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26 Aug 2014

Transfer No 10? After Balotelli, LFC to make £10m offer for exciting 'top finisher'. Humiliation for Borini?

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The transfers just keep on coming, and after Mario Balotellu, Liverpool are reportedly planning a substantial offer for Anderlecht striker Aleksandar Mitrovic, who plays alongside recent Reds signing Lazar Markovic for the Serbia national team.

According to reports this week:

* The Reds are planning a £10m offer for Mitrovic.

* LFC scouts have watched the 19-year old striker 'intensively' over the 'last few months'.Striker No. 4? After Balotelli, LFC to make £10m offer for exciting 'top finisher'. More humiliation

With four goals in six games already this season, Mitrovic is on fire for Anderlecht at the moment, and his stats from last season - 16 goals in 39 appearances - are equally impressive, especially for a teenager. Some further info about Mitrovic:

* 18 goals in 32 appearances for Partizan Belgrade.
* 1 goal in 6 apps for the Serbia national team.
* 11 goals in 21 apps for various Serbia youth teams.
* Two league title medals (for Partizan and Anderlecht)
* most expensive transfer in Anderlecht's history.
* 2013: UEFA Under-19 Championship winner.

If Liverpool sign Mitrovic, where does that leave Divock Origi? Unless the plan is to do a Chelsea and loan Mitrovic out, it's doubtful that the team can sustain Sturridge, Balotelli, Lambert, Origi, and Mitrovic next season.

Perhaps the Reds are looking at Mitrovic as a potential fourth striker for this season? Ideally, Liverpool need four good strikers, and - like Origi - the Serb fits perfectly into the currently pecking order:

* Sturridge/Balotelli: First-choice strikers
* Lambert: Experienced back-up.
* Mitrovic: Young, hungry, comparatively inexperienced back-up.

The age/experience mix appears to be just right, but Mitrovic is a regular started for Anderlecht, so why would he give that up to sit on the bench at Liverpool?

Former Liverpool attacker Milan Jovanovic insists that Mitrovic is destined for great things, and in a recent interview, he raved:

"He [Mitrovic] is a real top finisher – a menace in the box, and he's built for the top"

If Liverpool are genuinely interest in Mitrovic, then it's even more humiliation for Fabio Borini. Brendan Rodgers has replaced the Italisn THREE times already this summer (Lambert, Origi, and Balotelli), and bringing in a 19-year old will be another massive vote of no-confidence.



  1. I know these comments wont go Down good with my fellow LFC fans .
    We need more then anything Big box to box midfielder more then anything .
    Allen did good first half Sh&t second half Gerrard going forward is just Ok not great but tracking back struggles . Coutinho is not a starter he is great off bench Henderson is only Good doing one Job.
    We don't need striker now We need Controlling Mid Pogba or Vidal .
    Sorry to say lots of players in our team leave massive holes behind them when going forward Gerrard Allen Johnson Henderson . Central we need Unit

  2. i agree completely. we lack an imposing physical presence in the middle of the field. and henderson is just not clever enough.

  3. Sorry to say it Rodgers fault putting Moreno in with out testing him with so called weaker teams . FSG are giving him the money . he is making a Barcelona type midfield small mobile not working in EPL . last year Jose touched Rodgers up you would have thought he learnt . Games like this you go for draw if you pinch winning goal great .

  4. Agreed. Mitrovic is one hell of a player though. Although he'll probably still be there ik January. CM Should take prio

  5. definitely not coming now because JK has written an article on him before he signs...

  6. We need a CDM with a physical presence(like Song).We don't need any more young strikers, especially for 10m. We should rather buy Song with that money.

  7. Liverpool are indeed looking for CM to replace Lucas. Deadline day might be interesting, assuming it takes us until deadline day.

  8. Source?

    Your mate that used to work for Liverpool? ;-)

  9. His mum's friend's third cousin knows a bloke who sold a horse to a woman who cleans Ayre's apartment

  10. Kind of. The person I have met did work for LFC a few years ago, and has kept in touch with someone who still does work there. Apparently Eto'o would have been a good dressing room replacement for Pepe :)

  11. Unfortunately I can't say anything to dispel that, whatever I say to do that would potentially get me in trouble.

  12. You get discus notifications for everything these days. Cheers for following me. I know I'm an inspiration to many.

  13. I followed you just in case there's a private message function, but there isn't. Otherwise, I maybe would have told you better details about it.

