26 Mar 2013

'There is interest' - €6m 'superstar' responds to LFC transfer rumours. Bid...?

Despite a recent return to form, the future of Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina is still uncertain at the moment, and with a number of clubs reportedly watching the Spaniard's situation, there's every chance he could leave in the summer. In February, Ajaccio goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa claimed that his Agent is 'in contact with Liverpool' over the possibility of a summer move to Anfield, and this week, he's provided an update on the alleged link with the Reds.

Liverpool reportedly made a €6m bid for the Mexican International during the January transfer window, and in an interview with Mediotiempo last night, Ochoa claimed he is 'happy' at Ajaccio, and specifically referenced the speculation linking him with a move to Anfield. He said:

"I have heard in Mexico that there is interest from Liverpool but I have to let things happen. Ajaccio are getting better each day and we all feel that we are doing our work correctly in the first division.

"I feel very well, in the professional and sporting way. Physically, I am also very well. Things are getting sorted out in the correct way and the team is advancing."

So - Ochoa 'heard in Mexico' that there is 'interest from Liverpool'? He must have a very short memory because he is the original source of the speculation! In an interview in January, the 27-year old stopper told Reporters:

"My agent had contact with Liverpool, and I hope this summer there will be some offers. There is no doubt, though, that this is a dream I have had since I came to Europe".

Obviously, if Ochoa says that his Agent is in contact with Liverpool, that news will filter through to Mexico pretty quickly. Ochoa also claims that most of the top clubs in Europe are interested in signing him:

"It will be difficult to choose between Liverpool, Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, Bayern, Dortmund. It depends on how everything happens, I'll then choose the best one regarding all aspects"

In January, Ochoa's agent, Jorge Berlanga, admitted there is genuine interest in his player from numerous clubs. He told So Foot:

"Many clubs are interested in Memo, and they have been watching him, but we are still at the stage of rumours"

In a recent interview, Ajaccio President Alain Orsoni confirmed that Ochoa is worth 'five or six million euros' , and revealed that several clubs had made bids for the Mexican. He told the Ligue One club's official website:

"Foreign clubs are interested in Memo, but that is normal. He's great goalkeeper and a great man. We will study bids and decide at the end of the season"

Liverpool definitely fits the description of a 'major project' at the moment, and it's one that is gathering pace, and I'm sure lots of quality players across Europe will want to be part the Reds' march back to greatness.

Ochoa has a flamboyant public persona, but according to the people that work with him, the Mexican's humility is what makes him popular in the dressing room. In a recent interview, Ajaccio defender Arnaud Maire explained:

"He [Ochoa] is quite a simple person and he's actually quite subdued, strangely enough. I think he's someone who shines through his performances rather than his role off the pitch"

The club's goalkeeping coach Thierry Debès added:

"He's well liked because he is extremely humble. He's a superstar in his country, but when he arrived he just kept his head down and worked hard."

In an interview a few years ago, Ochoa revealed that former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel is a big inspiration. He told FIFA.com:

"Peter Schmeichel, without a doubt. He was amazing. He could stop everything that came his way. He was always someone I wanted to emulate. The funny things is, though, I've become a completely different keeper to him"

Would Ochoa dislodge Reina? Would he just be back-up? Is Reina actually going to stay at Liverpool?

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  1. Reina is still class he just had a bad patch it happens to every top player, why spend good money on a keeper when we could use it somewhere else

  2. Ochoa is blessed wtih lightning reflexes, but his control of the 18 yard box is still up to question. Especially in the Premier League. Taking a flyer on him isn't the biggest risk, but I wouldn't be certain he's an upgrade to Reina. Best to strengthen other positions (Centre Back) so we don't need to rely as much on the keeper anyways.

  3. If we are to replace Reina I really dont hope it will be with this guy

  4. superstar not in my book and i hope his goalkeeping is better than is powers of remembering

  5. Niall O'Reilly4:38 pm, March 26, 2013

    If we were in to buy him it most likely was Doni's replacement,If we are gonna replace Reina (which I dont think we need to do) Ter Stegen is the keeper to get,He'll be Germany's top keeper in a few years

  6. we have serious outfield issues before we think goalie

  7. I just saw Ali Al-Habsi play for Oman in Sydney against the Australia. He absolutely saved Oman.

  8. We must get a good GK to pressure Pepe. He has failed to live up to his standards

  9. This guys talks too much. Thanks but no thanks.

  10. On the subject of Reina leaving, whatever happened to Arsene Wengers 50 million pound January spending spree?

  11. Sounds a lot like agent talk to me, and trying to bump up interest in him.

  12. almost 2 seasons is not a patch!

  13. He hasnt been bad for 2 years solid. If he had, then he would not be the no1 choice keeper.

    Everyone has an off day, its just more noticable when its a keeper, as it leads to goals.
    Reina is still capable of performing world class saves.

    Im relucatant to see him changed, unless he wants to leave.

  14. Too many off days.has cost us. In Pl margin of error should be kept in check. Buck should be ruthless and drop under performing players in games.

  15. its 3 seasons he been poor one game against wigan and everything is a bed of roses! the man is shot sell him asap

  16. Jordan Henderson is lazy player at LFC because he will never chase the ball after missing it. He is also scare to tackle down the contenders players and cannot beat defender or dribble skill not so good to call a midfielder.I think with his physical size body, much better if he start playing as defender or CDM.We want to see he very brave and playing combative style.Please doing many trial shooting the ball from outside penalty box and be more creative create the chance to strikers score the goal.We want start now J.Henderson will change his style of playing to be more combative player.

  17. I really do think that the only time we should replace Reina is if there is a better keeper available out there to replace him. And currently, there are none. He put in a good string of clean sheets before the Sunderland game and is something like 4 clean sheets off Joe Hart at the top of the list. Replace him now and we might see ourselves fall into the hole Man U and Arsenal are in now in terms of their keeper...having to settle. And I'd rather have Reina (with his leadership on top of ability) than settle. In terms of Ochoa, even playing against a very ordinary US team yesterday that almost never threatened he looked shakey. Punching very catchable crosses and being baled by his defense on a couple of occations. Commentator said that Ochoa was given the starting job ahead of Carona (to the suprise of many) because he needed more games to secure a work permit to move to LFC. Hope its just gossip cause he is now a shadow of the player he was in 2007 (when all those teams ACTUALLY wanted him).

  18. well Mmmm that was certainly off topic .wtf is that all about!!!

  19. f"ck me a cat that makes saves we havn"t had one off them 4 3years sign him defo

  20. ben foster for a start there are loads off better keepers than reina he was finished 3 years ago

  21. Reina is well past it now and has been for years....

  22. Ben Foster has pretty much identical stats (games played, goals allowed, etc) to Reina except that reina has kept 4 more clean sheets than him so insinuating that Reina was done 3 years ago is not entirely accurate especially if you hold Foster in such high esteem.

    Reina is making glaring mistakes that he never would have before but then again, after winning 3 golden gloves on the trot, there had to be a dip at sometime. I think our standards for him have been placed so high that we expect zero fault from him every game. Keepers make mistakes and he has, imo, make up for those mistakes of late and is on the rise again.

    But like I said, I would only replace him if we found someone better because history tells that replacing keepers can be a real thorn for a side because there are very few stalwarts out there. Ben Foster (as the stats will show) is not better, equal at best, but not better