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18 Sep 2014

'Sign Him': Red boss suggests 'amazing' £20m star could be LFC's next transfer. Dream deal?

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Liverpool co-owner John Henry has sparked a raging frenzy of LFC fan-speculation this evening with cryptic tweet about long-time Reds target Marco Reus.

In August, Sky Sports claimed that:

"Liverpool have been trimmed from 11/8 to 6/5 favourites to sign Marco Reus after a handful of big bets today.

"Man United are now out to 8/1 [with] Bayern at 16/1"

On Wednesday night, John W. Henry tweeted:

It's doubtful that Henry tweeted this himself; someone (a friend; family member etc) probably got access to his account and tweeted it as a joke. Liverpool's owner is a professional, and an experienced businessman, and there's no way he'd make such a faux pas (IMO)

Of course, he could've been drunk, which would also explain it (!)

Until recently, 'amazing' Reus was believed to have a €35m buyout clause in his contract, but according to Bayern Munich Chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the actual buyout figure is €25m (£20m), which is eminently affordable for a host of clubs, including Liverpool.

Reus seems certain leave Dortmund next summer, and when asked about the attacker's future this week, Sporting Director Michael Zorc told reporters:

"There are many clubs, even outside of Germany, interested in Marco. We will continue discussions, and then we'll see if we can achieve a positive result"

LFC legend Jamie Carragher is a fan of Reus, and when asked last month about the possibility of the German coming to Anfield, he enthused:

“I’d love LFC to sign Reus. [He's a ] great player, and would be one of the best players in the Premier League.”

Most Liverpool fans probably feel the same, but whether the club can attract a player of Reus's quality remains to be seen.



  1. club just needs to stump up the cash to sign players of his caliber. nothing more.

  2. Believe it when he's wearing the shirt

  3. Liverpool should have tried signing Reus with the money they spent on Lallana.

  4. Wasn't a joke as part of a tweet where he was talking about the God Particle (or an article to do with it)

  5. What are they Smoking in Boston its J W Henrys response to the constant badgering he gets on Twitter over signing Rues. The sarcastic response is great:)

  6. You have to have a sense of humour if you're the owner of this football club. Fans would be on you 24 hours a day.

  7. Spirit of the Shadows2:11 pm, September 18, 2014

    Absolutely love the owner's banter. More seriously though we must go after reus or pedro in january , doesn't matter if they are cup tiedinthe champs league. The good thing about pedro is if he isn't starting now then he isn't going to be on the bench once suarez starts playing. Also the suso to milan rumours are gathering pace and he wasn't even looked at in the ludogorets game, looks like his time is up at the club.

  8. Spirit of the Shadows2:16 pm, September 18, 2014

    To rub salt into the wounds, chelsea got fabregas for 29mil..sigh

  9. They stump of plenty of cash. Sadly at least half of it is waisted all the time

  10. true :( when i see what other clubs buy with 100 million and see what we have for that amount of cash i weep internally.

  11. if lfc can attract reus....if any player in the world does not feel a 5 time european cup + 18 league titles is good enough for them then they are not worthy to put on the red jersy....as for fans thinking this season will be a struggle it will be at the start as 9 new players get used to each other...but trust in rodgers normal service will resume just hope it s on derby day ...YNWA

  12. Spirit of the Shadows2:31 pm, September 18, 2014

    well balotelli and markovic for 36 mil could turn out to be a steal

  13. Wasn't this is response to loads of people tweeting at him asking him to sign Reus.

  14. Spirit of the Shadows2:40 pm, September 18, 2014

    there is a daily mail article saying that the club bid 8 million for dele alli in the summer and dons rejected it..well surely we can get him if we want can't we?

  15. We took Borussia Dortmund to the cleaners in pre season.Liverpool played with intensity, passed the ball well, our movement was good and we had a cutting edge that we've only showed at Spurs since.
    Dortmund would've analysed footage to try and eliminate defensive mistakes because they had Bayern Munich a few days later.That would've made a good impression on Marco Reus.He would've seen a player of his ability fits perfectly in our system.
    We stand a chance of getting him in January because Dortmund wouldn't want to risk Bayern Munich activating his buyout clause and losing another top player to their main title rivals.

  16. As an experienced businessman he doesn't have time for silly jokes

    It is far more likely he had a few too many drinks and allowed a friend, who just happens to be a compulsive prankster, to have full access to his twitter account :-)

  17. Yes that's exactly what it was. Lots of people getting excited about nothing

  18. another day, another superstar 'in our sights' that we are 'tracking', 'in pole position for' that never is truly sought and acquired..............and the torture continues...............

  19. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! I am not impressed by Lallana to be honest from what I saw last year, in pre-season and since....................

  20. Liverpool getting him instead of Bayern makes sense

  21. I do think that Reus' availability for such a low transfer money was not a public information when we signed Lallana.

  22. Your not impressed with Lallana in his injured pre-season? Last year he was the pick of a great bunch in a good team. And I think we could give him a bit more time than 2 games of returning to match fitness before we judge.