  14. I wonder if Borini is just hanging out for a transfer to a club other than Sunderland. It's somewhat understandable that he doesn't want to tie his long-term future to a team that barely survived relegation last year. But no question, his Liverpool career is over. Maybe if Liverpool don't get anyone else in this summer then he'll think it's worth hanging around, play some cup games, maybe get some CL minutes. But it seems a significant risk and if Mitrovic is a genuine target then Borini should just forget about it and leave now.

    In this instance I would agree with any assessment that says Rodgers is to some degree at fault here. He brought the player from Roma, paid a reasonable sum for his services and nothing has come of it. Borini would have been better off staying where he was and I would guess Rodgers has given the lad a heartfelt apology for how it's turned out. That's not to say that Borini is simply owed a successful football career, but Rodgers has clearly gotten this one wrong. Borini isn't a bad player but in the very next window Rodgers brought in another striker who, together with Suarez, effectively killed any chance Borini had at making a name for himself at Liverpool. I feel for the guy and hope he finds a good solution and can continue to develop his game.

    4 strikers at a team like Liverpool makes sense. I'd assume Origi will be back next season so if Mitrovic comes in then it'll be a battle to see who makes the squad. Lambert might find himself on the outside, which is a real shame, but he has the rest of this season to establish himself in the team and make a real contribution. If two young guys can out-train him and out-play him next season then so be it, he just won't be good enough. Harsh, but that's what it's like playing at this level.

  15. That's actually a good idea and disqus should get onto that!

    Aren't you in Sydney? Just shout out the information in your back yard and maybe I'll hear it.

  16. Mr. Point Of View9:25 am, August 26, 2014

    The main QUESTION is why we buy borini in 1st place if he not a PLAN to BR?

  17. Not really disappointed
    with the game. The fighting spirit was there and the talent we have is

    Mignolet –There
    is nothing he can do.

    Moreno - Apart from the 1st goal
    he had an overall a good game. Much better than Enrique. The link up with
    Markovich was smooth and the fighting spirit after he twist his ankle was

    Skrtel – Not their best day. They can improve and can do much better. (its
    their 2nd game and against the last season Champion, cant blame them)

    Johnson – He
    was OK for 1st half but after the 2nd half he was the
    worst player. I cant believe how many time he lost the ball, dispossess, poor
    delivery and passing, and don’t get me started with his defensive job. He is a
    left back right???? Im very happy with his injury. Hopefully it will be until end
    of the season.

    - Overall game was OK, better than Coutinho.
    His control on the ball was good.

    Coutinho – Disappointing
    night for our little magician. No magic created and he was invisible. He need
    to start performing if not Sterling
    or Lallana will take his place!

    Sterling – Pace!! Doing what he does best.

    Henderson – The engine but a bit timid. He
    should’ve go for the goal when he received the ball from Sterling but he pass back the ball. Wasted.

    Gerrard –
    Excellent passing skill. Dictate the game but doesn’t have the leg anymore. He
    should try to shoot from outside the penalty box whenever he has the chance but
    he didn’t.

    Sturridge - The best player on the pitch. Hard working and great attitude.

    Subs :

    Markovich –
    Great talent. Excited whenever he have the ball. Great link up play with Moreno. He will be a great

    Can – I have
    high hope on him but I was disappointed at his performance and the diving?? It
    was not necessary!!!

    Lambert – Truly
    reliable PLAN B. But he wasted the 2nd chance.

