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22 Aug 2014

Exposed: Transfer lies re LFC's alleged deal for 'world class' £7m a-year star. Good news?

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According to several dubious, opportunist sources today, 'world class' striker Samuel Eto'o is reportedly on the verge of signing a one year deal with Liverpool, and is set to seal the transfer over the weekend. The Reds' interest in the ex-Chelsea star is well documented, but it appears that there's no foundation to this particular rumour.

Earlier today, reports surfaced claiming that Eto'o - who earned £7m for his year at Chelsea - had undergone a medical in France ahead of signing for Liverpool, but in the last hour, the Liverpool Echo has refuted the story:

"Reports suggesting Liverpool are also on the brink of signing Samuel Eto’o are wide of the mark. The Reds currently have no plans to follow up their initial interest in the 33-year-old free agent".

Why would LFC conduct Eto'o's medical in Paris? With Balotelli in town for his medical, surely it would make more sense for Eto'o to travel to Liverpool so the club can kill two birds with one stone? It's not as if he can't afford the travel costs (!)

As such, in the absence of persuasive evidence, and when considering the veracity of sources covering this 'story', I'm more inclined to believe the Echo's contention that LFC are not considering Eto'o.

That said, as argued in a previous article, Eto'o is a viable option, but only if Liverpool sign another top-quality striker, and with Mario Balotelli almost in the bag, I can see how a one-year deal for the Cameroonian seems to makes sense. To be honest, though, I'd rather see the club keep Borini than pay massive wages for one of football's biggest mercenaries.

On the subject of Borini - how much humiliation will he go through before he decides to call it a day?

If LFC do end up signing Eto'o, it will be another huge slap in the face for the Italian. After the ignominy of slipping behind 32-year old Rickie Lambert in the pecking order, he'll face being fifth choice behind a fading 33-year old. Talk about a vote of no-confidence.

Rodgers clearly has no faith in Borini, and for the sake of his career, the best thing he can do is to seek a permanent move away.



  1. I know some will go crazy at this comment .
    I would get torres back at Liverpool .
    think it would be a gamble I would take.

  2. no way too old still sick over the signing of the headcase what is rodgers at

  3. Paying Eto'o 100k or more per week would be insane. I think he was just the plan D if we couldn't get Mario or anybody else.

  4. Rodgers has learned his lesson from the loaning of Carroll to West Ham BEFORE he had concluded the signing of Clint Dempsey. Now it looks like Borini is going nowhere until at least one of either Ballotelli or Eto'o is signed. It's good to see the club learning from their mistakes. As soon as either sign I expect Borini to be off in a flash.

  5. Think getting Eto makes a lot of sense as long as we get Mario B as well. As for Borini, I'd say he is sick too death of hearing how liverpool only have to senior strikers available as of now. The guy should move on fast, best for all parties

  6. I get the feeling the deal is practically done. I expect Sunderland to get the green light as soon as we make a signing (regardless of all the noises from Pool making out the delay is due to Borini. I think the deal has been agreed in priniciple, Liverpool are just covering their behind)

  7. He lost his pace whilst he was with us...... and has continued to get slower. Pace was a massive part to his game, imagine if you will Walcott with no pace, there would be no player left.

  8. I hope your right, it would make for clever business from liverpool in a summer where our transfer business can be defined as clever. To make it perfect I'd love to get Song with lucas going out.plus a back up GK

  9. For us to sell Borini for £14 million and then sign Ballatelli for £16million some needs to call the police because someone somewhere has been done :) and for once it isnt us :) . I agree Song would be a great signing for us and I also agree Jones is not up to no.2, he's pretty terrible.

  10. As a backup of Balotelli & Sturridge (notice the order, at full potential of both, that's my rating), I 'll always take Eto'o as a back up. But, we already has wasted 4mn on Lambert; so unless we can sell Borini, I don't think Eto'o is coming. However, as said, instead of Lambert been offered the pension, Eto'o would brought so much experience in the young squad - 4 WCs experience, 3 CL trophy, 3+1 La Liga & Seria A title, 4 times African FoTY, several domestic & International trophies, 56 International goals, compared to a couple of good years at mid-table club & few caps under a pathetic Manager in a poor England side at 30+ .... But, I do understand the logic of buying Lambert.

  11. I'd rather bring back Rush out of retirement.

  12. He'd do a job, but I think we have enough to see us at least through to January, when the window opens again and we can evaluate where we are, with money for a decent transfer and wages. Maybe situations will become more favourable with Shaqiri, Reus, Jese, Falcao, Cavani, Lavezzi or even Remy again... whoever, a desireable signing is my point.

  13. Signing Eto'o now would make no sense at all. It will be overkill.

  14. Eto was rubbish last season and in the world cup. We don't need him and would cost to much in wages. Bring one of the under 21's up instead.

  15. Andrea Pirlo speaks strongly in support of Mario Balotelli and he seems like a good sensible man. I hope he is right because a settled Mario would be a tremendous player for Liverpool. I would love to see him succeed. However, like John below I would also Like to see Fernando Torres get that chance too. We can't say he made a mistake leaving the club when he did to win trophies (as the club was at a peak low period) because he did achieved that. His performances though were a pale, ghostly reflection of those with Steven Gerrard and company at Anfield. The days of players like Bull of Wolves and our own Steve Gerrard battling away against the odds with a club has gone with the influx of foreign players. Luis Suarez got our blood pumping and the profit on his sale to Barcelona gave Liverpool the opportunity to become great again. - I hope that is not lost.. Thank you Luis. I wish you and your family well.

  16. Pirlo is God (well there's two, Fowler and Pirlo). Only God can judge. God is always right.

  17. Spirit of the Shadows2:08 am, August 23, 2014

    Eto offers nothing different from what we already have, would rather see yesil play. I personally think the club is using the eto rumor to lowball the balotelli deal, just like the Ben Davis rumor, maybe that's why balo is cheap.

