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27 Jan 2013

'It was a lucky escape' - Molby & Nicol happy that €10m star rejected LFC. Big loss...?

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Earlier this week, Liverpool legend John Aldridge bemoaned the loss of Wesley Sneijder to Galatasaray, arguing that money rather than ambition motivated his move to the 'shite' Turkish league. Whatever the reason, Sneijder will not be gracing the Premier League over the next few years, but for Aldo's former team-mate, Jan Molby, that's a good thing, especially for Liverpool.

Reacting to Sneijder's decision to snub the Reds, Aldo indirectly labelled Sneijder a mercenary. He tweeted:

"[It's a] Money thing...not a career move [for Sneijder]. Their league is shite. You would've thought that the lure of the Premier League would've been a far greater move."

In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Molby accepted that a lot of LFC supporters 'were desperate to see Sneijder at Anfield', but conceded he was 'not one of them', adding:

"Liverpool had a lucky escape. Sneijder hasn’t played any football since September so it would have taken him quite a while to get up to speed. Plus, he’s [not] the same player everyone remembers from when Inter Milan won Serie A, the Coppa Italia and the Champions League in 2010.

"The transfer fee for him wasn’t particularly high but his wages were always going to be a major stumbling block, and even if he had agreed to take a pay cut I’m not convinced we would have got value for money".

Reds hero Steve Nicol seemed to share Molby's view. He told ESPN:

"I'm glad he went to Galatasaray. He's a fantastic player, but the fact he's going there shows you where his head's at, and we don't want players like that at Liverpool".

Prior to the £8.4m (€10m) Gala move, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard made it clear that he'd 'love to see Sneijder in a Liverpool shirt', and it would've been interesting to see what the Dutchman's decision would've been if he'd had a competing offer from Liverpool on the table.

Jaimie Kanwar

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  1. I have to admit, I was one of the pro Sneidjer brigade. However, with hindsight, I have to agree with Nicol. If the decision was, as apparently seems, down to the player himself, then that speaks volumes. His heart was obviously not into the challenge that we offered and his passion therefore questionable. We weren't to know this at the time, but it could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  2. Have to agree with them i could see a similar scenario to Joe Cole happening along the way.
    I do not think Sneijder is finished but i have doubts as to whether he will ever get back to his best otherwise Inter may well have tried harder to keep him.
    Liverpools youth policy also may well see him of little value when the team has matured.

  3. How dare someone take a job for the money.  And what can offer us, besides Champions League?

  4. I agree with the above.  He's a class player, but carries many question marks.  Definitely reminiscent of Joe Cole - a player I was delighted we signed at the time.  In fairness to Cole I think he wanted to play for us, but it didn't work out.  

    Sniejder has always been arrogant, some of the remarks he made to his Holland team mates about money were less than diplomatic.  He was a risk.  It may have paid off.  We want players who want to play for us.  If he'd shown desire, then he may well have been a success.  Nothing wrong with his age, it brings a lot of benefits.  

    Personally I'd like us to find the equivalent of Gary McAllister.  He had a lot to offer in terms of experience and performance.  He wanted to play for Liverpool, and had a great attitude and respect for both the club and the players around him.  He could see the future we had with Gerrard, Owen, Carra, etc.  

    I also love Rodgers' attitude in the transfer market. For too long we've been bullied around by clubs who increase their fees because we're Liverpool.  I like the fact that he's prepared to walk away from deals, rather than pay over the odds.  Short-term it causes problems, like in the last transfer window, but long term it's a much sounder strategy.  Who doesn't wish that at some point during the Torres exit / Caroll signing cooler heads had prevailed?  We don't need panic purchases.  We need sound investment that enables us to compete longer term.

  5. McAllister is a legend! Had more energy (and class) on the field than most of his younger team mates combined!

  6. Would've liked to see him with us but it's true his attitude is questionable. However, I think it's not really money in his case, but he's clearly one of those players who needs to be 'pampered' by the manager and made to feel all important, like how Mourinho did with him. After that he clearly lost any hunger or desire with his constant weeping for Mourinho.

  7.  Im really glad we never got........i think this guy would have really upset the apple cart at anfield it had joe cole mark 2 written all over it

  8. funny how hindsight works for fans after missed targets...just saying!

  9. How on earth can you compare him to Cole? Sneijder has won trophys all over europe at well known clubs. Hes just the kind of player that would of taken Liverpool to the next level.

  10. The reason he decided not to join was bec he knew that he would win nothing at LFC.

  11. He had a very lucky escape by not signing for LFC.

  12. Fact is there were plenty that were not bothered if Liverpool didn't sign him. That was there in black and white if one had read the comments.

  13. HaHa How can he decide not to join if he was not made an offer?

    Truth is

    1. Liverpool sensibly took the decision not to sign him


    2. You are a stirrer who is happy to deal in non facts and spend your time anti supporting Liverpool instead of supporting your own team. Do you go to Anfield and cheer on the opposition instead of going to watch your own team? If you do, thanks for the gate money!

  14. Agreed, I think a few people felt like that.

  15. lol troll alert ^^ someone needs to get a life

  16. Read it properly Mike i described the situation not the players ability bigger wage same problem.

  17. u a bitter or a manc? u must be one or the other cos u know jack shit about football  k"obhead

  18. When I read the headline I thought they were referring to the £8million Sigurdsson bullet if it is compared to the £8million spent on Coutinho. Hindsight is always a good thing and hopefully £8million on Coutinho will make Spurs look silly for stealing the wrong targets.
    Sneijder was always highly unlikely to come to merseyside.

  19.   Twat!! Michael Smith, u know nothing about football. Just go back to supporting your plastic shitty team Chelski!!!


    Inter either dont have ambition, or the player is not worth keepeng!
    Which one is it U think...............?

  21. Who says I'm strictly talking about Liverpool-Kop users?

  22. Blessing in disguise especially if we get, and it's looking increasingly likely, Phillippe Coutinho.

  23. The fact that he has made those remarks to his Holland team mates shows that he isn't class. He is talented, but class is something that can only be earned both on and off the field, which is why Messi will always be class and Ronaldo won't be. Or more fitting with this example, why Kaka will always be class and Sneijder won't be.