  18. Henderson just doesnt get the support i think his work rate is fantastic.

  19. There is enough hollow heads up that way to amplify it for you .

  20. You quit the fantasy mate was lookin forward to see your team.

  21. He was bought 2 years ago. Since then has proved what level he is at at Sunderland.

  22. There are spurious, tenuous links to players and then there's this story. Utter nonsense

  23. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:25 am, August 26, 2014

    i overreacted yesterday

    we still ahve balotelli and lallana to come in , coutinho will have some competition he is just going through a rough patch


    that is a promising front 6

    a song or schniderlin would be a boost though

  24. Sydney is bigger than London, Liverpool and Manchester combined.

  25. There was talk Borini was waiting on Inter Milan.

  26. A top DM signing would complete us.

  27. Agreed i think youve hit the nail on the head.

  28. I didn't think it was the right game to blood the kid confidence wise but i suppose now he knows how hard it gets.

  29. weak links for Liverpool...Johnson,Sturridge my top choices...if i must say people say Sturridge had a phenomenal season last time out...but nobody actually saw that it was Suarez that gave majority of assists for him to get the goals that where celebrated last season...For me Sturridge is still a kindergarten player and moreover he hasn't got what it takes to carry a team...let alone deliver the Goods...!! I am surprised that nobody saw that sturridge never helps the midfield...he is a DISGRACE to Liverpool...Suarez puts in more effort in each game for Liverpool and his efforts gave him the Goals and the assists that made him a world beater..!!...Sturridge dribbles without intent...he is just a show off...

    As for Glen Johnson ...what a sad tale..the Spanish boy from Athletico is more fluid and has a better understanding...Johnson is definitely not in the same league with the young man...The lad recovers fully and is even more adept at initiating purposeful attacks...

    In summary Glen Johnson ..should leave...Sturridge should be placed on the bench to learn more from accomplished players and told that "poachers are strikers" Not dancers...


  30. Thank God someone has said the truth...Without taking anything from Henderson...he isn't that clever...he makes up for that by being a work horse...but i ask what is the essence of being able to run around for ninety minutes...in a game without a 'Midas touch"??

  31. I f you are to play attacking football you must give a bit and a work horse is a must.

  32. Your kidding surely you obviously never watched Sturridge without Suarez then really he is a great finisher.
    Going on your other comments i gather we should get rid of most the first 11 and replace them with whom then?

  33. Its the hardest game of the EPL season mate sure be great to win but we went in underdogs give it our best and come up short.

  34. his work rate is excellent. but he reminds me of dirk kuyt. he just does not possess the guile. even when he is in a excellent position to play one of his team mates he always has to lift his head up first and then decide what to do. like yesterday's free-kick routine when gerrard lifted the ball over to him. he could have crossed it across the box first time but he dallied and it came to nothing. it may not be a fair comparison but in contrast what about jovetic for his second goal. that cheeky back heel is what we expect from henderson and allen. not all the time but at least every once in a while.

  35. Not impressed with Allen i am hoping next season they get an upgrade on him as its looking as if he is staying this season.
    Song may well be our best midfield option at the moment if we can get him.

  36. are we actually in for song? i did not read a whole lot about that particular rumour. if we get him it'd be great though.

  37. Yeah its rumoured but dont hold your breath just pray.

  38. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:10 pm, August 26, 2014

    the spurs game is make or break

    if we lose our season is over, if we win we are back in

    they are a big danger under pochetino

  39. Yes, the season is over after three games. Is the universe going to explode soon after, too?

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  40. totally agree with you

  41. Did you forget to take them pills Nick.

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:31 pm, August 26, 2014

    look at 09-10
    we lost to suds and villa in first three games
    we were finished for the rest of the season

    you were right the curse of finishing 2nd is descending and it will take its third manager

  43. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:32 pm, August 26, 2014

    how will i know if the universe will explode soon i am not a n
    astrologer ?

    i will google it

  44. Agree if he'd really set the world alight in training or more importantly at Sunderland then Rodger's would, I imagine, want him in the team. He hasn't so he doesn't.

    I assume when he was bought he thought he might kick on more. BR has some responsibility perhaps but if the player does not make himself indispensable he too has to take some responsibility.

    I think Borini wants a club other than Sunderland but will take Sunderland on loan if nothing better comes along. There is no real incentive for him to sign for Sunderland now. He can maintain his wages and stay in the shop window whilst on another loan spell there or elsewhere.

