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29 Apr 2013

Primary Target: LFC plan bid for 'incredible' £30m goalscorer. Good news...?

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In March, Swansea City revelation Michu confirmed that he'd be open to a summer move if he received a 'good proposal', but conceded that, to date, he'd received no offers from other clubs. The Spaniard is arguably the transfer bargain of the season, and a host of top clubs are sure to be in for him in the upcoming summer transfer window, and reports over the weekend suggest that Liverpool will be at the head of the queue.

According to TMW, Michu - who was scandalously left out of the POTY award nominations - is one of the Reds' 'primary targets' for the summer transfer window, with Everton and - inevitably - Spurs also preparing to make bids.

The Spaniard - described last month by Arsenal's Santi Cazorla as an 'incredible player' - extended his contract with Swansea in January, but in a recent interview, the 27-year old wide-man - who has 21 goals and 4 assists for Swansea this season - seemed to hint that he'd be open to a move. He told TalkSport:

"To move to another team, there has to be a negotiation with the club and I need a good proposal. To date I have not received anything."

Why would Michu say something like this if he isn't willing to consider a move to a different club? Surely, when asked, he'd just say 'I signed a new contract and I'm going nowhere'?

His comments sound like a veiled 'come and get me' plea to bigger clubs. I don't doubt Michu's commitment to Swansea, but like most footballers, he's probably ambitious, and I'm sure the Spaniard realises that his first season in the Premier League has opened a lot of doors. In December, Michael Laudrup seemed to suggest that Michu could leave Swansea for £30m. He told The Independent:

"We have the example of what Liverpool paid for Joe Allen, if they have to pay double for Michu there are few clubs who could afford that. Joe went to Liverpool and you know more or less what they paid for him, but a guy who has scored many goals must be worth a lot more, so you work out the figures".

A couple of days before Michu signed his new contract, Laudrup stated the following about the striker's transfer situation, the Dane explained:

"I'm not the one putting the price tag on him. We all know the general economic situation in the world, so there really aren't that many clubs who can buy him. I don't know about the summer. Ask my chairman".

Reading between the lines, this sounds to me like, privately, Laudrup probably believes there is a strong chance that Michu might leave in the summer. Realistically, it's almost a foregone conclusion:

* After paying only £2m for him, Swansea could potentially make an amazing profit, and for a club that's only been out of the Championship for two years, the money could be too hard to turn down.

* Swansea are clearly a superb team, but Michu will is 27 now, and entering the prime of his career. As such, if he wants to compete for the big trophies, he'll know that a move to a club more capable of doing that is a necessity

* No disrespect to Swansea, but I wouldn't be surprised if Michu sees the Swans as a stepping stone to a club that's more capable of challenging for the Champions League.

It wouldn't surprise me if Swansea extended Michu's contract to ensure that they get a big fee for him in the summer. This is standard practice: the more years left on a contract, the more expensive the player.

Realistically, there's no chance (IMO) that any club will pay £30m for Michu, even if he's worth it. As Laudrup stated, 'everyone knows the general economic situation in the world', and if players like Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Demba Ba can be bought for less than £12m in the current market, I don't see how Swansea will get £30m for Michu.

In a recent column for The Mirror, Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson chose Michu as the signing of the year. He said:

"Robin Van Persie has been outstanding but he cost £22million while Michu cost £2million. It’s a no-brainer. He proves that you can steal players from La Liga. There are bargains to be had".

Prior to his move to Swansea, Liverpool were heavily linked with a move for Michu, and the links arose again during the recent January transfer window. He would be a superb addition to the squad this summer. Worth a bid to test Swansea's resolve?

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  1. Test their resolve with a bid of around £10 million and no more. If they say no walk away.
    But to be honest im just not sure where he would play?

  2. On the left or right of a front three; good competition for Coutinho and Downing.

  3. LFC owners policy is that they wont pay big money for old players. Don't see this happening.

  4. You're right, but 27 is not old. They paid £20m for Downing when he was one-week shy of his 27th birthday. Michu turned 27 only last month.

  5. I dont know the value of players anymore and i dont think some owners and managers do!! carroll 35m, RVP 22m, sturridge 12m, michu 2m, Benteke 7m and torres 50m. if you forget the transfer fees, put them in order from top to bottom who is better and worse:


    I put the two biggest fees at the bottom on season performance so far!!!This basically tells me that, Michu could go for ehter 15m or 30, it all depends who is buying, if its Chelsea or man city 30m, if its liverpool 40m, if its tottenham or arsenal 6m

  6. 10 million tops sell borini ,but would he want european football next season if he dose he may decide hes better of staying at swansea also on the subject of european football if lfc get offered a fair play spot they should grab it with both hands ,as it would give suarez game time so he would be fully fit and sharp when his ban ends,we could also give some of the younger players game time plus it could also help gerrard and allen get match fit after there ops

  7. jaimie that was under kenny who had more clout than rodgers,

  8. Doesnt he operate more centrally though?
    I think it could be worth a bid, I think he would be a great option to have. I just wonder whether he would be interested if he was used in rotation.

