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23 Oct 2014

LFC Alert: Owen urges BR to 'pay extra' for €12m 'monster' striker. Replace Balotelli?

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In stark contrast to misfiring striker Mario Balotelli, 'monster' €12m summer signing Divock Origi now has 6 goals/assists in 11 appearances for Lille, and ex-Red Michael Owen insists that Liverpool should do everything possible to cut short the Belgian's loan deal in January.

After Liverpool's 3-0 defeat to Real Madrid last night, Owen tweeted:

"If I was Brendan Rodgers I would pay an extra few million and try to get Origi to the club six months earlier than originally agreed".

According to recent reports, this is precisely what Rodgers is trying to do, with the Liverpool Echo claiming that the manager is willing to pay a 'big fee' to make it happen.

For me, recalling Origi - a 19 year old with zero experience of the Premier League - is tantamount to an admission of total and utter transfer failure on Rodgers' part, and after spending over £200m in two years, the Reds should not be hoping that a comparatively untested teenager can come in save the club's season (!)

Brendan Rodgers recently claimed that Origi 'will be world class' at some point in the future, but right now, he's proven very little. Scoring goals in (leisurely-paced) Ligue One is easier than consistently making a mark in the Premier League, and there's no guarantee that Origi will be able to replicate his current form in England.

Taking everything into consideration, though, I can see the logic in bringing Origi back early.

* Sturridge will inevitably get injured again, and for every spell on the sidelines, he'll need time to get back up to full match-fitness. Having a young, fit, pacy striker to pick up the slack during Sturridge's downtime is clearly a benefit.

* Balotelli, Borini, and Lambert have ONE goal between them all season. This is a disaster of epic proportions, and if it continues over the next couple of months, then Liverpool will be in real trouble.

* After spending £120 in the summer, it's doubtful that FSG will hand Rodgers another £30m-£40m in January for another striker, especially given his poor judgement in the transfer market. Liverpool already own Origi, so it makes sense to focus on the cheaper option, which is to pay a fee and bring him in early.

If Liverpool had Origi from the beginning of the season instead of, and/or alongside Balotelli, it's possible he may have made a bigger impact. The Belgian is far more suited to playing as a lone-striker, and with his pace and movement, he's capable of getting-in behind defences, which is not Balotelli's forte.

I'd still prefer to see the Reds sign a proven goalscorer in January, but beggars can't be choosers, and Origi is looking like the most realistic option right now.



  1. No, leave the kid, he's coming along nicely at Lille, you would be bringing him into an under performing side and pinning your hopes on him, then if he doesn't make an impact he's getting slated, the club is getting slated and Rodger's is getting slated, leave him and start a fresh next season with as little negativity as possible!

  2. For christ sake we need to sort out our defence first new goalkeeper first then a centerhalf some one like Shawcross from stoke who can win a header the stoke keeper would not be bad either

  3. Agreed now Valdes goin to wotsits we need a keeper to begin with and then a defensive coach

  4. Watching him now against the blue nose's, very impressed!

  5. No dont give him any more money. Rickie Lambert moved to Liverpool on a professional retirement contract and was happy with it. £4million spent on a permanent bench warmer. Rodgers has the worst strike rate I have ever seen in a Liverpool manager. Out of BR's 24 signings 16 are or were considered not good enough to make the team for one reason or another. At least Comoli got Suarez, Henderson and Enrique right. Suarez £75mil Henderson a possible £30mil and Enrique would fetch at least £5m. Liverpool need to set up a transfer committee and FAST.

    Rodgers in my opinion chose to hang Ballotelli out to dry in almost the exact same way he accused Hodgson and the press of doing to Raheem. But I believe Rodgers did it to cover his own ass because he knew the papers are always circling for a Mario story. I still think Rodgers is a good coach but I believe I have lost a fair amount of respect for him after last nights alleged calculated substitution. The desperation of a man trying to cling to power.

    Fairs fair. If he wants to hide behind Mario's bad publicity and hang him out to dry then he's opened the floodgates for my nitpicking.