  45. I assume your having a laugh. We get beaten away by (IMO) the best team in the league and suddenly our season is on a knife edge?
    Spurs away will always be a big game, not because we got beat last night, but because they are direct competition, but there's 35 more games to go after Sunday.

  46. Why would we sign one more striker? I think everyone has forgotten that Origi will also be arriving next year

  47. i dont know why people are going mad over 1 loss that was an away game to the champions..we were good and this game came too early as we have too many new players to gel in..city were playing the team from last year at home so it was obvious..they were very clinical and hats off to their defence, a disciplined one with kompany proving out to be a great leader..we surely need a good DM just look at their fernando..with great respect to gerrard i think he needs to play less and if they cant buy a DM then develop Can to accomodate, i ve a feeling he will do great.

    the things we are lacking are CONFIDENCE and vision..every player was thinking too much when on the ball.

    and mate mignolet could ve done everything to stop that third goal..awful positioning.

    and i said before too that u need to be defensive n get them on counter..if u think u can go all attack at etihad and outscore them, you are a fool.

  48. So, did you find the answer?

  49. I feel like Borini should have gotten the hint when Liverpool accepted Sunderland's offer. Good on him for trying to fight for his place, but clearly it is a losing battle and he should get himself regular game time elsewhere.

  50. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:49 pm, August 26, 2014

    not that we got beat but the manner of the defeat when we lost last season at the ethihad i was alright we played well could have won the game

  51. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:49 pm, August 26, 2014

    it wont!

  52. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:50 pm, August 26, 2014

    we need a dm crying out for one

    since we saved money on balotelli

    why not a bid for morgan schniderlin

  53. According to my research, the universe will explode on either December 31, 1999 (at midnight), or December 12, 2012. Prepare thyself.

  54. Yes we do really not sure there the only rumour ive heard is the Song one which makes me happy really doubt Schneiderlin will be at the club this season.
    Things money wise wouldnt want to rely on any more sales everyone wants a loan nobody wants to pay up.

  55. yes, let's look at 09/10...a time when we were bankrupt.

  56. Well said that Man!
    I'll add that for all Lovren self confidence and so called marshalling last night he was culpible for the Aguero goal.
    I'm not convinced and I think a lot of us are giving him way too much credit for two performances and a pre-season.
    Monerno too early to judge.

  57. Allen was our best player last night, and is a very useful member of the squad. I'd be more concerned with getting somebody like song in to play dmc

  58. Mate, getting from one end of Sydney to the other can take over two and a half hours.

  59. yes, but it only takes that long due to the amount of time spent dodging all the types of crazy insects and bloodthirsty animals that would love to kill you for sport. Otherwise, 30 minutes tops.

  60. And?

    That would mean that if we could do it then when were virtually bankrupt why cant we do the same now when we have a much better squad and money?

  61. Give the new signings time to settle down. Emre Can is that type of midfielder. Where are we going to fit Couthion, Markovic, Lallana, Henderson, Can, Gerrard, Joe Allen ???

  62. I hate all this doom and gloom.

    Look at this way, we were playing the current Champions at their home ground, they have the best squad in the league and have played together for a while now.

    We on the other hand are playing with a defence that had never played before and with a number of new players.

    Sure am I disappointed with the loss but I saw enough last night that makes me confident that we can and will finish in the top 4.

  63. We played well last night for large periods. The first 40 mins we where by far the better side. City then had a 5 min spell of possession a defender switched off and they scored changing the dynamic of the game.

    After that we tried to push for an equaliser which opened us up to citys attacking talent. They had 4 shots on target and scored 3. The way some people talk is as if we got battered and played off the park. Possession was 53% to 47%. We even had more attempts on goal than Man City.

  64. It was a gamble, the lad had potential, he hasn't really fulfilled it though.

  65. If Sturridge is such a disgrace how come no LFC striker before now has as good a goal to minutes ratio?
    Even Suarez.
    Although I agree about Glen Johnson, that post makes no real sense at all and loses it's credibility when it states that Sturridge is a disgrace..

