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'This is what he wants' - Xabi Alonso's dad provides transfer update

Last summer, Xabi Alonso admitted that he 'misses' Anfield, and hinted that if the right 'circumstances' arose, a return to Liverpool 'could be a possibility'. Almost a year later, and the classy Spaniard is still linked with a sensational return to his old club, but is there a realistic chance of this happening?

Real Madrid have reportedly offered Alonso a new contract, and in an interview last night, Miguel Alonso - Xabi's father - provided a new update on the Spain midfielder's future. He told Radio MARCA:

"What he [Alonso] wants to do is to wait a bit to see what happens and how things go, and then, when the time is right, he'll make the appropriate decision. It's as simple as that - there's nothing else to it"

When asked if there is any possibility of a return to Real Sociedad, Alonso Sr. added:

"Going home is always difficult, and anyway, Sociedad is pretty well stocked right now".

In March, Spanish Journalist Josep Pedrerol claimed that Alonso will not renew his contract with Madrid. He told Punto Pelota:

"Xabi Alonso has decided not to renew with Real Madrid. [His current deal] ends in June 2014 and his contract will not be renewed."

I'm sure many Liverpool fans would love to see Alonso back at Anfield. Steven Gerrard certainly would - the Liverpool captain has praised his former team-mate many times, and he voted for Alonso in the recent Ballon d'Or poll, putting him third behind Messi and Ronaldo.

Nuri Sahin revealed in August that Alonso still misses Anfield:

"Xabi said just good things [about Liverpool]. He played a long time here, and he is still in love with Liverpool Football Club.

Jamie Carragher also misses Alonso's presence at Anfield. He told the ITV during Euro 2012:

"It just sickens me to see Alonso in the red of Spain and not the red of Liverpool. We'd love to have him back - he was a fantastic player at our club."

Liverpool fans have a tendency to romanticise Alonso's possible return without considering the reality. The Spaniard is a bona-fide world class midfielder with peerless experience, but I'd hate to see him return to Anfield and spend most of his time on the bench (due to squad rotation/preference for younger players etc).

Having said that, Andrea Pirlo joined Juventus at the age of 32 and totally transformed the team, and Alonso is certainly capable of having a similar impact at Liverpool. And I would always have him in the team ahead of Allen, Shelvey, Henderson et al.

Being brutally honest, a midfield three of Gerrard, Alonso and Lucas lacks pace and mobility, but if Liverpool had, say, Mohamed Diame in there instead of the Brazilian, it would (arguably) be much more effective.

Alonso's contract with Real Madrid expires next summer, and if ever there was a player who would fit into Rodgers' football philosophy, it's Alonso. However, next year, he'll be 33 - the time to return is now, at the age of 31. The question is, will FSG sanction a move for a player in his 30s? Reds legend Dietmar Hamann certainly hopes so, but he's not sure it will happen. He tweeted last week:

"I'd love to see Xabi Alonso back at Anfield. He's a pleasure to watch, but I'm not sure whether there is any truth in it. I can't really see it happening"

It's ridiculous to even contemplate that FSG would reject a bona-fide world class midfielder like Alonso, but if they did, it would be utter negligence of the highest order (IMO).

Signing Alonso is akin to signing players of the calibre of Andrea Pirlo and Xavi, and chances like that don't come around too often, especially for clubs consistently hovering around mid-table.

Alonso would bring immense class and quality to the Liverpool team, and it would be a absolute travesty if Reds fans were denied the opportunity to see him once again strut his stuff at Anfield.

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11 August 2014

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nick1811 said...

FSG are not doing their job if they reject Alonso. Period.

FdotM said...

I would love to see him back to be honest. Alonso is what I call a world class midfielder. With him back I think he would help Shelvey, Henderson a lot.

I still can't believe we had 3 "world class" midfielders in our team...Alonso, Mascherano and Gerrard. I took it for granted :(

Chirag Vyas said...

I will be very happy with Alonso, Eriksen and Gerrard in the midfield and Lucas, Hendo and Shelvey as a back up.

Jamie said...

I agree - go with Erikson - would be a dream to have Alonso back (not only could the guy place the ball on a six pence from 60 yards, he was the pivot of our short passing game under Rafa) but I personally think its looking too short term - we've already got our own quality experienced midfielder ala Pirlo in Gerrard - do we need another? Let the boy Erikson learn from the master...has similar potential...

Jason Carr said...

unfortunatly its all a dream one which probably will never come true

macs said...

