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26 Sep 2014

I dream of LFC: BR wants to sign £15m star who 'followed Liverpool as a child'

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Marseille attacker Andre Ayew has been linked with a move to Liverpool many times in the past, and new reports this week suggest that the Reds are planning to make a January move the Ghanaian international.

According to The Mirror today:

* Ayew is refusing to sign a new contract wants a move to England.

* Liverpool and Chelsea are interested, and a pre-contract agreement in January is a possibility.

This follows a recent report in French newspaper L'Equipe, which claimed that the 24 year old 'dreams' of a move to Liverpool.

€15m-rated Ayew has a soft-spot for Liverpool, and when interviewed last season on French TV show Telefoot, he enthused:

"It [The Premier league] is a league I always think of. I am Ghanaian and an English speaker, and I have a strong preference for England. As for Liverpool - I followed them as a child"

When asked about his future recently, Ayew told reporters:

"Everything is possible. I'm under contract and proud to wear this jersey. I could have left it two years ago, but I stayed, had finished second. We'll see"

Ayew's versatility probably makes him an appealing option for Brendan Rodgers. He can play as a winger, or a striker, but is he prolific enough, though? Stats for the last few years:

* 2010-11: 13 goals/3 assists in 51 appearances.
* 2011-12: 16 goals/4 assists in 39 apps.
* 2012-13: 13 goals/5 assists in 45 apps.
* 2013-14: 8 goals/3 assists in 29 apps.
* Goal/Assist every 2.5 games.

Liverpool have Lallana, Markovic, Sterling, and Coutinho, but the Reds could (arguably) do with another quality attacking midfielder. Ayew is much more experienced that the likes of Suso, Markovic etc, so for the right price, it could be a shrewd transfer.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. In January will he be able to talk to other clubs, like a free agent. I think his contract runs out end of the season. Can anybody clarify thus? Because if its true then it would be a very shrewd move and would give great cover for when sturridge is injured.

  2. Last lost at Anfield to Everton - 27 09 99 - that worries me bigtime cause cant see us scoring - PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG REDS

  3. Thought he looked a player at the World Cup

  4. Every 5 years Liverpool put up a good title challenge and go close but the following season we drop off.I knew it would be hard without Suarez but i thought how Brendan Rodgers got us playing last season we'd have enough to challenge.
    120m spent and some that i've talked to refuse to see it but overall we could've done much better in the transfer market.The football so far is nothing like the stuff we played last season.
    Liverpool are lucky our rivals for fourth look like garbage too.This season will be a dog-fight for 4th spot.I would cut Jordan Ibe's loan short because he's good enough to contribute.

  5. The problem will be keeping a clean sheet.I forecast another poor high scoring PL match which is exciting on the surface but is littered with defensive mistakes.Hopefully we come out on top!

  6. While I agree with you it's been a poor start, that's all it has been. HOW can you judge our business in the transfer market after a few games? Who's to say when Markovic and Balotelli settle in, they won't start producing the goods. If they did, would it then be a good transfer window? People are far too quick to judge IMO...

  7. I judged whether Liverpool's £120m worth of summer signings was value for money at the time of purchase not 5 games into a season.How did i magically do that... You simply grade players on the form and production shown at previous clubs.Maybe add a little on for potential growth if they're kids and also factor in what others go for to gauge a fair valuation.Something will all do or most of us do when we give our views on potential incomings when a estimated purchase figure is stated.
    Just like people did when we paid 35m for Andy Carroll.Many who watched him at Newcastle thought the price was extortionate.If Liverpool overpay for a player at the time of purchase why do i have to wait a year to say it was bad business.
    Hypothetically if someone is bought for 2 or 3 times his market valuation and he goes on to live up to the inflated price tag.Do you think it makes the player a good deal when he was bought?

  8. See but now you've completely changed your line of reasoning. In your first post, you clearly link the Summer transfer business to the fact that "the football so far is nothing like the stuff we played last season." That's what I found unreasonable. Now you're attempting to dismiss my point by claiming you're judging it on a pure value for money analysis. And even still I think you're engaging in hyperbole. Overall our purchases were decent value - Moreno looks a steal, Ballotelli for 16m likewise (in factoring what others go for to gauge a fair valuation), Manquillo is on loan and looks very solid, Lovren (taking into account the factors you have so generously provided) is worth 20 million, Can for 10 is perfectly acceptable given the widespread consensus that he is a great prospect. Lallana, taking into account what he did last season, the fact that he's English (can't ignore the reality of this) and his undeniable talent, we probably overpaid 5 million for. Markovic is supposedly one of the most exciting young players in Europe, and we probably overpaid 5 million for him too. So by my count we probably overpaid 10 million in the transfer market - given the volume of transfers carried out, I really don't know why it's such an issue.

