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28 Aug 2014

'We'll try to win': £80m superstar confident of beating 'very difficult' Liverpool. Disappointing CL group?

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The Champions League draw is in! Some fans will be happy that Liverpool have luckily avoided a dreaded group of death, but overall, Real Madrid aside, the draw (IMO) is a little disappointing.

Full Draw

* Liverpool
* Real Madrid
* FC Basel
* Ludogorets Razgrad

Reacting to the draw, Brendan Rodgers enthused:

"To be back in it again, no matter who we were going to play, it was always going to be exciting. But to have Real Madrid in your group, the champions last season, is going to be special"

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo added:

"It'll be nice, I've never played there for Real Madrid. Liverpool is a very, very difficult stadium. But we are Real Madrid so we're going to try to win."

With the greatest respect, Basel and Razgrad are the type of teams you'd expect to face in the Europa League, not the Champions League, and for me, it would've been far more exciting to see the Reds drawn against stronger sides.

Granted, given the clubs drawn, Liverpool possibly have more chance of progressing from their group, but I'd rather see the Reds get the group of death, and I'd take Arsenal's or Manchester City's group in a heartbeat.

It'll be fantastic to play Real Madrid, though, and here's hoping Liverpool can replicate the club's last performance against Los Blancos:



  1. I would agree some of the reaction is a bit OTT.

    But like you I don't agree with what they said and fortunately I am not on the receiving end of prejudice on a daily basis

  2. Agreed the two big games against madrid will satisfy the appetite for now, especially as they are the back to back third and fourth ones meaning both teams will not already be qualified. Basel away could be a banana skin for us or real but we should both qualify, then hopefully more big ties to look forward to. First and foremost lets get a win against spurs and get city game off our minds, might provide a springboard for a run of victories.

  3. Great draw. We will have a super night on October 10th. Can't wait. Ticket search starts!!!!!!!

  4. We'll make a load more if we qualify for champs league next season with the bt deal kicking. Hopefully we do and keep utd looking from the outside in.

  5. I honestly thing city might exit at group stage, think us and Chelsea may go the furthest. Destined for another meeting with Mourinho I reckon, just great to have those champ league nights back...bring it on.

  6. Don't underestimate Basel. They are no pushovers. They defeated Chelsea home and away.

  7. I think we've got the best of both worlds with this group. We've got the Real Madrid glamour tie but also a group that we should really qualify from. Bearing in mind many of our squad will be making their champions league debuts do we really want a group containing Madrid, Dortmund and Ajax or something? Granted its good to see the famous teams but for our first time back in 5 years, I don't want us to be on the receiving end of a couple of hidings from some hugely experienced European giants. Ours is a squad that's been bought to grow together over the next couple of seasons.
    Qualifying from the group stages will be good for both our finances and our club stature but we can still get excited about Madrid

  8. Ilori doesn't have the frame yet, not for the EPL.

  9. Spot on, plus the way the fixtures have panned out, if we win our first two games the lads can really go into the Madrid home game on a high and have the chance of another famous european victory. That in itself could help league form going forward.

  10. Getting through the group would probably have us playing another exciting team anyway.

  11. Classic case of be careful what you wish for! I'm more than happy with the group with exactly the same sentiment that's been displayed by @JockInTheKop. Let's grow into the tournament, not have to fight tooth and nail to get through the group stages, especially as we've new faces in the squad who need time and most importantly, a league title to fight for. Potentially, and I obviously hope, we'll be going into the new year full of confidence.

  12. Are you thinking of "Dr Zaius" from the Troy McClure musical "Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off!".

  13. Liverpool needs a good defensive coach, never seen their defense so disorganised, but they have the personnel

  14. thats why we loan him to other leagues :P so we can hide that weakness

  15. it's OK to be ignorant, but to make it known here, how could you, Will?

  16. Song ll be perfect then.Hes was known fr his assists in his arsenal days plus he can break up play for sure.

  17. Are you joking!He could have done well with all the 3 goals conceded against man city.Last season was the same for him ; inconsistent ; sometimes brilliant sometimes absolutely ordinary.He cant continue like that this season too.Look at the GKs of any top side all across Europe ; its not enough just to be a good shot stopper.

  18. Okay. So when Gerrard who is defensively inept and Lovren who had a poor game make mistakes it's fine. But if Skrtel makes errors, the world comes to an end.

    1st goal - Moreno is sleeping. Tried to clear it way too slowly and he had his hands up in the air like a pansy. Re watch it.

    2nd goal - Gerrard in no mans land letting runners go past him, Lovren and Skrtel have too many people to deal with in the middle. Ball is played through the left side and there is a gaping space where the City receiver gets it and where Lovren should be. Crossed to the other side and goal is scored. Skrtel and Johnson actually not at fault for that one. Re watch it.

    3rd goal - Whole team is asleep, Mignolet came off his line, Aguero is too good to miss. That goal came from the left side again ie Lovrens side. Watch the clip again.

    Keep Skrtel in your sights and just conveniently ignore everything else. When Spurs put two or three past us are you going to say 'well at least Sakho can't be blamed for that'?

    The new boys who you've been waxing lyrical about where directly at fault, Gerrard too. Yet you pin it on Skrtel. Will you ever assess anything objectively?

  19. That's the impression we like to give......

  20. He'll have to get used to that in the prem

  21. Simple, i just ask a simple question about something i didn't know the answer to. Must be amazing to know it all. Seems most would be ignorant without google !

  22. All 3 of you spelt Falcao wrong...

  23. You are referring to the famous footballer Radamel Falcao we are talking about Redamal Falcoa

  24. I would love to know how you expected him to stop two one on ones and a shot into an open net.

    Could he have stopped them? Sure! And we would have liked him to.

    But should he have stopped them? Unlikely at best.