Alonso along with Erikson and Diame and we would have a cracking midfield!!! YNWA

Jamie said...

I remember those days!

We've got the best midfield in the world!
We've got Xabi Alonso, Momo Sissoko
Gerrard and MascheranOOOOOOOo
*Sighs* Loved you Rafa!

Eric said...

At the end of the day it all depends on how much Alonso would cost. He wouldn't be the first player to be allowed to leave on the cheap with only one year left on his contract. We did it for Bellamy, who I'm delighted for that he helped get Cardiff promoted by the way, Kuyt and Maxi last summer. If he had to cost ten million then I'd prefer us to spend that on more long term prospects as well. As for players to learn from, it's good to have a couple of them in our squad and Xabi has qualities that Gerrard doesn't have and vise versa. Someone like Eriksen or Mkytharian could definitely learn from Gerrard but someone like Allen and Lucas are better of looking at Alonso.

Eric said...

It is quite possible that I'm starting to feel that it was the sale of Sissoko that really kickstarted our decline, not that of Alonso.

Bill Ward said...

Not going to happen. We all know (but some forget) John Henry only wants to buy young players with a resale value and at 32 Alonso is at least 5 years over the limit. Much as I would love to see him back, it is only a pipe-dream.

El_Skittles said...

Agreed - but if with only a year left on his contract and at 32 Real might let him go for a cut price deal (~5M), which shouldn't hinder signing Eriksen.
That said, Eriksen is a much more sensible buy.

Jason Carr said...

i don,t think real are that daft lol

The good times are back said...

Pity Alonso left because of Rafa wanting Barry to take his place. The most idiotic move ever by Rafa. Our midfield has not been the same and Rafa should take the blame for Alonso leaving. Rafa wouldn't even allow Alonso to be at the birth of his child. Now with Rafa gone Alonso has the chance to come back and retire at the club he loves. Hoping it happens.

rubyrm said...

I hated Rafa the day he sold Alonso. We could be in a totally different situation the last couple of years if Alonso was still here.

gilstrap said...

if xabi came back it would be a completely different kettle of fish to first time...i never like going back and xabis time has been and gone with us....

Chib Akobundu said...

Part of the problem with owning a football team if you are American or were raised playing a different type of sport is that you end up lacking when it comes to your ability to recognize a bonafide top drawer talent. It would be a terrible shame if John Henry and his cohorts at FSG fail to bring Xabi Alonso over simply because he is a player in his 30's. Some times a players skill and talent should be more important than his resale value. Anyone who follows football and really has a wonderful grasp of the game will understand that a player like Alonso is regarded as one of the masters of his craft. Currently speaking the Liverpool squad do not possess many players of the quality of Alonso. Our whole bench is usually weak. No one on it usually to cause the opposition many worries. You can say our team has been toothless for long time.

Brendan Rodgers with all his energy and innovation does does not posses the swag to attract the world's top class emerging talent to Liverpool. If he does pull off the signing of Christain Eriksen it would be in my opinion his first major coup in the transfer market. Eriksen a top class player openly being pursued by clubs across the globe would be Rodgers first real competitive signing. (by competitive i mean he would have had to compete against other major clubs for a big name player).Liverpool should feel greatful that a player of Alonzo's class wants to sign for them last time I checked we don't have to many world class players knocking on our door. Those that advise Mr Henry and Werner should explain to them what the value of having Mr Alonso on the team means. It means more money from tickets and more money from merchandising and who knows maybe more money from Champions league qualification at the end of next season.

It would be a tragedy if Liverpool let's Alonso slip away.

islesfan74 said...

If any team is relying on its owners to recognize talent, odds are that team is not going to do well consistently.

We are relying on the scouts and advisers to provide ownership with a sensible plan.

Chib Akobundu said...

yeah but owners make final decision on who they release money to sign. If scouts say a player is good but he falls outside the age policy owners are comfortable with. They simply don't have to make money available. Coaches are not going to finance a transfer out of their own pockets.

Think back to when Jose Mourinho was still in charge of Chelsea. Mr Roman (can't keep a manager ) Abramovich wanted to sign a hot talent by name of Andrie Shevanchko from AC Milan. Mourinho was not in support of the signing but Abramovich went ahead and spent on the player. This ultimately led to Mr Mourinho's resignation from Chelsea (it is the only reason Mourinho left look it up). Sometimes owners do not allow coaches to acquire the players that they want or they can sign somebody without consulting the manager it does happen. He who controls the funds controls the signing . Rodgers doesn't have make final decision on who get's signed. If he did he would have signed Clint Dempsey on deadline day last summer. Turned out the owners didn't want a 29 year old striker. This case is no difference. Not manager have it like Sir Alex who makes all final decisions on player acquisitions provided the funds are there.