  66. They are not going to publish the date in case people panic. Not long now.......

  67. Good post mate

  68. That's a myth, Suarez only assisted 4 of Sturridge's 21 goals

  69. Agreed maybe Song how about Balanta/ grab this guy nitro vice quick think Sturridge will be injured a lot this season

  70. 36 goals in 50 games. Yea you're right, what a disgrace to the shirt

  71. Sturbridge will get injured a lot so maybe Mitrovic could be good / Song can lose interest during games how about Balanta and a top keeper

  72. "Sorry but im very happy with his injury. Hopefully it will be until end of the season."

    Just holy f*ck... Disgraceful!

  73. Because schniderlin is no better than what we already have he epitomises mediocrity the lad couldn't even make the french squad ahead of sissoko before he was drafted in as a standby why would we pay the apparent 20 mill asking price for what is quite obviously a mid table center mid?

  74. Call yourself a Liverpool supporter? Glen Johnson is a Liverpool player whatever you think of him he is one of our own and to celebrate his injury is disgraceful. I don't wish an injury upon anyone much less our own players I can only conclude that you've never played sport. Liverpool could do without fans like

  75. We continue to waste precious resources in transfer market. I think we did with Origi. Not convinced he was "extensively" scouted as we were made to believe. Aleksandar Mitrovic is a more skillful and complete finisher than Origi anyday. I have nothing against Origi and has no likeness for Mitrovic. But watched Origi in WC and now watch him in Ligue 1. Hes still a kid learning his trade but Mitrovic is way better at 19 yo. Yes I understand we need to address defense like a DM but if Mitrovic can be gotten, we should get him. His value will double very soon.

    Lambert will be gone in 2 yrs and Sturridge, Balotelli, Origi and Mitrovic will suffice. Sorry but we wasted money on Borini. Many fans baxked him but never saw him as making the grade at LFC. Makes good runs, has some skills but wont see him at LFC. Less than 50% of transfers work and Borini, Alberto, Aspas, Allen are in that bracket for me. I'm sorry.

  76. Thanks for saying it mate. Look This is again new line up & its gonna take little time to build such a chemistry that would beat pl champions at their home in only 2nd game of the season. It took nearly 10-15 games to figure starting 11 for mourinho esque manager last season. We are good strategically, tactically, technically & in individual performances. In time all the pieces will fit in & everybody will be in awe like last year. Have faith.

  77. I used to live there mate

  78. we need william carvallho,from sporting lisbon,and he shouldve been one of our first signings this window.Hes big strong and can play,and gerrard needs to make an impact off the bench these days.I just hope we can deliver him a premiership title before he retires,theres noone more deserving of one imo.

  79. why can't we buy Song and a Ramirez(Chelski) or Yusuf Mulumbu(West Brom) type of players who are not only pacy but will also cut down the counter attack from opposition teams...No need of a Striker at the moment to be honest

  80. No one will say it, so I will, Stevie G is the one who looks like he will struggle to get into this side after this season. He still has the physical attributes, but he is not a defensive midfielder and the gaps appear behind him too often. People are going to have to get used to the fact that his time as a dead cert starter are beginning to look numbered. Man Utd had the same thing with Bryan Robson, but after he took on a lesser role they started winning everything.

  81. Henderson reminds me of Ronnie Whelan with the amount of energy that he brings to the team. He's actually a more skilful player than many would have him pegged for. He has the ability, he just needs to contribute more going forward and scoring, time for him to be a little more brave and bold.

  82. Skrtel is the one who has to sort out his positioning. Yes, Lovren has been guilty of moving from one side to another, but as pointed out on SKY by both Carra and Gary Neville, the defence has got to move together. If anything Lovren was guilty of trying to close the defensive gaps, Skrtel didn't follow. Also we should never have sold Reina, he should have been putting Mignolet under pressure. Mignolet's positioning for that third goal was poor and allowed Aguero to make his mind up quickly as to what to do. Mignolet doesn't move his feet quickly enough and he needs to be more decisive. Being a shot stopper is not enough, we need better than that. If only Pepe had kept his big mouth shut about Barcelona coming in for him, he wrecked his own career with that move. Now he'll be lucky to get a game at Bayern. What a waste of a great goalkeeper.