  6. he is destroying everton
    a good player reminds me of a cross over of cristiano ronaldo thiery henry and dider drogba

  7. I agree with Jaimie here. We can't put that weight on the young player largely as he is new more than anything. Clearly labelling Lovren this leader and saviour of our defence has negatively affected him and I would worry the same of Origi. He us getting lots of game time in a relatively stress free environment now. I think that is best for his progress.

  8. I kinda agree with you
    balotelli was by no means as bad as he was vs basel

    but i think teh midfield extra man helped us regain teh ball in the second half so it could be tactical

  9. Why not add Pele and Maradona in. Let's not over hype the lad yet. He is doing well but he is yet to blow Everton's defence away. He us scaring the them though.

  10. origi has :
    cristiano ronaldos skill
    thierry henrys explosiveness
    dider drogbas physique

    he will be our star player for years to come

  11. that is a million times more then what balo did vs everton

  12. but i think this is a bad time to get him back
    he still has to develop and we as proved with markovic and can are not the team to guarantee a first team place

  13. That's by the by. Your talking like he is already a legend. He is far from that yet.

  14. we should bring him and ibe in next season :

    with markovic and can hopefully playing a bigger role

  15. The press have already made claims that Mario can destroy the morale of a dressing room. I read another article saying Raheem was reluctant to pass to Mario last night. I've never witnessed this type of witch hunt before. The thing is BR is clever enough to know that by subbing Mario at half time it gets him off the hook. BR was three nil down and heading for 6 or 7. If Real were not playing Barca this wknd then it definitely would have been. Regarding Mario, From what I've seen he is out of form but trying his hardest to run for the team. If Skrtel plays on Saturday then I'm going to lose even more respect for Rodgers because he and Lovren are the sole causes for some terrible piss poor defending and results.

  16. skrtel and lovren nor sakho are the problem

    skrtel looks fantastic under kd for his national team

    sakho is france number one

    lovren was fantastic last season for southampton

    even agger looked bad under rodgers

    is it personal or system ?

  17. There isn't a brain between them.

    Sakho was not in the team at his previous club before we bought him.....for £15-18mill

    Lovren was coming off the back of a poor Southampton run and I read somewhere allegedly feigned injury at his previous club after a poor run of form. When the chips are down?....

    Agger's legs had gone. He had lost all of his pace.

    Skrtel likes a slower pace of play. Playing for Slovakia the pressure is off and the team defend for their lives so he is hardly ever exposed. With us the full backs bomb on etc. Did you see when Benzema roasted Skrtel last night? I believe he is still skidding.

    We need an organiser. A couple seasons back Carra came back into the side and got the defence playing again (I thought Carra was finished but he shored us up). The following season Skrtel is back in the side and up to his old chaotic tricks.

  18. Our attack is the last thing that needs attention right now.

    Our defence is a bloody joke but Rodgers will without a doubt stick with Skrtel and Lovren again this coming weekend oh and let's not forget Johnson too.

    Hull will be loving it.

  19. Yeah, the with-hunt against Balotelli is pathetic, and what makes it even worse is LFC fans sites jumping on the bandwagon for cheap hits, reposting stupid stories about Balotelli's alleged off-field antics.

  20. agger a player tracked by barca and city at one pont
    skrtel our best player under kd
    toure a two time pl winner
    sakho psg former captain and france international
    lovren one of the best cbs last year

    they all looked poor under rodgers
    we need a proper defensive organiser like jose mourinho
    rafa had the same defence that jose has and even though they were not mad mourinho made them much better

    we bring in steve clark or tony pulsi as defensive dictator and rodgers as attacive dictator

  21. this is all excuses
    one player wont change anything
    the same mistakes keep happening
    it has to be colin pascoes and miek marsh and br fault

  22. I can't wait for hull city
    i wanna see sterling become a striker he reminds me a lot of messi in his natural ability


  23. We did look better when Carra came back into the side before he retired so it is a definitely a matter of needing a real organiser at the heart of our defence. Its like playing Gerrard and Lampard in the center of midfield it doesnt work because neither smells danger OR playing Robbie Keane and Torres together. contrasting styles make a good partnership. All of the defenders we have bought are only concerned with their own individual performance.

  24. Now some police investigation about him freaking out at some girl takin photos -ride the wave Brenda none of it is your fault

  25. spot on.... spot on...spot on. Operation 'cover my arse' is now in full effect. This country gets so apalled with biting, spitting and swapping shirts but all other offenses are GO!