Pete said...

Come on man it's a good deal for Real, BR said the Welsh Xavi will double in value, so he's worth 30mil!!!! I'd cash in ;)

rmstewart1 said...

If Carrol comes back and we get Alonso, that's our game changer sorted. Alonso knocks the ball the field, Carrol knocks it down into the path of Suarez/Sturridge/Gerrard/Sterling and there's ya goal! Simples!

Shanklys_sons said...

Sissoko was never the same after his eye surgery.

Shanklys_sons said...

How about we praise the man for having the vision to bring him in the first place. We didn't try and sell Alonso to try and bring in Barry. The idea was to increase competition and depth when Alonso's form was waning and Lucas was nowhere near ready.

And when Real Madrid come in with an offer of 30 million when the owners were running the Club into administration it is not as if Rafa called all the shots.

Alonso was moving from a sinking ship to The most decorated European team in history in his home country after a good few years at the Club on more wages with less tax, not to mention the prospects of playing under Mourinho alongside Ronaldo.

It sickens me how simplisitc some people view the Alonso sale or every so called "error" Rafa inflicted.

DiskoBiskit54 said...


Youre making us dream again Jamie!

Days of olde with songs of 'The best midfield in the World' with Gerrard, Alonso and Diame in the center of the field.

If only FSG restore us to the glory this club once knew every season...

Jason Carr said...

what rodgers says and what happens are 2 different things;-)

mick said...

Rafa messed up with alonso. Slated him for chooseing the birth of his kid over a game then made it clear to everyone he wantrd barry instead. Alonso played for a move in 09 and he was right. We never got barry cos rafa messed him around as much as alonso instead we,ve wasted millions on midfielders. Rafa was awful in 09 people seem to foget that.

Shanklys_sons said...

Again more misinformed, media led simplification. Well we get what we deserve really. Alonso left on his own accord. It wasn't because he had some differences with the manager.
Managers aren't paid to be soft, cuddly mates with the players. They are there to make the tough decisions.

Alonso underperformed for 2 seasons and after he got the kick up the backside he had his best season ever and the
Club got 30m for him and Alonso was able to play CL football at Real. We didn't get Barry to ad competion because O'Leary slapped on a 18 million price tag on him.

The plan was to initially bring in Barry ad competition. Alonso can't play every bloody game the whole season!!
The reason we couldn't compete in both CL, Cups and the League was we were short in quality of depth.

At any rate Barry was a utility player that could cover MF, LMF

Rossi said...

I'm glad you chucked in momo diame, 1st time I really watched him was v chlsea in rafas first home game and he destroyed them, if the rumours are true that he costs as little as 3.5 mill then I can't believe nobody has gone in for him yet, looks like a young toure to me! Yeah him alongside and Gerrard would be a nice combo in midfield

Gareth Owen said...

One name, Gary Mcallister. FSG should look him up and see what he managed at Liverpool and take note of his age at the time.

rubyrm said...

Well you said it. The ship was sinking under who's stewardship? Nuff sed. get over it already. Rafa was getting too big for his head. He had to go

Joshua Gresham said...

Spot on. A midfield 3 of Alonso, Gerrard and Diame would be immense. However with our current selection of midfielders I can't see Gerrard and Alonso playing in the same starting 11. Gerrard has lost a lot of that drive and power he use to have or at least has toned it back to look after his body and he definitely plays a similar role as what Alonso would. In saying that I would take him back in a heart beat. He is undoubtedly a World Class midfielder and Liverpool would be lucky to have him back.

The good times are back said...

You are nothing but a Rafa APOLOGIST!!!

I guess you never read Rafa's book called Champions League Dreams where he clearly states that he was going to sell Alonso in order to sign Barry. go buy a copy of that book and see for yourself.

So much for you "Barry being back up' and a 'utility player'. Rafa was a complete and utter joke for even wanting to replace Alonso with Barry and ended up being Rafa's downfall. Barry can't lace Alonso boots FACT.

As usual Rafa and his APOLOGISTS will blame everything and anyone else for his short comings.