  9. Dont think there will be any contact between lfc and him ... However hes a player that would fit in our System and can play in different positions, central midfield offensive mid , behind the striker or even as a fake striker. What does that mean to us ? He's the player we should have went for last summer, but we didn't we bought the Welsh wizard instead - but I guess everybody knows that story... I'm just hoping Brendan will spend more wisely this summer!!!

    What about you Jaimie ? How much would you spend for michu ? Do you think he would succeed in red just like he did at Swansea?
    If you would be our manager, who would you buy this summer? Given the fact we will have about 20m this summer + the money for Suarez (35-40m) who I know you would sell without blinking an eye!

  10. Well they burned their fingers with signing downing so you shouldn't expect the same again

  11. If they can get Europa, yea I think they should take it.

  12. If you wish you can always watch LFC's emphatic win against Newcastle in full and extended highlights on http://www.footballwatch.net/team/37

  13. i have no idea what is going to happen during summer. but im going into it with very positive thoughts.

    1st : we arent anylonger buying young -British- talent. we are buying young talent.

    2nd: Generally the players weve been linked with have been positive ones, ones with talent we dont need to waste tens of millions to get

    3rd: we have been improving all season. our football is lovely to watch. anyone agent/player with half a mind mustve taken notice, we have terriffic change of qualifying CL next season, if we buy smart.

    4th: Last transfer window was best i remember us having for years. it is still a bit early to say. but i doubt Daniel or Philippe will have a breakdown of form, both have tremendous quality.

  14. Why would Michu even want to come to Liverpool when Swansea has europa league and Liverpool does not?

  15. Hoping to have another one of our players for cheap,dont think so will,if you want him and any of our players you will have to pay top money,saying that think Swansea players would want to play for top 4 club ,not club living in the past,hasnt rodgers got anything better to do than go for our players sad little man that he is.

  16. Used in rotation hey will,he would walk in to your team,you are a silly boy will, haaaaaa.

  17. Hardly on the cheap. I said to 'test their resolve', I dont think Liverpool should spend more than £10 million if they do want to go for him. I agree he might well want to play for a top 4 club. But if one doesnt come for him. He may see Liverpool as a good option, then again he may not...

  18. There's a very good chance that Swansea will do a Newcastle next season due to fixture congestion, their squad is too small to handle the EL.

  19. Im not saying he would be used in rotaion, im saying, Im not sure he would want to be, and it could be a possibility.
    He would most likely walk in to our team, he is a damn site better than Downing, Henderson, Borini, Suso, and Sterling (players who have played in a simliar position).

  20. @30 mil.....no thanks!!!! I'd rather spend 10-15 million on Mkhitaryan.

  21. just get carroll back we then have 4 forwards .martin kelly back. sign a centre back . a cat and the fella from west ham in cm.cheaslea want 17 million for the big cat on loan at athletico he would be my 1st signing and the fee for reina could offset a big chunk of the fee .2nd get what we can for coates and skirtel.3rd beg carra for another season and 4th suarez should be made to visit the dentist and get those weapons of mass distructsion removed .jobs a gudun all sorted ps and get kenny back

  22. Just to inform you.. Liverpool may still qualify for europa via the fair play rule with a shit load of qualification games!

    Learn your footy dunce!!

  23. Swansea will not let him go for less than the club value him at,if you want him you will have to pay a very handsome fee around 30 million,pay that and you can have your man.Swansea will expect top money like they had from you for Allen,was he worth the fee you had him for, i will let you decide that for yourself,with the money we had for Allen look who we brought in and how better we have been,the same applies if we get 30 million for Michu we will use that money sensibly and improve again to the next stage.Our club does it the right way will boy unlike yours, and by the way Enjoy rodgers your two faced manager who is the biggest bullshitter,we should know we had him before you,remember what happened to him prior to his Swansea post, he was sacked so be aware. .w will boy

  24. I've never believed in paying over the odds for players who have only had one good season. Michu (and Benteke) are talented theres no doubt about that, but their respective teams are putting ridiculous prices over their heads while there's every chance they might be flops next season. I really hope we're past the stage of paying over the odd prices for one season wonders..30mil could have Cavani, Lewandowski, or Jovetic wearing the red of Liverpool next season and any of thoese players would be much better options imo

  25. You will never get £30 million for him, I can guarantee that.
    Swansea are a good team, I don't think anyone is saying they aren't. I admire the way they have conducted themselves, and what they have achieved as a club. I get the feeling that you are just trying to start an argument with me but it isn't going to work. Because I mainly agree with what you are saying, apart from the £30 million part.
    As for Allen, no he wasn't worth the fee, and I think that will also add to the reason why Liverpool wouldn't pay £30 million for Michu.
    I don't really get your point about Rodgers being sacked? What is that meant to mean. Plenty of managers have been sacked in their time...
    Also my name isn't Will boy, thanks.

  26. Benteke or Remy as priority over Michu because they're better all round!

  27. Take another look at his recent interview he insists that playing European football next season is an absolute "must". He stresses that ONLY the lure of champions league football will take him away from swansea. With liverpool unable to offer him any form of European football next season then he would not consider a move there. Possibly spurs or everton( if they get into Europe).