  26. by the way burt great set of posts

  27. Top notch "fan" here, my 10 year old daughter would be embarrassed by that post. 1990 we last won it, and it really doesn't matter what it was called, but the name change was summer 92

  28. I feel pretty strongly about this. I have said previously that I'm behind Rodgers to till the wheels fall off. I'm not necessarily against Rodgers as a coach and wa more than happy to write this season off because I know that integrating so many players will take at least a year because Rodgers bought humans.

    However, I just know that people who are capable of being so calculated are dangerous (maybe thats too strong a word) individuals. He constantly talks about the team effort and that know one is bigger than the team and then launches himself above the team at the first sign of danger to his throne. I have so many instances of his contradictions in the back of my mind but last night was too much.

    That for the compliment Mr Gilstrap

  29. he has sporadically singled out players in his tenure and then tried to backtrack when hes realized hes off target with some bull shit psedo babble which most idots buy into ...there is a subtle immaturity and bitterness in his attacks which most people don't see

  30. Recall Aspas now!

  31. exactly them passive agressive personalities are usually the ones who stab you in the back as apposed to the chest

  32. BR should leave Origi where he is, he needs the experience.

    He had the chance to buy a quality striker this season and he didn't so know he needs to take accountability.

    One thing is for sure, we need a striker in January, and no more target men please (Lambert & Balotelli).

    If there was any truth to this committee then FSG will probably want to implement it now after BR's poor transfer dealings.

  33. Henderson is a perfect fit. Two completely different stories from player and manager regarding the proposed move to Fulham. I believe Henderson.

  34. PS I think our defensive line needs to be back back a little bit

  35. yeah that post was probably a little deep/ political for a footy blog but there are so many sheep out there.

  36. Time for some lazy journalism from the BBC. So this is where the license money goes.

    this is actually a line from the story "It is understood the woman alleges that the 24-year-old moved towards her daughter"

    well knock me down with a feather. The story then goes on to bleat about Mario being subbed at half time. What has Mario done?


  37. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/29746547

    Mario snakes and ladders... pathetic

  38. Yep,Begovic was a brutal error,of course instigated by Rodge.He signed Simon in a swift almost underhand move.Naturally the supreme egotist has ended up being sold a pup,whilst us fans suffer in agony.

  39. I despise his BS since the day he arrived seeing himself as a successor to Shanks.Last season was all about Luis being one of our greatest ever players.Not Rodgers.

  40. Sensible comment,where did that come from in this sea of inanity.

  41. Good posts from you and Mr Burt above. Just thought I'd throw my support for your views in.

  42. as we love chucking money about willy nilly, it's a no brainer.

  43. fans are in a predicament - we blamed comolli for king kenny's transfers and now we tend to look at the ex city scouts for the current mess. Kenny pulled of a blinder in bringing suarez and maybe brendan has with sturridge - but the story of the last 4 years is nigh on 400 million spent with only suarez sturridge and coutinho really looking like liverpool players. Hendo may grow into one but he isnt someone who will send fear down opponents spine. I think your right about the ego thing - BR towards the end of last season started believing the hype in the media. Probably why he didnt go defensive against chelsea - we only needed a draw!

    Since Kenny left we were a proper central defender short and we lacked an aggressive midfielder i.e gerrard of yore or roy keane.Despite all the money spent we still lack this. and infact we can add goalkeeper to the position too.

    We were told that BR would be given 30-40 million during the summer - and then we got 75 million for suarez -why not just buy 2-3 top class players and be done with. When a player like suarez sees that his manager has just bought in lambert - he knows that there is no ambition - this is the reason why torres left and this is the reason why he left. Utd have shown they mean business by the transfers they have done this summer - they might not winanything but no team is going to want to face an attack of rooney,rvp falcao and di maria. sport is played by humans therefore psychology counts for a lot but our transfer committee prefers number crunching. we spent 45 million on lalana and markovic - neither of whom we needed. another 10 million on a belgian kid who we sent back to his club - thats 55 million - why not just buy one world class forward and be done with it - at least it would have given us the psychological boost required after suarez left. AlexSong was another no brainer.All in all its a sad state of affairs when Fat Sam does better business than you!