LFC is a better place without Rafael Benitez but that is only if you arent a Rafa APOLOGIST.

And he did not want Alonso to attend the birth of his kid but Alosno was man enough to show Rafa the finger.

The good times are back said...

My original post has gone for moderation. Let me post it again.

You are nothing but a Rafa APOLOGIST!!!

I guess you never read Rafa's book called Champions League Dreams where he clearly states that he was going to sell Alonso in order to sign Barry. go buy a copy of that book and see for yourself.

So much for you "Barry being back up' and a 'utility player'. Rafa was living in la la land for even wanting to replace Alonso with Barry and ended up being Rafa's downfall. Barry can't lace Alonso boots FACT.

As usual Rafa and his APOLOGISTS will blame everything and anyone else for his short comings.

LFC is a better place without Rafael Benitez but that is only if you arent a Rafa APOLOGIST.

And he did not want Alonso to attend the birth of his kid but Alosno was man enough to show Rafa the finger.

The good times are back said...

Let's try a different post as both my previous comments have been sent for moderation? Why i have no idea.

Rafa states in his book Champions League Dreams that he was going to sell Alonso to sign Barry and if you do not believe me then go buy his book and see for yourself because clearly you have not read it yet.

Excuse after excuse after excuse to defend Rafa as usual.

As usual everything and everyone else will be blamed for Rafa's short comings.

Shanklys_sons said...

Lets put Hicks and Gillette's influence especially towards the end of Rafa's stewardship in context. Too big for his head? Laughable... an these same people wanted Mourinho.
Its called charisma and having the balls to stand up to Ferguson, the Man U favouring media and etc.

Well the ship has sunk and we won't be be returning in a hurry because we sacked the man who got us back there. Unfortunately there are too many who somehow have a grudge against him. Sad really...

Shanklys_sons said...

Yeah of course I'm going to defend him from ungrateful so called fans who seem to prefer rookies and mid table mediocrity than proven success.

We have sunk our Armada indefinitely due to ignorance of the highest order from the owners, right down to our fanbase that no longer have any sense of what we have lost.

Chib Akobundu said...

Yeah all i am saying is simply that FSG management were willing to allow manager to make all the decisions about player signing when they appointed Kenny Daglish to the hot seat. Got an insane amount of money and he bought mediocre players. That experience has led them (FSG) to be more hands on about how their money is spent. They want to be more involved now in the acquisition process. The only problem being that they don't know too much about player stats and they couldn't recognize talent in football or soccer if it hit them in the face.

Abromivich is young and egotistical. Wanted his country man on his team. Yeah he spends more than most manager's but he is paying somebody to make all the decisions on who to bring in the club. He is a meddling owner and from what we can see he has fired a number of coaches within a short time. I bet if Mourinho comes back to Chelsea Abromivich will not make the same mistake again.

My point is that if getting value for money was all that FSG was after they failed to accomplish that in that summer window of last year. Sure they paid next to nothing for young players Assaidi, Borini, Sahin, Allen while passing on a player who at 29 had more skills than all three put together. We now know that you can't win championships on the back of cheap mediocre talent. It is also now clear that the scouts needed to be fired and that the owners do not recognize real talent in a player when they make decisions. All Liverpool fans with a t.v or internet connection knows by now that Rodger's signings of last summer were dismal failures. Players were scouted to meet the owners criteria. Dempsey who didn't meet the valuation of FSG has scored more goals this season at Spurs than all of those brought in last summer by Brendan Rodgers who won't even play Borini. I bet who won't have kept Dempsey on the bench.

The bottom line Islesfan74 is that FSG's recruiting policy sometimes sucks. Exceptions should be made for spectacular talents when they are available. Dempsey and Alonso fall into that category plain and simple.

The good times are back said...

It does not take away the fact that you made up lies in your post to divert the blame from Rafa and instead blame the media for making up stories about why Alonso left. The proof is in the pudding. It is in black and white.

Rafa was the reason why Alonso left. No put that on your plate and eat it.

Excuses after excuse after excuse to defend Rafa and it will always be that way. Pathetic.

The good times are back said...

Shame, are you still bitter because your messiah is not managing LFC anymore. He is gone. Surely you should be over it by now? Cry me a river.

Shanklys_sons said...

Of course i'm bitter. I am bitter because we are so bad we are making Everton look good, one of the worst Arsenal teams in years coast into the top 4 and yet people like you can't appreciate a good manager if it hit you in the face.

