had certain philosophy last season, but this season he has totally lost it. None of his buys this season, except the fullbacks, are complementary to that philosophy.

  43. We still had problems, the same problems we have now but last season we had Suarez and Sturridge, especially Suarez getting us out of the ****

    BR has done nothing to address the problems we had last season and if anything the club has gone backwards.