  44. Great comment.You've said it all about the human aspect.This is topical today when we learn Valdes is training at Man Utd.Even if he does nothing for them,he's there not here and it's a dig in the guts.A feeling they've got one over on us,it's us who badly need a goalie,not them.

  45. What I don't understand is why our centrebacks have suddenly been reduced to keystone kops ever since joining us; Martin Skrtel hasn't got the best positional sense, and he reacts far too late at times, but yet he performs for his national side. Sakho is first choice next to Real's Varane for France and yet is deemed by some here to be 'rubbish'. And Lovren, weren't a lot of fans really made up about his joining us after an impressive season at Southampton? Even Kolo Toure, an experienced winner, reduced to Kolo the clown, how is this possible? Do we not have a defensive coach to work with the back four and the keeper? Where's the partnership, the understanding, the covering the doubling up, the conviction? Something is clearly rotten in the state of Liverpool, and has been for a few seasons, so why not address it rather than throwing money at the problem and expect it to get better?

  46. With all due respect to those guys, they all had reasonably successful careers, they're not really (perhaps Keane aside) the kind of player who showed themselves to be top class when they played in the tougher leagues. I'd say what sets them apart is that they were not at their best at the top tier of club football, not just when played as a lone striker. Of course Balotelli may never be the player he promises to be and in that case he's probably at that level. I guess my expectation is a bit above that. Naturally when we talk about Suarez, Sturridge, Torres ... these are guys with brilliant records for Liverpool, they are among some of the best we've seen, but that's still the standard I'm applying in this case. If Balotelli turns out to be a player who can't run off the shoulder of a defender into space with a well timed run then he may as well give up and find a good home in a league in Portugal or Russia. I agree, there are a different set of qualities involved, but I really struggle to accept the idea that a Liverpool striker would claim that he's not going to be at all effective if he's not played in a very specific role. My conclusion would be first and foremost that such a player is simply not good enough. If that means he also struggles in a non-preferred role then sure, that makes sense. Balotelli doesn't need to be brilliant and score bags of goals but let's be clear: to say that he's "struggling" right now is a generous and kind assessment. It's worse than that. He's poor.

    Anyway, what Balotelli is struggling with is not just timing and technical things. He's not running enough, at times it's like he's not even really trying. He seems to be stuck in that mindset where if the game doesn't go according to what he's anticipating then he kind of stops and does nothing. I don't expect him to run around like a headless chicken but there are attributes that a
    any quality striker has that goes beyond just positional sense and timing, they go to attitude and determination. There is a determination and focus that seems to be lacking in Balotelli and I find it hard to put that down to him simply being played in a non-preferred role.

    I have to comment on Robbie Keane - as an Irishman I really did want him to succeed at Liverpool. He's a curious player, at times you'd think he really is a world class striker but I've always appreciated his shortcomings. To be effective he needs to see a lot of the ball. He never had a great conversion ratio and could be wasteful in front of goal or with the final pass. So I never saw his failure as one of being played out of position (even though he was), I saw it as one that Liverpool were never going to be a team that used him as a focal point of the attack. When he's not the main man, just like he says, he's not as good. But to say that it's a positional thing is not quite right, not the way I saw it. He could have been played in his preferred positional role but simply by taking away a portion of his expected possession he'd be less effective. That may seem obvious enough for any player but Suarez was the perfect example of how that can happen and the team doesn't have to suffer. He frequently adapted to a number of different roles in the team and no matter where he was he made an impact, either with his runs, his dribbling or his passing. Robbie just wasn't good enough to do that because, unless he had the ball and could aim his nose towards the goal, he often didn't know what else to do.

  47. You do know it's not Brendans decision on transfers so why everyone on forums and persists with this angle is completely infuriating and ignorant. There is a pool of informed people to carry out transfers It's not Rodgers..get it right

  48. I could never get the hype about Origi. Just what has he done to be considered so valuable ? He does not look any different from the average players we have accumulated over the years,

  49. We'll only be able to call him back if this clause was in the agreement, if not then we do not have any power to recall him.