I wouldn't have minded had we gotten someone proven and stuck with it but now losing every other game and havin the worst season in terms of not coming close to winning anything is all of a sudden ok.

Rafa was the closest thing to a World Class manager we have had since Paisley and now we have just dug that grave even deeper by not bringing him in when he was available.

rubyrm said...

The captain of the ship drowned when it sunk. He is not coming back for sure.

Your argument is so flawed it is not laughable but hilarious.
I have to agree on the manure part though

Shanklys_sons said...

Why don't you look at where we are now and where we were then and do a bit of reflecting.

I followed the Barry saga very carefully and didn't make up any lies. I am just saying it as it was. The "original" intention was to bring ij barry to increase competition. O'Leary driving up the price and Keane being bought screwed this plan and then it was suggested that Alonso "may" be sold to raise funds becauee Juventus were interested and Alonso had 2 very underwhelming seasons.

Rising taxes in the Prem led to an exodus of foreign talent and the Boardroom problems affected a lot of the timing o the transfers as well.

Anyway Barry won the league and captained Man City so he surely isn't that bad a player. Homegrown ratio also had to be improved.

The good times are back said...

Kenny won more as a manager than Rafa at LFC. What about Fagan?

If you think Rafa is the best we have had since Paisley then you are sadly mistaken. What about when we were banned from Europe in the 80's. You dont think we would have more European Cups added to our collection?

Rafa failed to win anything in his last four seasons at the club. It was time for him to go. Rodgers is still in his early years as a manager. What did Rafa win when he kicked of his managerial career? He got relegated a few times before he actually won trophies. Every manager has to start somewhere. Just go ask Shankly :)

Now I am ready for some more of your excuses and lies to defend Rafa.

Shanklys_sons said...

Maybe you can elaborate what is flawed.
It is a clear fact that we were a force again with players the manager brought in. The Academy was overseen by ex Barca coaches Rafa brought in and it was a matter of time before it bore fruit.

Where things went wrong was when certain players could not resist the temptations of moving to Barca or Real! As big as we are it is difficult to refuse them esp. if they are Spanish or S. American.

Hyppia retired and had to be replaced by Kyriagkos, what limited funds we had them were spent on renewing contracts and getting the Ngogs and Jovanovic's for a nominal amount or a Bosman.

transfer funds to evaporate due to the debts and areas that needed refreg could only be replaced by

The good times are back said...

Hyppia retired? Exactly which planet are you from and what Liverpool were you watching? Go check up how many matches Hyppia played for Leverkusen.

Rafa let him go a and replaced him with a player who cannot lace Hyppia's boots.

The excuses are one thing but the lies you are telling just shows how brainwashed you have been made by Rafa.

Shanklys_sons said...

Obviously trying to type on a smart phone via Disquis at 2 am in the far East has somehow caused me to forget Kenny and Fagan so allow me to rephrase.

Rafa is the most successful manager since the Premier League started and we have to put things into perspective because of what he was up against when we still had favourable results against a very strong Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal that all were making the quarters and semis in the CL for a period.

And I understand your point about Brendan. He's a good coach and hasany years ahead of him to one day prove himself as a great manager. My point is he has not accomplished anything and shouldn't have been appointed as some kind of an experiment at LFC.

Rafa failed and eventually succeeded at lower clubs before landing the Valencia job and winning 2 La Ligaa

Shanklys_sons said...

The bloody thing froze. Anyway yeah. What I'm trying to say is what were we doing appointing rookies at LFC with little to no track record. So Alonso was sold, Ronaldo was sold and VP were sold. Its not always about what the manager wants or did. Its the player that has the power to not see out their contracts and push moves through. Are we going to crucify BR when Suarez inevitably leaves?

Right now we are no more than a stepping stone if we remain where we are.

The good times are back said...

If Rodgers is the reason why Suarez had to leave then yes I will hold blame Rodgers but if Suarez left out of his own the why would i want to blame Rodgers.

You cannot see past your nose. Rafa is responsible for Alosno's departure. What do you not understand about that?

guest said...

Alonso put in a transfer request. It wasn't Rafa.

guest said...

If he had the balls to fight for a place and stay he would have. This whole notion that it was evil Rafa that Alonso wanted nothing to do with his media fabrication and if true laughable

maljames said...

Yes, so we might get about £10m max for him

maljames said...

My understanding was his contract was at an end and Hicks and Gillett would not agree a new one

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