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14 Sep 2014

Sell ASAP? - Euro giants to make January offer for 'outstanding' £10m LFC star

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Last week, Liverpool defender Glen Johnson admitted that he could 'talk to other clubs' during the January transfer window, and by all account, he won't be short of potential suitors.

According to reports today, Roma are planning to make a January offer for £10m-rated Johnson, who shares an agent with fellow Brit Ashley Cole, who joined the club on a free transfer over the summer.

In my view, the more clubs that come in for Johnson the better, as it (theoretically) means an increased chance of moving him on.

Some of the criticism of 'outstanding' Johnson - - recently hailed as 'one of the best full-backs in the world' by Brendan Rodgers - is, admittedly, a little over the top, but there's no escaping the fact that Johnson's time at Anfield is slowly drawing to a close, and with Manquillo, Moreno, and Flanagan in the squad, it's going to be hard for him to retain an automatic starting place.

Of course, there's also another possibility: Johnson returns from injury and plays out of his skin, prompting Rodgers to keep him in the side, leading to a new 2-year contract at the club. It's not beyond the realm of possibility - after all, just look at the resurgence of Martin Skrtel.

To be honest, as much as I don't rate Johnson, if he takes a pay-cut, then I don't have a problem with him staying at LFC. Whether he's willing to do that is another matter entirely, but if he stays, he'll make a great squad player, just like Lucas, Allen, Toure et al.



  1. If we can get near £5m on him to pay for manquilo job done

  2. 10 million aye right! The club will accept a nominal fee if any at all for Johnson. Getting rid if his massive wages in January would be a bigger priority than a sizeable transfer fee I would think.
    Couldn't resist putting Allen in that list could you haha

  3. Anyone else think Louis Van Gaal is actually a robot?

  4. Only positive of the weekend, a goal + an assist for Origi :-)

  5. Spirit of the Shadows3:28 am, September 15, 2014

    The serie a would suit him, both Roma and juve play with 3 in the back so he'll play a wingback/right midfielder which he'll be good at. He'll definitely have to take a wage cut to move to Italy as well. In the last 2 seasons he has had no real competition at the club that could maybe be cited as a reason for his performances. If he does somehow get in the team and play out his skin ( and play like someone worth his wages ) he'll still get a new deal, but currently it looks unlikely and his words suggest he is unwilling to win his contract that way.

  6. Allen has energy but is a useless gnat who can't kick the ball into the ocean and isn't strong enough to be a defensive mid IMO".......used to like Johnson but the last three years especially have been disappointing and often brutal to watch.....he's a goner in January. Truth is, I thought he was gone three weeks ago....

  7. We'd need a replacement. Manquillo has been a surprise success but Enrique can't really be relied on in the long term so if Johnson goes then we'll need another wing back brought in. For all of his shortcomings Johnson hasn't had a lot of long term injury problems and has been a regular in the squad for a long time. If we let someone like that go we need to bring in someone new. The problem then becomes how many new (and young) defenders we have in the squad. I don't think it's ideal and maybe we're better off keeping him for the rest of the season and then letting him go on a free. We can then bring in another quality right back in the summer when guys like Moreno and Manquillo are properly settled in.

    10 million pounds is a dream. More likely they'll offer us a 1982 Fiat Stella and a packet of Ferrrro Rocher.

  8. I'm convinced he's a giant thumb with eyes, mouth and nose drawn on.

  9. Problem with JG is that he seems to drift badly out of form (and position!) far too often to be relied upon, certainly in a defensive sense. A terribly frustrating player to watch. We have decent depth now in the full back positions so I doubt there's too many fans that would be aggrieved to see him leave for a reasonable fee; 5 or 6 million might do it.

  10. Haha and a birds nest on top