    Of course, we may tempt Lille by offering a few million to get him back but I think he would be better staying where he is for the season.

    I believe that the team would be playing much better if Sturridge did not get injured, so once his back and fully fit we'll go up a level.

    But BR created this situation himself, no one else. If we really wanted Origi this season we would have ensured we did that. I think it's important we ship Borini out in January if we do get another striker.

  50. Good questions, difficult to answer, could be a number of things:

    - Weight of the shirt
    - Expectation from last season
    - We essentially have a new back 3 this season, need time to gel
    - High defensive line
    - Defenders not very mobile
    - Full backs are very attacking minded
    - Gerrard does not provide sufficient support to the back 4
    - Confidence is down, takes a lot to regain
    - BR match instructions

  51. Lets wait and see a lot of people were convinced Markovic was the next coming look how thats turned out Origi is not the finished product he is not going to be our saviour next season.

  52. if you look back over the brendan years - we have been linked with quite a few players but never actually got them. Valdes might never have played for us but it would have still been great to have an ex barcelona player - it sends messages across europe about who we are. Chelsea took players of us tottenham took players of and united always will - for some reason FSG have lowered expectations to the extent that they actually believe we are top 6 team. If your getting a player that no one else wants - then perhaps he isnt that good after all. Chelsea sent us a big slap on the face when they signed remy -someone we didnt want to risk 8 million on considering br has thrown away 7 million on aspas, 7 million on alberto, and 7 million on illori. The modern world is a lot about being blairite - saying things that no one knows what they mean but they sound good. In the end it pacifies fans who will continue to pay the tickets but we are being taken for a ride. today if lfc can go around the world to milk its fan base has got nothing to do with what we have done over the last 20 years but everything to do with what was done in the 70's and 80's. We have fans because we won things. To businessmen this is just an income stream - they dont realise that a few more years of piss poor performance this overseas income stream will die a death. Any new fans came to us because of players like Torres and Suarez - they both left because we had no ambition - infact i defy anyone to prove that we actually have any ambitions of winning anything. In a few more years king kenny's league cup will be gold dust. By the way i hope i am wrong!

  53. Rogers has lost his marbles. Its scary to think the team lost just Suarez alone but is playing like they lost 4/5 regulars who are all game changers. FAct is BR is persistently getting his tactics and team selection poor this season eg vs Madrid wasnt he supposed to start with Can instead of Allen. I thought vs QPR SG showed he still got it going forward, SO he should be played there. BR needs to buy a new keeper, a real CDM to play in SG' current place, bring Origi and hope Sturridge can remain fit after this current injury and make the team play last season's attacking footie. This business of subbing Hendo is testament of a manager who is in too deep beyond his abilities. Otherwise I dont see BR in charge next season

  54. Even if we win vs Hull, BR needs to go while there is still time to remedy the situation. In the offseason, he was barking "We are not going to do a spurs" but it looks like its the exact replica

  55. For sure, never say never, especially with BR's antics of poor defense, playing Balotelli as a lone striker and blaming him for his (BR's) ineffective tactics that wont get us goals even when BR subs Balo.

  56. BR's philosophy including team team selection and partnerships are to blame. Why cant the teamplay like it did without Suarez at the start of last season? ANS: BR tactics. Not much about poor personnel. Markovic is natural from the left but BR plasy him from the right coming in. Balo has said it again and again, he isnt a lone striker but does BR hear? ANS: No

  57. So let's assume for a second that I agree with your point that a player like DiMaria would not sign for us. The main point is still that the players we did buy do not fit our game. So even if we need to buy in a different price category, we still need to buy the players who have the attributes we need. Sure, Suarez may be much better than most players at what he does but that doesn't mean no one can do what he does. That no one has the same, albeit less developed, skills. What I don't agree with is that signing, say DiMaria and Falcao would mean we could not buy other players. We spent 116.85 million on players according to lfchistory.net. DiMaria was signed for 60 million and the loan fee for Falcao is quoted at 12 million. That leaves us with 44.85 million to spend. 12 million on Moreno leaves 32.85 million. We could buy Lovren for that easily but personally I would have spent what was needed on a DM. That would mean no Lovren but what's wrong with keeping Agger, forcing Sakho to show his worth or leave and giving Ilori an opportunity? CB was not a priority. DM was.