  83. Allen should be the next player to leave after Lucas Leiva. He has had some time to find his footing and so far he has failed to impress. I don't think he will ever be better than he is now. Liverpool a team with less depth than City even after all the spending needs to pursue more marquee type signings like Balotelli in the next window if they are serious of competing and beating the big boys in the champion's league and the league. Liverpool is taking steps to return to it's past level of greatness but it still has a long way to go. Let's make more quality signings Brendan Rodgers not a lot of average squad players like you did this time around. You usually get what you pay for. You buy cheap and then you will not win anything.

  84. The voice of reason.10:19 pm, August 26, 2014

    People need to calm down it was a big game against our biggest rivals last season, we did alright considering we started off with a new left back, and City took advantage of that situation, Moreno did a fairly decent job but needed a bit more help than what he got. It was evident that a few of our players looked out of touch with Citys strong midfield players in that second half, Gerrard, Coutinho, and Allen looked second best in the second half and where all guilty of not reacting to opposition players going past them which therefore created problems for Skrtel and Lovren and ended up with all of Citys goals. Glen Johnson was yet again poor and i don`t blame him completely its more Brendon Rodgers fault than Johnson, who picks the team? Manquillo would probably have done a better job but thats just my own opinion. We need a better than average DM, Stevie just Isn`t that player unfortunately he looks lost at times and it showed to often last night, we need somebody who can intercept and cut off the oppositions suply before they advance towards our danger zone, like we saw Mascherano do time and again for Baca and Argentina in the world cup. Hopefully we will kick start our season this coming Sunday against another strong looking Tottenham side, with Adam Lallana, and Mario Balotelli hopefully ready to start, we should have enough fire power to beat or at least come away with a draw.

  85. Did we have the money to strengthen the squad like we did this year? Did we even strengthen the squad that much, for that matter?

  86. And that's what makes Australia so interesting and wonderful!

  87. They don't frighten us down here only visitors and city slickers worry about them wimpy critters

  88. Let's not let blind loyalty get in the way of the facts. I have been critical of Allen in the past, but he played well last night particularly in the first half. If anything he was asked to do too much, I know Henderson is flavour of the month but He stood off the city midfield all night and gave Allen little help, same as the rest of the midfield. If someone plays well they deserve some credit.

  89. Personally I think the team has been crying out for a defensive midfielder ever since Mascherano left. Why is it so hard to see that with a proper engine in the heart of midfield disrupting attacks and initiating them, our attacking assets cannot help but flourish and our strengthening defence has a barrier to provide some protection. If we only buy one more player before the transfer window closes, please for the love of God, let it be an established DM!

  90. JK,
    You and I completely agree that we need four strikers although several people here think otherwise. Given all our kids, this rumor seems odd given all the kids we have and the need for experienced ( but not slow) strikers. I say look for more experience for this final position up front. Most of all, HURRY!

  91. Spot on post. Our defensive middle was wide open in the second half. In truth, City was just too much class for us. Moreno looked he good at times but him standing flat footed on Joevtics goal picked Moreno's pocket was embarrassing. I don't think he will forget that anytime soon. He blended well with Markovic, Sturridge and Sterling. Johnson was horrendous; run forward, stop, pass back and retreat. Are we to believe that Flanagan could do better with a cane??? He needs to go and keep Flanno in the squad along with Manquillo. Each is better than Johnson right now. Pits a shame because he was much better 4-5 years ago. Lastly, Stevie is still the man on set pieces but he just can't stay in position and stop fast attacking midfielders. THere was no midfielder within 15 - 20 yards of Jovetic on his second goal...I do think the team chemistry and understanding showed signs and with the next few weeks should solidify for all to see......

  92. Agree. Allen hustles but is just not good enough......

  93. when majority of the goals where already prepared by Suarez??

  94. What 4 out of 21? So far this season 2 goals/assists in 2 games without Suarez in the team. You're argument is nonsensical, he's our most prolific scorer in 100 years and you want him dropped? Ludicrous

  95. i give u five games to see what is obtainable...after 5 games let us talk then ...