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11 Jan 2014

'He has regressed' - Jan Molby urges Man United to dump hated £10m star.

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Liverpool fans despise Manchester United at the best of times (and vice-versa), but after the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra incident, it's fair say that the French left-back is possibly the most hated United player of the last ten years, if not of all time. Evra may invoke the ire of Reds fans, but his effectiveness for Man Utd during the Alex Ferguson era cannot be denied. Anfield legend Jan Molby believes, however, that Evra is in decline, and suggests that it's time for him to be replaced.

In his column for Eurosport this week, Molby observed conceded that £10m-rated Evra is still 'dangerous' going forward, but argued that he's a liability in defence:

"For me, his [Evra's] defending has regressed as he has aged and with the club in its current state, they [Man United] can’t afford to be so charitable to veteran players based on prior reputations".

Evra's appearance record for Man United is formidable, and like Luis Suarez, he never seems to get injured:

* 288 appearances in the last 6 completed seasons.
* Averages 48 games a season.

Pretty impressive, but this season - to the joy of Reds fans everywhere - Evra is part of a dysfunctional United defence, which is conceding goals, and losing games, on a pleasingly regular basis.

One thing Liverpool have lacked over the last 4-5 years is a regular, steady, dependable left-back. Several players have tried to make the position their own, but none have succeeded, and that includes Jose Enrique.

As for Evra - much of the animosity towards him from LFC fans is deserved, but some of it is based on deliberate twisting of the facts and exaggeration, specifically Evra's alleged prior record of making race complaints.

Liverpool's press release in response to Evra's accusations stated the following:

"It is also our opinion that the accusation by this particular player was not credible - certainly no more credible than his prior unfounded accusations"

This was massively irresponsible and amateur of LFC, especially in light of the fact that Evra, as a matter of irrefutable fact, had made no 'prior unfounded accusations'. LFC's statement fanned the flames of discontent amongst the club's fanbase, and led to the 'prior unfounded accusations' myth spreading like wildfire.

Of course, the majority of Reds fans didn't seem to care about the veracity of the lie perpetuated by LFC's statement; Evra was the enemy, and with demonisation and character assassination at the top of the agenda, the truth didn't matter.

At the time, I couldn't stomach that. I'm no fan of Evra, but I do care about, facts, truth, and fairness, so I posted an article showing - with proof - how Evra had not made any 'prior unfounded' race 'accusations.

Evra clearly exaggerated his complaint about Suarez (in terms of how many times the Uruguayan used the word 'negro'), but that doesn't mean fans have the right to exaggerated, embellish, and/or lie about his past.

When all is said and done, there will be no tears shed at Anfield if Evra leaves the Premier League this year (!) As Molby suggests, he is 'regressing', but in an interesting parallel, Luis Suarez is on an upward curve, and the Evra incident has just strengthened his resolve to become a better player.

All's well that ends well.

N.B: Contrary to the prevailing myth, during the Evra situation, I defended Suarez at greater length and in more detail than any news provider/website on the planet, and urged him to appeal against his FA 'conviction'.



  1. ye, suarez can racially abuse evra, as long as it makes him a better player, all's well that ends well eh.

  2. evra also tried to get him into even more trouble with the handshake affair, never moved until suarez was past him, then decided to throw his toys out the pram, cant stand the man

  3. Man United' defence has been poor but the problems are nott down to Evra. IMO evra is absolute quality. he does the Left back role with perfection and knows how to analyse and dictate play. makes excellent runs forwards and also can head a few goals. United have conceded alot of corners or crosses coming in and there centre backs failing to deal with it. they have conceded corner on numerous occasions. infact alot of the teams in the premier league are conceding from set-pieces, including us. Evra is still a good LB and its the united team around him which is not up to standards. if Evra joined RM or Bayer Munich he would be very effective for the whole world to see.

  4. It's good to see the whole team regress. Along with Evra. May it continue.

  5. I couldn't give two flying ducks about him.I'm more worried by looking at the table after today's results.It shows for all our improvement that we're still in a shaky position as regards European qualification in any competition,Does Mr. Ayre notice this or shall we continue to buy 'yellow pack' players? As for the loanees,they should be returned immediately.

  6. Many black Liverpool fans around the world were hurt by the clubs handling of the Suarez/Evra incident. The appalling public relations gaff only improved when the owners stepped in and brought Dalglish to heel. Personally, I hate Dalglish more than Evra as my boyhood idolisation of him was obviously misguided.

  7. Tomorrow is a must win...no excuses...no away fixture tentativeness...just go for it and clean this up.

  8. True,results today put on the squeeze.Can't be any slips.I just get a feeling of uncertainty about games like tomorrow whereas at City and Chelsea it was more a case of 'into the breach'.

  9. Not the best defensive midfielder in the world anyway because he'll be at Bayern

  10. Certainly looks like MVila will be first January signing. The only reason we are still in the running for Salah is he wants to play for LFC. It remains for FSG to stump up an amount of money that Basle will be satisfied with.

  11. Forget Cabaye.

  12. What did Dalglish do to Suarez for you to hate him? I am a white LFC fan and Kenny Dalglish is a legend and will always be and many other LFC fans, pink, blue black, yellow or whatever colour they may be appreciate what Dalglish has done for the club.

  13. True that, Ibe seems a legit player with a bit more size and confidence than sterling.
    Texiera doesnt seem to be up to the physical side of english football at the moment, hopefully in time we get to see them both

  14. One day we'll look back on all this and laugh... Oh well perhaps not but it is about time it was left alone.

  15. interesting comment from an arsehole man... I remember Arse en trying to do exactly that during the summer.... It amuses me that everyone still fears LFC,, even at their weakest you are scared to play at Anfield.. Bless!

  16. danny ings would be good ,,,, 22 will only get better

  17. Looks like he s heading north NEWCASTLE have offered 10 mill and big wages

  18. Danny ing looks to be Heading North as Newcasle have offered 10 million and big wages ,,,,