  58. The Dortmund road is having one or two good seasons, then drop behind Bayern Munich again. If you want consistent success, you need to keep improving your team, not overhauling it. The way we do things compared to other big clubs is like the way Belgium does roadworks compared to Holland. In Holland, they spend a lot of money each year on keeping their roads in good shape. In Belgium they work at a small budget every year only to spend a fortune and bring the entire country to a halt once every five years because they have to rebuild. With the first approach you get consistent quality, with the second you get a lot of aggravation.

  59. Really? West Ham? Basel? Boro? QPR? Villa? Ludosomething? World class teams with world class players?

  60. Yes that was just this year but what you seem to forget is that every time we do spend big, we spend it on the wrong players. King Kenny's summer? Not too mention that had we spent those "smaller amounts" of 48 million, 50 million and 56 million on one or two top players rather than five or six average Joe's, we would have been in much better shape right now.

  61. Nowhere in that story in the Echo did it mention Rodgers was going to try and recall Origi. In fact I'm pretty sure he ruled it out the other day.
    Regardless of whether this happens or not, in terms of the immediate future, Balotelli needs a period out of the team. He clearly has no idea what he's supposed to be doing in our system so a period of learning on and off the training field is required IMO. A game against Hull would seem an ideal game for Rickie Lambert or even a Lambert Borini combo.
    Whatever happens, the spotlight is thoroughly on Balotelli and I think he should be taken out the public eye for a few weeks at least

  62. its strange hes apparently lost the dressing room yet when interviewed all the Liverpool players like him

  63. It's incredibly frustrating to listen to the announcers as well.

    It seems as though they go out of their way to find a criticism of his game.

    I don't mind if they call it as they see it. But too often it sounds like they are spinning stories.

  64. I used the wrong link by accident, which is why the Echo story says nothing about the possible recall.

  65. Fair enough

  66. Come on - you know as well as I do that last season was down to Luis and Sturridge. Now they're missing and there's sod all left. Benfica must have urinated with mirth when Rodgers presented them with a small fortune for Sunday League Markovic. Then there are all his other masterly signings ( Aspas, Allen, Alberto, Balo....) Face it, the guy hasn't got a clue. Putting Johnson on the field against Real Madrid! Do me a favour.
    By the way, Liverpool won nothing last season.

  67. Realistically Sturridge will return and other boys will become better and better with time. Allen and Can have just returned from injuries. They need game time. I'm sure we will finish n top four. Of course it will be hard, but I'm positive thinking.

    When you and other people talk about world class you don't consider how expensive those players are. As I was already stating in one of my previous posts, we bought nine players. And with all the money spent we would be able to buy only 2 at most. But we needed squad. That was the plan. To build a squad. People should understand that.

  68. Players are getting better and better. Squad is getting bigger and improving. You must look at the whole picture, not only to one piece. Short thinking is dangerous.

  69. 2 at most? I'm not saying to buy the world's best players like Ronaldo and Messi. What I mean is we should've bought 'proven' players, like Lallana who I think was a good buy (yeah it was a rather heavy price) or Remy. And the amount of hate Lallana is getting is stupid really, I mean he's proven PL team of the season player, yes that was only one season but still better than our other buys such as Can. Also world class players or players around the world class level don't cost too much... Kroos/Rakitic £25 million, Sanchez/Costa/Fabregas £30-40 million. And why is it that the players Liverpool buy need so much time to settle in, West Ham and Southamptons new players seem a lot better than ours. I'm not saying our buys are rubbish, NO they're very good future player, they're not really gonna help us in the short term.

  70. Twist,
    We should have signed either Alex Song when we had the chance...........by the way, I never see your posts anymore. You okay?

  71. I'll give you one or two more examples then :) What about about when Dennis Bergkamp played as a number 9 for Inter Milan. He was bombed out to Arsenal to eventually become one of the premier Leagues greatest playing his natural position of no.10. Roberto Baggio also struggled up top on his own as did Eric Cantona at Leeds when played as a number 9 but Alex knew his quality lay in playing deeper with another striker. I think BR is understanding now that he will get goals and play well if he isn't shoved down the middle on his own.