  28. I don't think we're in a position to lord it over anyone right now.

  29. We need to stop buying players at the peak of their value.
    Find the next Michu. Easier said than done, but there is nothing easy about pissing all your money away either.

  30. What annoys me Will is Liverpool and their fans think they can have who ever they want at a cheap price,clubs like you dont realize what you are trying to do, to smaller clubs like us by trying to get our players cheaply we have worked really hard to achieve what we have and attitudes of certain people are so annoying,you have your accademy why cant you produce players like you used to ,not just go and buy players cheaply from so called smaller clubs.thats why the so called bigger clubs are disliked because they cant produce and bring on their own talent,but take all the talent from smaller clubs ,is that right Will,for once in our history we can compete with you and i hope it continues and may be in 10 years we will be bigger than you,you never know.

  31. you dont sound at all bitter mate... haha

  32. no one is trying to get anyone cheaply, you have just come across like you have a massive chip on your shoulder by speaking down to anyone who suggests hes not worth 30mil. No one is doing anything other than a favour to you guys. Allen for 15mil wasnt cheap. So dont make out its poor little Swansea being ripped apart cheaply by the big bad clubs as it aint. You got a super deal on Allen. 15mil is about 10mil over his real worth. Be happy you got all that money for him and could use it for more players.

    Honestly mate if someone offered us 15mil for say Spearing I`d bite there hand off (no Suarez pun intended lol) and be happy.

    Thing with respect is that if you come onto a forum speaking down to people as you did you aint ever going to get any.

    Its a myth this just happens to small clubs, it doesn`t. Some of the worlds biggest clubs like Barca lose stars for free each year. Its just football and how it works.

    Michu is no doubt a good player but I doubt any club in the world would offer 30mil for him. If Barca offered 12mil do you really think Michu would say no? Player powers rules over contracts. Contracts count for nothing these days. If your club just like any club tried to stop a player leaving the player can just stop playing. Its happened at title winning clubs so dont think it wont happen to you. It may not be nice, but its a fact.

  33. Niall O'Reilly11:39 pm, April 29, 2013

    Sure there it is...Just buy a few more 'big Andys'

  34. Niall O'Reilly11:41 pm, April 29, 2013

    Cavani is more £40-50m territory

  35. Coutinho on one side, Michu on the other, Suarez in the middle ... that's a potent front three. Michu will also be used to pressing and doing the work required when we don't have the ball. You're absolutely right about the price and in my view he's worth no more than Allen. Only if the big spending clubs come in for him will he go for more. Then it's up to Swansea and if they think that's enough compensation.

    It's a numbers game for everyone and I think Rodgers would know his value of the player. He'll stick with it, whatever it is. We've had great success with Torres and then Suarez, paying just over 20 million for good players and seeing them become truly world class, I think it's probably a better model to go for. Michu does risk becoming a one-season wonder so I'm not sure we'll want to break the bank for him when there are younger strikers out there who could be just as good but ultimately play for us for a longer period of time.

  36. Yes unfortunatley football is like that these days, but players have to take some blame too, because a lot just want to go to who ever will pay them the most. I understand it must be frustrating to lose your best players. But its not like Liverpool just take everyones best players, they too lose their best players.
    I certainly don't think Liverpool can waltz in and take any player they want on the cheap, simply because they aren't in a position to do that. They don't have the money, and they don't have to appeal like they used to, i.e. no Champions League football.

  37. Michu will leave Swansea for Liverpool "in order to win trophies"...

    How many trophies have Liverpool won this season? Another article of complete rumour. I bet you're very proud of this article...

  38. Spearing bit of a difference to MICHU,you would not get much for spearing,to be honest zanatos i dont think you know what you are talking about,with regard to respect,i think you have a problem and cant take any critisism the truth hurts.You are right about Allen not worth the money you paid for him,that does not mean you will have any of our players on the cheap.

  39. what do you mean favours,we have had no favours as you have stated above,you idiot.continue to live in the past zanatossa, dont know what you are on about boy.haa.

  40. I really don’t think so. He wants to move and, more importantly, there isnt the sort of media attention on him that Falcao and others are receiving so his price wont be inflated in that regard. If we can keep a deal under wraps from the press there is more than a chance of it happening I think although, when LFC come knocking, prices usually double so you could be right

  41. Niall O'Reilly6:21 pm, April 30, 2013

    Sorry to break it to ya mate but theres noway in hell we're gonna sign a player of his quality until we're in the CL....unless we sell Suarez and get him as our replacement but I highly doubt he'd come unless he had CL football which we dont

  42. reported for abusive behaviour. Its funny aint it as the only one who is looking bad here is you as you cant write anything without insulting people which only highlights that your point must be very weak otherwise you would use some facts. It`s easy to be a internet warrior but end of the day does your real life actually get any better for putting others down for no reason than to try to delude yourself into thinking your right. Only one who loses is yourself im afraid as its your life your wasting being angry not mine.

  43. pw - If you insult one more poster on this site then you will be permanently banned. (Offending posts deleted). Remain civil, or go elsewhere.

  44. What we need is bigger Andys. If we get the biggest Andy, how will they stop us?