  9. "Now you've completely changed your line of reasoning" Maybe you should read my first comment again before you accuse me of moving the goal posts.I clearly stated we could've done better with the 120m so why are you upset about me expanding and talking about value for money.
    I also said the football is nothing like we played last season but it was in comparison to last season.Look at how the first paragraph was constructed.If you linked money with bad performances and got upset that's on you.
    Relax it's not a competition.Or i don't view it as one.I'm not attempting to try and dismiss your comment, just replying and asking a ignored question.
    Lazar Markovic, Lallana, Dejan Lovren were overpriced.Balotelli at 16m was a decent deal but there's a question mark over him whether he fits our style of play.

  10. I think the mistake that is being made here by many fans is that they are expecting Balotelli to be Suarez. It is not going to happen, nor will any other player we sign no matter who they are bring the same as what Suarez did.

    Balotelli has featured in 2 EPL, 1 C/C and 1 CL matches. Lallana never even had a preseason he was however our best player vs Boro. Lovren needs to pull up his socks but it is not like any of our other CB's can put their hand up and say they have been any good so far this season.

    Markovic also has only featured in 4 matches. let's give our new signing some breathing space?

    Fact of the matter is that if Rodgers does not pick a starting eleven that works as a unit and does not get his tactics and formation right which he did 99% of then we will continue to struggle.

  11. Pieter Engelbrecht7:21 am, September 27, 2014

    amen to that

  12. I havent seen anyone yet say Balotelli was going to be anywhere near Suarez but most were hoping for a 20 goal return or close to that.
    Probably some even made up of penalties and a reasonable amount of assists.

  13. Who exactly is expecting Balotelli to be Suarez? Can you name and shame those fans because i'm not aware of any.Luis Suarez is one of the top 3 attacking players in the world and had the ability to Fabreeze a bad performance by bailing out poor defensive displays.He was a maverick who fitted into a team structure.Mario Balotelli is a maverick but sometimes he separates himself from a good team display.

  14. 20 goal return in four appearances which none of have been the full 90 minutes?

  15. There is the expectancy for Balotelli to have the same impact as Suarez. If balotelli had scored in every of the four matches he has featured in so far do you think anybody would have anything negative to say about him? He has featured 4 times for us. 4 times...

  16. The unknown fans who have unrealistic expectations of Balo making the same impact on matches as Suarez are living in Fifa land.If Mario Balotelli scored in every game some fan and media reaction would be over the top.They would be talking about a Balotelli Vs Diego Costa showdown for the Golden Boot.But he hasn't so it's a pointless question to bring up.
    We desperately need Daniel Sturridge back in the team.He gives our forward line a fantastic balance.The Spurs match was our best performance by a country mile.We saw early signs of a decent strike partnership.

  17. But would Sturridge do any better up on his own in this mindboggling 4-2-3-1 formation Rodgers has gone with which makes our attack look like one managed by Roy Hodgson?

  18. U fool for the season if he could score 5 a game Suarez wouldnt go close to comparing.

  19. For the season there klink not in 4 games.

  20. But my point is that he has not even played a full 90 minutes as yet. He has one goal already though.

    You cannot judge a player after four appearances especially when you have a manger who is tinkering with tactics etc.

  21. Exactly mate. The amount of people I've heard saying the season's over is unreal

  22. I had this same argument with Beast last week

  23. Not judgfng just metering expectation we all know with this guy the sky is the limit but he still has a fair way to go.

  24. Give me a break, now you're trying to dilute my points by claiming I got upset? I'm merely disagreeing with the over the top nature of your comments which appear to have been presupposed by an unrealistic expectancy that we would kick on from where we left off. We overpaid by about 10 million for some but underpaid for others, so on a value for money analysis we're about even. Then that just leaves how we're performing, and I'll go back to my previous point, some people are too quick to judge. Try not to get too upset now...

  25. Haha its just far too early to judge! I'm pretty confident it'll all come together.

  26. Don't you always say Suso needs more game? And aren't you always talking about "unhealthy" competition?
    How would adding another player of this type help either of those?

  27. We could do with some goal scorers wherever they are on the pitch.