  18. We have to respect Borini's decision... If he wants to stay and fight for his place, it's commendable... But he has a lil sense, he would realise he just does not figure in BR plans... Maybe he feels he deserves a better club than sunderland... Yes, Borini over Eto'o any day... Anyone over Eto'o...

  19. At least with Balotelli BR can go with a front three of Sterling-Sturridge-Balotelli. The competition for places in our attack might just be the key to challenging for the title again.

    Sturridge, Balotelli, Lambert, Sterling, Markovich, Coutinho, Lallana, Borini if he stays and Ibe if he does not go on loan.

    Compared to our rivals

    Costa, Fabregas, Oscar, Hazard, Torres, Salah, Schurlle

    Sanchez, Ozil, Campbell, Giroud, Podolski, Carzola, Walcott, Chamberlain, Sanogo

    Aguero, Dzeko, Silva, Nasri, Negredo, Navas, Jovetic, Milner,

    Overall I think we stand a very good chance but see City as the team to beat again. IMO they still have the strongest squad.

  20. We don't need etoo and borini can be sold too. If we have massive injury problems, sterling can be the striker and I bet he would be great there too. He's developed his finishing a lot and it would be the next step for his development in being the world's best player when he's around 25.

  21. Infact Eto'o was the alternate choice incase the Baloteli deal collapses. BR was preparing Eto'o incase Balotelli didn't agree with the 'behaviour clause'. Since now Balotelli is in the bag, we don't need to worry about Eto'o anymore.

  22. It also suggests that we are getting Balotelli at a cut price. He can go to any top club in the world but it seems like there is not much interest in him otherwise his price would have been much more and it also seems Milan just want rid. Surely he is worth more than £16m? Arsenal were rumoured to be close to signing him but other than that who else showed interest?

    We will be getting a top player. Here is hoping his ability is not overshadowed by his Super Mario attitude.

    Selling Borini for £14m suggests that we are going to make a profit on selling players from now on. If Assaidi had agreed terms with Stoke then that would have been another profit. Aspas and Alberto if they have good seasons in Spain will see us breaking even at the least. The transfer windows and LFC are finally starting to gel.

  23. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:30 am, August 23, 2014

    with all the balotelli talk we seemed to ahve forgotten we have a game on monday against the champions
    here is my team:

    bench: lambert,markovic,can,lucas,sakho,johnson,jones

    just a bit unsure of manquillo and moreno playing so early in such a tough match

  24. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:31 am, August 23, 2014

    is balotelli as good as alexis snachez?

  25. We were probably just covering our bases and sounding a possible deal out at some stage this month and it snow-balls in the media to a medical in France. No way this is happening IMO.

    Liverpools priorities now in a fans ideal world would be 1.Reus 2.Sales 3.GK
    though it's more likely 1.Sales 2.Reus 3.GK which is fine.
    We have a good squad now and people are going to under-estimate us massively without Suarez. But when i look at the options we have available in each position we look very strong, and no matter what starting 11 iis picked we will have something we haven't had in years, people on the bench who can change a game.
    Looking forward to the season ahead.

  26. Cannot see us going with two holding midfielders,

    Our midfield was extremely laboured in the first half vs Southampton until Allen came on and we switched to the diamond. For our pressing it just makes more sense to flip the triangle and have Stevie as the pivot.

  27. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:55 am, August 23, 2014

    vs city last year we played 2 holding mids

    i think it had more to do with lucas and gerrard lack of mobility
    allen ha that in abundance

  28. We played the diamond as per Anfield Index.

  29. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:05 am, August 23, 2014

    at etihad?

  30. Lucas was the pivot as per Anfield Index.

  31. Arsenal look underpowered, don't they? And more injuries to Aguero would see City relying on the inconsistent Dzeko and the raw Jovetic (who I rate very highly, but who hasn't won his spurs in England yet). Negredo and Navas haven't made the grade, great examples of the way the extra challenge in England can unwind a player's game. We can equal or better City over the course of the season, I have no doubt.

    Chelsea have a beautiful front line on paper. Schurrle in particular is a great league player, one who will perform when the others won't or can't, and win points for his team when they don't deserve them. Costa and Fabregas can take them to another level, but I'm concerned about the mentality of both players; there are fragilities there, they can both let their passion get the better of them (remember Fabregas breaking his leg taking a penalty against Barcelona...). I wouldn't expect too much from Oscar and Torres at this point. I can also see them having trouble with injury, and Mourinho's tactics can hamper his sides against obdurate defensive opposition (i.e. when he gets out-Mourinho'd). I'd expect them to start and finish the season strongly.

    But on balance I really think Liverpool are the ones to beat.

  32. I would not have minded us stealing Walcott from Arsenal but he is an injury waiting to happen. Sanchez does not quite fit with Wenger's philosophy. That is the one player I am gutted about not getting. Sanchez thrive under Rodgers.

  33. torrez is garbage and has been foe several seasons

  34. agreed i have never seen a liverpool squad with so many attacking options....no need to play injured players no need to pick a weak team in the cups no need to play players who are out of form

  35. we have an array of attacking players so lets attack

  36. Well I heard Alexis often snachez wins at the death for his team, but other than that, nah

  37. lol I saw what you did there

  38. I have no idea why we played two holding mids in the first place

  39. Hope Brendan can discern that hardworking Liverpudlians do not take insincere phoneys to their hearts. We are not fools and don't appreciate clowns and mercenaries.
    Suddenly all principle goes out the window when faced with talent. Liverpool don't need anymore comedy.

  40. i do wish borini was playing against the scum today for sunderland, the score might have been different,i do like the lad but i want to see ricky realise his dream first